Wisconsin Revisited

Every sane American who cares about the future of both his Nation and his children will have been relieved – perhaps a little heartened – by this week’s election results from Wisconsin. A victory for the Leftist Unions, which was a real possibility, would have had disastrous repercussions. The Mainstream Media, in lockstep, would have trumpeted the results for days and gloated over every detail. It would have been presented as a victory, not only for ‘progressive’ forces, but for Obama in particular. We can be sure that this calculating President, who avoided Wisconsin pre-election, in case of defeat, would have strutted around identifying himself with the Public Service Union cause. He is brazen enough for any conceit. Conservative Republican Governors and Legislatures all across the Nation would have been too intimidated to challenge their PS Unions. Rhino Republicans would have been chanting “We told you so”. Union thugs would have become even more confident on the streets of big cities. Leftist judges would have been issuing edicts furthering Leftist initiatives. Wavering CEO’s, fearing imminent retribution from this lawless Government, would have hurried to contribute to Leftist causes and to Obama’s campaign.

The Wisconsin results have put all that on hold. Instead, the MSM has been gagging and scrambling to misinterpret the results in order to achieve damage limitation. The MSM’s exit polls that had put both sides running neck-and-neck, proved to be substantially wrong, for the actual voting gave Scott Walker and his colleagues an impressive 7% victory margin. Despite this exit-poll inaccuracy regarding the votes, the MSM has nevertheless quoted the same exit-polls to claim that Obama has a substantial lead over Romney in public opinion. The resulting MSM theme (as always it is a Media-wide theme and we explain this unity of theme not as a conspiracy or because Obama controls the MSM but because the MSM is the mouthpiece of our Ruling Media Class which has its own Class interests and agenda) has been that the Wisconsin results have no relevance to public opinion on the wider political contest for the White House and Congress. The MSM’s sub theme has been that Walker hugely outspent Barrett and the Unions on advertizing and therefore was able to ‘buy’ victory. The MSM has settled on a ratio of about 7 to 1 dollars.

The MSM’s collective propaganda line is that the PS Union’s Wisconsin defeat has no relevance to November; that the exit polls were correct about Obama’s popularity despite being wrong on the people’s votes and that Walker had a huge financial advantage over their PS Union allies. This is evidence – if evidence is any longer needed – that the MSM is ready to deny reality and facts, is brazenly selective when dealing with facts and is in the business, not of providing information but of winning a revolutionary war. Let us take their propaganda points in reverse order.

It is a monstrously dishonest claim that Walker outspent the Unions. This ignores the manpower content and its economics. PS Unions not only control the machinery of Government in general but the workplace in particular. In all those States and Cities where Union membership is compulsory in order to be employed in Government, Government employees are as indentured as any plantation worker. They dare not offend Union bosses and the Union activists around them. This Union leadership control is over the whole PS workforce and its work time. It provides opportunity for the daily indoctrination of the workforce and its mobilization for action for votes. Since PS Unions are not craft unions, union membership runs from the boss down to the office cleaner. There is no workplace management except Union management. Consequently workers need not worry about real work. This can and is put aside for what is regarded as any important political task. This was clearly seen when the teachers and others shut down schools, offices and public services and took to the streets of Madison for days on end, all the while suffering no loss of pay, no disciplinary action and no loss of vacation time. In other words, Leftist political action was wholly paid for by the taxpayer. It is rarely possible to get workers – even unionized workers – in private industry to down tools, demonstrate or campaign for a political cause when their will be a resulting loss of pay and pension contributions, loss of vacation time and possible employer retribution.

In Wisconsin, Walker and his brave Republican colleagues were in the process of ending compulsory union membership as a condition of employment in Government. The Leftists and Union bosses realize that such worker freedom strikes at the roots of their power of control and intimidation. Indeed, one PS Union in Wisconsin has now lost more than half its members simply because individuals have voted with their feet and become non-unionized. Many people are easily intimidated, especially when a job is at risk and physical threats are real. We know how in wartime, many soldiers who are unwillingly conscripted, will fight as energetically as volunteers, once on the battlefield and alongside the willing. Thus the conscripted PS Union members demonstrated and voted at the Union’s behest to bring down Walker. Leftists understand this and so Union resistance to Walker has been a desperate ‘gloves-off’ business with no holds barred.

