Yoko’s Garbage on Show

One of the consequences of living in Revolutionary times is being constantly confronted by officially-endorsed and unchallenged lunacy. Although this lunacy is promoted everywhere, none of the people in one’s life mention it. Instead everyone carries on as if the world is still normal. The women outside my son’s school, waiting for their children, discuss past or approaching vacations, visits to the nail salon, tattoos, hairdressers and their dogs. The men at BBQ’s discuss baseball, cars, mobile phones and their dogs. This despite being governed by a President who delights in speeches full of barefaced lies, a MSM that celebrates ‘marriages’ between men, and schools attended by their children where boys ‘elect’ to be girls.

Here is an example of the President’s lies. In a commencement address yesterday to the Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut he said that because of climate change “Rising seas are already swallowing low-lying lands, from Bangladesh to Pacific Islands, forcing people from their homes. Caribbean Islands and Central American coasts are vulnerable as well”

Regular visitors to this website will know that we have for several years been monitoring sea levels at Starcross on the UK’s Exe Estuary. This small fishing village has never been more than a few feet above high tide levels and the village is about two hundred years old. One of our website visitors who lives near the village, regularly confirms that the village is still there, unthreatened by the sea. No resident has been forced to leave home and become a “climate refugee”. Since a rising tide lifts all ships why do rising sea levels not inundate all waterside villages including this one?

The   people I hear speaking together outside school never mention rising sea levels or their absence from the local news, just as they never comment on the absence of cross dressers in the school or the court-ordered re-education of Christian bakers. They remain preoccupied with vacations, nails, hair, tattoos and dogs, whilst I fret about a brazen, lying President, ISIS advances, bakers driven out of business by homosexuals and Federal judges, Judicial lawmaking and the criminalization of honest speech.

Public, officially-approved lunacy began in the late 1960’s with the rise of the Media Class. Lunacy has always existed of course, especially in the Arts world. But it only gained widespread legitimacy when it was endorsed by a Media Class (rooted in fantasy and excited by cultural shock and depravity) that became confidant that political power was within its grasp.

Yet more evidence of the complete triumph of lunacy confronted me this morning on the ‘ARTS IN REVIEW’ page of the WSJ. Under the heading “Performance for a Lifetime” Richard B. Woodward writes fawningly about the Yoko Ono One Woman Show at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. One Woodward quote about this 82 year old self-absorbed exhibitionist will suffice. “A lively mind and the off-kilter art it created give visitors a glimpse of the international avant-garde of the ‘60’s” Four newspaper columns and a picture are devoted to the drivel that this widow of another ignorant, self-important Media-worshipped moron, has palmed off on the world.

If you are a counter-revolutionary who has not yet been brainwashed by the MSM and its toadying, Leftist Academia, we suggest that you read the whole article- before a meal to avoid throwing up! In this lunatic world, I am left pondering ‘Was and is Oko actually deranged, or a clever exploiter of the gullible? Did the MSM reporters really think she was an artist or was it an exercise in promoting cultural degeneracy? Is Woodward serious in writing this stuff or is he a cynical man making a living?

Here is one more example of the unremitting lunacy that confronts us sane counter-revolutionaries. I refer to the decision of the Ferguson Council to erect a permanent plaque in commemoration of the late petty thug Michael Brown. Since this was well-covered by Rush Limbaugh this morning I will only ask the question “ Do the MSM reporters who approvingly cover this sorry story of a community revealing its ignorance, low intelligence and even lower moral standards, chat cynically to each other in bars after reporting?

One final comment! Today’s Comcast News featured Hillary Clinton’s financial scandals AND a picture of her that was anything but flattering. Normally Democrats can expect a very good and dishonest picture but in this one she looks like the mean, snarling old hag that she really is. We see significance in this MSM treatment. Squaw Warren will get the glamour treatment.

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