Yawning Through the Latest Terrorism Scam

Yesterday, El Rushbo (Limbaugh) on his Talk Radio program took a call from a young listener who said that she thought the State Dept.’s terrorism alert was – to use a word now popular with Obama – ‘phony’.   Limbaugh’s response was that there might genuinely be grounds for the ‘alert’ but who could blame the public’s more informed members who were assuming that this was another Obama invention to distract attention from his domestic political problems. 

    I have to admit that I yawned in response to the State Dept. announcement. My first, second and third response to anything that comes from the Obama Administration is sheer disbelief, especially when it comes through the lying Mainstream Media (MSM). I suppose if I had been about to travel from an airport I might have felt a small increment of fear, but I feel pretty much as fearful as is possible whenever I fly. Partly this is due to the knowledge that Islamic terrorists must always be looking to sabotage passenger planes carrying Westerners, but it is also because I view the modern giant people-carriers as airborne coffins. Taxes have pushed the airlines to pack more and more overweight customers and their baggage into fewer and fewer giant vehicles, many landing on airstrips originally designed for Spitfires and Mustangs. 

    The State Dept. terrorist alert and the subsequent closure of Embassies around the world does however seem to me either a terrible admission of general un-readiness or it demonstrates the power of this White House to pull just about any stunt it chooses for mere political gain. I think it is the latter and here is why. I assume – and surely the American Government does too – that the legions of Islamic Imperialists out there in the Muslim Nations and the many more nestling in safe havens in Western cities, are devoting vast resources to the plotting of terrorist attacks. I assume that, given the fanaticism and resources of the followers of the Koran, the plotting goes on day after day and night after night. All the time they are surely looking for our vulnerabilities and one aspect of vulnerability is being caught off-guard. If there is a place of weakness, they will likely find it, and the only sure defense is to be on maximum guard at every possible target at all times. 

    I have assumed – perhaps wrongly – that all American and European airports are on maximum alert, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year. The same goes for Embassies, important public buildings and vulnerable public utilities. Shouldn’t our Embassies in the Yemen and similar hostile places, be guarded to the maximum at all times? I know that we have counter-intelligence forces that seek to pre-empt terrorist strikes but surely our Embassies are sufficiently guarded and backed up to rebuff any attack at any time? As it happens, I think that Embassies are mostly a waste of taxpayer money, providing status and luxury to the friends and supporters of our Ruling Class. The few useful tasks that our Embassies perform could surely be done by mere functionaries of the Civil Service in office buildings. The ranks of the puffed-up Diplomatic parasites we have long maintained in the world’s ‘glittering’ capitals, moving from one social engagement to another, and one bed to another, are now being allocated to the rich homosexuals who have funded Obama’s election campaigns. In many US Embassies around the world it will not be wise for any normal man to bend over to tie a shoelace or pick up a Euro! Meanwhile we will never know if there really was a heightened terrorist threat for in our new Revolutionary society nothing official can be believed. 

    Meanwhile, the Leftist harassment of poor George Zimmerman continues. Recently he was pulled up and cautioned in Texas for exceeding the speed limit. No doubt he was in the State adjoining his Florida home seeking safety but the MSM does not intend that he should survive with his life and so pinpointed his whereabouts with the immediate publicity for which poor Cindy Sheehan would prostrate herself. I was glad to hear that Mr. Zimmerman was armed, despite the confiscation of his means of self-defense by the Florida Authorities. It seems that an Ohio gun club held a collection and sent him a replacement revolver. Such reports give me renewed faith in the American people of the mid-West. Knowing that he is re-armed will give some homicidal publicity-seekers pause for thought. 

    We are constantly informed by the MSM that countless millions are grieving for Trayvon and when they are not grieving, they are raging or – if White – drowning in guilt. I am indebted to the Free Republic website for this gem of White guilt. Posted on July 31st by 2nd Division Vet and extracted from the Bangor Daily News which is clearly another Leftist propaganda sheet, the original heading was “Are You George Zimmerman?” 1. We are told that the author of the article is Heather Denkmire “who is a writer and artist who lives in Portland with her two young daughters. (No Mr. Denkmire?) After a few challenging years, she is growing her small business, where her team helps non-profit organizations win grants.” 

    When I see someone described as a ‘writer and artist’ I immediately think ‘unproductive’ and ‘airhead’; When I see ‘winning grants’ I think ‘unproductive and milking the taxpayer’. We learn from her own words that when Ms. Denkmire first learned about the death of Trayvon Martin, the following thoughts rushed into her head. “His really dark skin means he’s dangerous. His wide nostrils remind me of a monkey”. What follows is Ms. Denkmire projecting her own racist thoughts on to all of us White people and finding us all guilty of the murder of Trayvon. It seems that Ms. Denkmire indulges in lots of guilty racial profiling and that such profiling is both wicked and unjustified. I assume she was moved to write this bilge either to assuage her guilt for not having a proper job or to earn a check from the Media Class via The Bangor Daily. I doubt there are any Blacks in Bangor (Maine) but Ms. Denkmire is entitled to her fantasies. 

    The Bangor Daily tells us that her columns appear monthly and that she can be reached at heather@grantwinners.net. I invite our website visitors to email Ms Denkmire and suggest she drives over to Boston or down to Philly where she can take her two young daughters on to the streets of the Black community – preferably after dark – and savor a little of the cultural richness, discover that not all Black people have nostrils like monkeys, and meet some of the many Black youths who are not only dark-skinned, but like Trayvon, genuinely dangerous and more so than monkeys. Perhaps she should take up residence there and write her guilty Leftist columns from the war zone. 

    If Boston or Philly are not authentic enough for her tastes she could try the Bronx. Also posted on Free Republic was an extract from the NY Post of Aug 5th 2013. Written by Kirsten Conley and C.J. Sullivan, it was headed “Bloody end for gun kid: Cop shoots armed 14 year old dead in Bronx” 2

    The story, which has not made the MSM or the Bangor Daily News – and will not for it would be too helpful to George Zimmerman and to gun rights advocates – reveals that “Shaaliver Douse, a suspected gang member” was shot through the jaw to the head and died. Douse was pursuing other young Blacks with the intention of shooting them at 3 am on a Bronx street. Two ‘rookie’ cops had ordered him to halt but he failed to stop shooting. It was reported that Douse had a blood-spattered Astron A-100 semi-automatic handgun in his possession. 

    There is nothing unusual about this incident, nor about its invisibility in the MSM. What is interesting – and depressing – are the comments of his relatives, reminding us once again that typical members of Black communities are both woefully ignorant and willfully unwilling to accept any responsibility for their offspring. We are endlessly told by the MSM that the “Zimmerman verdict ignited outrage across the country.” It would be more truthful to report that the Zimmerman prosecution ignited outrage. Douse’s mom, Shanise Farrar, insisted her son’s shooting was an ‘assassination’. “He’s my angel. Shaaliver was a good kid in his own way. He loved everybody,” Farrar said. His aunt Quwana Barcene said, “There was no gun. It’s all a cover-up. It’s what the police do. They kill us and then cover up.” I won’t quote more of their statements, for, like the Rachel Jeantel performance on the witness stand, it is excruciatingly embarrassing and I feel for my Black friends who keep their distance from the Black community. 

    I witness the integration and progress of European, Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Vietnamese, Indian and Mexican immigrants here in California and elsewhere – many starting out with huge disadvantages – and despair that the Black residents of our big cities will ever integrate. 

    Weather – Here in middle California it is official! The forecasters are admitting that the weather at the end of July and now into August is much cooler than normal. 

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