Words and Propaganda

Yesterday morning I heard a segment of Rush Limbaugh’s radio program during which he moved significantly closer to the constantly promoted message of this website. He began by predicting that the Republican Party’s leadership will be in a dilemma deciding how to react to Obama’s State of the Union Speech. The reason he gave was that its members feared the Media would surely find something to criticize. Rush’s advice-which will not be taken- was that they should not care since the MSM is waiting to attack no matter what the Republicans say. He forecast that the MSM will never treat the Republicans fairly and at no time in the future will it revert back to fair and honest treatment.

He went on to say that the News Media no longer exists for what we know as the MSM has no interest in reporting news, only shaping public opinion. He said its primary purpose is helping Obama by concealment, invention and misrepresentation. He then  went further than his past criticisms by saying that the MSM is not following orders from the Democrat Party or from the Government but is now taking the political lead on its own initiative. This is a significant departure from his previous attacks on the MSM when he has always referred to it as ‘Government controlled’.

There is nothing new in what the MSM is doing, for as we have constantly pointed out, what every section of the Media has been doing for a very long time can only be described as issuing propaganda. This has come to Rush’s attention only because the Media Class has become bolder in its lies, its deceptions and we would say, more open in the pursuit of its agenda. He may, in his mind, link this boldness to the election of Obama in 2008, but the Media Class agenda was increasingly more overtly pursued when Bush’s election victory over Al Gore frustrated their capture of the White House. Although we conservatives and Nationalists may regard the Bush Presidency as years of disappointment, for the Media Class they were years of rage for Bush was a Christian and that was enough to protect  Christian morality from Government- sponsored persecution.

We are pleased that Rush Limbaugh is now recognizing the power of the MSM and its leading role in the relentless Obama-led destruction of America’s Christian and conservative heritage. Recently Talk Radio Host Michael Savage also moved nearer to our position when he asserted that Obama owed his Presidency to the Hollywood billionaires Spielberg, Weinstein et al. Perhaps these two Talk-show adversaries read our website. Their diagnoses are incomplete however if they cannot explain the rise and corruption of the News Media, the development of an agenda, and what it is that binds together the News Media, Hollywood’s billionaires and millionaires, TV entertainment, Fashion, Advertizing and pro-Sport.

Once the aforementioned are seen as a Class that has by stealth and Media-control captured Government in America, relegated the Democrat Party to a subsidiary role, placed a pawn in the White House,  taken control of the Justice Department and Judiciary, and is intent on re-making America, it becomes clear that we are experiencing a Revolution. In Revolutionary times, the old rules of political engagement have no place and those who stay bound by them are doomed to defeat.

In the same broadcast, Rush lamented the misuse of language and pointed out that he is careful to employ language accurately. Once again we must point out to him that the wholesale misuse of language is a consequence of Revolution, for Revolutionaries substitute propaganda for truth. For them words must be misused to mask deception. Nothing could be clearer evidence of this than the hi-jacking of the word ‘gay’. On this website we are even more careful than Rush to preserve the language of truth. We always use the word ‘homosexual’, not to aggravate homosexuals and other Revolutionaries, though it most certainly does, but because they have no right to steal and misapply the word ’gay’.

Revolutionaries understand instinctively that purloining words, removing their historical meaning and substituting a new and sometimes subtly different meaning can change people’s thinking. There is nothing especially gay about homosexuality. Some might claim that homosexuals, lesbians, transgenders, bi-sexuals and practitioners of buggery are generally less gay than people who do not practice sexual perversion. Yet this totally inappropriate use of the word gained general, almost exclusive, (except for this website!) acceptance all over the English-speaking world. Ah! The power of the Media Class and the perverts and libertines who occupy its inner war room!

