Wrong End Of The Stick

The Wall Street Journal of 5th September carried an op-ed piece by Bret Stephens entitled “In Britain, the Jihad Is Us”. Mr. Stephens often contributes articles on the Middle East and especially the Arab-Israeli conflicts, but he also writes on politics in Europe. His pieces are usually very informative and his recent article on “The Many Faces of Belgian Fascism” was excellent.

In it he described the Belgian Government’s attempts to prevent the growth of Nationalism with new laws that stifle and punish free speech, whilst allowing the Muslim extremists to exert more and more influence.

What he did not explain is that what is happening in Belgium is part of a wider development in Europe, as the move towards totalitarianism grows. Soon, the European Union’s laws will apply to every member state and the pattern now emerging in Belgium will be the norm across Europe. In the UK last week, a Christian pastor was arrested for distributing literature outside a Cardiff Gay Pride event. The literature (tract) that had landed him in a police cell and will land him in court has been posted on the BNP website. It is simply an appeal to homosexuals to change their lifestyle since sodomy is condemned in the Bible. It contains several quotations from the Bible. Nowhere does the tract advocate violence or anything mean-spirited, yet the police inspector who arrested the pastor (and who was wearing an official pro-homosexual vest) merely claimed that someone had objected to the tract. BNP members have similarly been arrested and detained for leafleting about immigration and its leaders are going to be brought back to court yet again for speeches they made in privately-held meetings claiming that Islam was not a religion of peace. Two weeks ago, a Councilor in the South-East of England was charged for an anti-homosexual comment he made in a private conversation, but which was overheard and reported.

Mr. Stephens September 5th article tells US readers that anti-American and anti-Iraq war sentiments are widespread in the UK and that the old “special relationship” that once existed between the US and the UK, no longer resonates with the vast majority of British people. He may well be right but such information comes from opinion polls and by now we should all realize that opinion polls have loaded questions and are often conducted to further an agenda. I am confident that I could phrase a set of questions that would result in pro-USA and pro-war answers from a majority of Brits. The results would actually be meaningless, but we should remember that before the last General Election in the UK, we were told that the war in Iraq was deeply unpopular. The Lib-Dems and the BNP both campaigned as anti-war parties and neither made a significant breakthrough when the results were in. Prior to the last Australian election we were told that the war was hugely unpopular there, but the Aussie voters returned the governing party that was pro-war. In Italy, the ruling coalition only narrowly lost the Italian election despite having sent troops to Iraq.

Americans are told on a daily basis by the US Media Class (including the Wall Street Journal’s news pages), that both the Bush government and the war on terror are deeply unpopular in the rest of the world. The results of elections seem to suggest that neither is deeply unpopular enough to have much influence on election results. The fact is that the Bush government and the Iraq war are deeply unpopular with the Media Class.

Mr. Stephens article also suggests that the BBC’s relentless Leftist bias is representative of British public opinion. This is where he has the wrong end of the stick. If British public opinion is anti-war, anti-Israel and anti-Bush, it will be because it has been fed on a diet of propaganda, much of it from the BBC.

Anyone who listens to US conservative Talk Radio will have heard many phone-ins from soldiers returned from Iraq and Afghanistan. Their detailed knowledge of places and events in those countries gives what they have to say great credibility. All are outraged at the false picture that the media portrays to the public and their first-hand reports are upbeat on the progress of the war on terror. These up-beat reports NEVER surface in the mainstream media where doom and gloom are constants.

Political events and sentiment in the UK, the USA and most other First World nations can only be made sense of if we understand that the Media Class is in the process of imposing its agenda on society and to do so it has to pervert the truth when reporting events and push its message through cunningly devised entertainment programs.

The war against terrorism is being sold out in order to destroy George Bush and his predominantly Christian supporters. Mass immigration of people who will not be integrated is pushed in order to destroy the old morality and the morale of the indigenous people, for a Balkanized population is easily manipulated and corrupted. Power is being transferred to the judiciary (in the USA) and to the judiciary and police in Europe in order to stifle opposition to the Media Class agenda.

The truth is that the social revolution that the Media Class craves cannot be attained through the ballot box, at least not in the short term. Let those politicians who represent the Media Class stand on an election platform of mass immigration, the abandonment of underpinning Christian morality and rituals, the legalization of same-sex marriage, easy abortion, the creation of welfare dependency, etc and they will be beaten out of sight.

This revolution in social standards has to be obtained through stealth and deceit or it cannot be obtained at all.

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