Today’s (Revolutionary) MSM propagandists are masters of the misuse of language. We counter-revolutionaries who seek our information on reliable Internet websites are aware of, and on guard, against its effects. We know that ‘minorities’ really means ‘Blacks’ and that ‘community’ really only refers to certain collections of approved peoples, as in ‘Gay community’, ‘Black community’. Indeed ’community’ is an especially dishonest word when used by the Media and the Left. Its real meaning is “a body of people having common rights or interests” which conjures up a picture of village life where people support each other and live in harmony. Was there ever a more dishonest word for the anarchy that exists in Black areas of violence, crime, and disunity? Most residents would leave given half the chance. We counter-revolutionaries know that ‘undocumented’ is a euphemism for ‘illegal’ and one that cunningly, once generally accepted, will change perceptions. We know that the words ‘activists’ and ‘activism’ are meant to create a positive and approving view of organized anti-social activity and are never used for those who are active in counter-revolutionary causes unless preceded by a word that is already made negative by the MSM. Thus there are no ‘gun-rights’ activists, ‘pro-Life’ activists, ‘Constitution’ activists, ‘Home schooling’ activists, ‘Christian’ activists or ‘borders’ activists. The word ‘activists’ as in ‘Human Rights’ activists, ‘Woman’s Rights’ activists, ‘Gun Control’ activists and of course ‘Community’ activist are fine. ‘Tea Party’ activist is only permissible because ‘Tea Party’ has been successfully defined by the MSM as extreme, bigoted and reactionary.

It would be almost impossible to find in the MSM the words ‘Far Left’, and quite impossible to find the words ‘Left-wing extremist’. ‘Far’ and ‘extremist’ are words applied exclusively to the Right. Only people deemed by the Media Class to be on the Right can be smeared with the word ‘hate’. People on the Left are usually only described as ‘left-leaning’ and are never remotely linked to the word ‘hate’. The word ‘rights’ can only be used to describe the aims of Leftists. ‘Nazi’ and ‘Fascist’ as terms of condemnatory abuse of Nationalists and conservatives have no Left equivalent in the MSM. Search, but you will not find, abusive terms for those who are associated with or are sympathetic to Communism! This absence of hostility is despite Communism’s history of horrendous crimes and the treasonous acts of so many of its adherents. Indeed the MSM is unable to find a ‘communist’ or ‘communist sympathizer’ anywhere on the planet. Usually the mild word ‘liberal’ is employed.

If Obama and his comrades keep a hold on power it will soon be impossible to find in the MSM the word ‘terrorist’ used in any context except when linked to the words ‘Right-wing’. The words ‘protest’ and ‘protesters’ are now regularly substituted for Black and Marxist rioters, looters, and arsonists. Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz are routinely mentioned with the prefixes ‘fiery’ and ‘firebrand’. Conservatives who believe the Constitution should be respected are ‘arch-conservatives’. Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Far Left Class warfare only qualifies her as a ‘populist’. The late Black thug Michael Brown has had bestowed on him the first name ‘unarmed’ when ‘robber’ would be appropriate.

No doubt our website visitors can add much to the above examples of MSM misuse of words. We can get a laugh from some, but we should not under-estimate their impact on all those who are not paying attention. We on the Right should never confer legitimacy on the process by falling in line. Make a New Year resolution now always to use the word ‘homosexual’ when appropriate and only use the word ‘gay’ when you mean ‘full of mirth’, ‘light-hearted’, ‘lively’, ‘cheerful’, and ‘merry’.

Yesterday was not only MLK Day but also the birthday of Robert E Lee another great American.

Global Warming Watch

Despite some news networks claiming that 2014 was the hottest on record we can confirm that in the USA and UK this was not so. At the present time the whole of the northern globe is extremely cold, including almost all of the USA. Only California is escaping extreme cold thanks to high pressure. Unfortunately this means January will produce no rain. This will be catastrophic if February is also dry. The loon in the Governor’s mansion in Sacramento is wasting money on a high-speed rail link when de-salinition plants should be his priority.

Music Choice

Pianist Marvin Fisher (one-time arranger for Glen Miller) collaborated with another pianist Jack Segal to write “When Sonny Gets Blue”. It was recorded by Nat King Cole back in the 1950’s so it has been around for a long time.

Mel Torme was never a favorite of mine (his voice is a little too effeminate) but in 1987 he and the outstanding pianist George Shearing combined at a winery in California to record the album “A Vintage Year”. The Fisher/Segal song ‘When Sonny Gets Blue’ is well-sung by Torme but it is Shearing’s backing and solo that make their version of this catchy tune and lyric a stand-out. Highly recommended!

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