This army of PS Union members and their families, organized at the workplace (a massive advantage enjoyed only by the Left, for there is no Rightwing equivalent of workplace organization) and funded by the taxpayers needs to be taken into account when calculating how much each side has spent on the campaign. In Wisconsin the voter turn-out was unusually high because both sides knew the stakes were unusually high. The Unions, aided by the national Democrat Party organization, the myriad organizations funded by rich Leftist elitists like George Soros and the rich perverts of Hollywood and San Francisco, had unlimited funds. Just as importantly, Walker had to pay to put his case to the voters on TV for that was the only way his case could get airtime. The Unions had all the free support of the Media masquerading as objective commentary and reporting.

Consequently, the vote for the Unions was high. That the vote against the Unions was even higher is a tribute to that portion of the people of Wisconsin who rejected the bully boys and ignored both the Mainstream Media and the celebrities who flew in from Hollywood.

The MSM is now asking us to believe that although the exit polls were wrong about the votes, they were right about Obama’s lead over Romney. The flaw in this argument is obvious. The exit polls were almost certain to be wrong on both. But there is another argument lurking beneath the surface of things. American politics, thanks to the MSM, has become focused entirely on Obama in this election year. As we constantly maintain on this Website, He is their Man. The Media Class selected him and cast aside Hilary and Bill Clinton, funded him, and then packaged and presented him as a ‘Star’. Then they destroyed his Republican opponents. Now, in order to get him re-elected, it again is promoting him and his wife as Media Stars and attempting to destroy his Republican opposition. In this last year, the MSM has virtually ignored Congress. Congress has ceased to play any noticeable part in national politics and has been consigned to the sidelines. This has been the work of the MSM in collusion with Obama, for he too wants the election to be all about him. He is, like all actors, a classic narcissist, and craves constant ‘Star’ treatment – which is what the Media Class understands and does best. Given his prominent public role at the expense of Congress, it is absurd to believe that the people of Wisconsin would not treat their nationalized battle as a vote about Obama. The high pro-Union (Democrat) turn-out was an expression of Obama support and the even-higher anti-union vote was an expression of Obama rejection. All elections now, in this election year, are a measurement of support for Obama and its converse, for he alone has been granted center stage by the MSM.

The argument in the above paragraph also explains why the Wisconsin result points us directly to November. Everything in the MSM and therefore on our National agenda, is about the November election. We have been given no choice, for the Media Class has deemed it thus. Although not all States are identical – California, the home of Tinsel, perversion, and anti-Christian fanaticism, is a far remove from Georgia – we can assume from the Wisconsin result that in many ‘purple’ States the tide is turning against Obama.

Nevertheless, we cannot be more than cautiously optimistic that the American people will see that this next election is the point of no return. If free speech, free enterprise and individual freedom under the Constitution is to be salvaged, the revolutionary road to totalitarianism down which Obama and his comrades are leading us, must be rejected. The power and wealth of the Media Class and its allies, and its organized ground-troops in the PS Unions, are ranged against the unorganized and economically – struggling thinking people of fly-over country – who have only the grass-roots Tea Party, the Internet and Talk Radio. The vote in Wisconsin was too close to afford counter-revolutionaries any complacency.

Thankfully, America, despite Obama and the powerful Media Class, is not the UK. Anyone who reads the Internet Nationalist Websites will be aware that in the UK- once the world’s leader in freedom- freedom of speech, even freedom of thought, is no longer allowed. A wholly politicized police and Judiciary, Government funded Quangos that exist to ferret out dangerous thoughts and bankrupt the guilty, and Laws that explicitly disbar truth as a defense for speech and actions, signal a Nation that is doomed. Here in the USA, we can still exercise free speech on immigration and economic policy. We still have our guns. In some places (Wisconsin now included) PS Union power is now being rolled back. Not all American Christian Churches have lost their way and most between the Left Coast and the North East are willing to resist the grotesque same-sex marriage that our Ruling Class sees as the next step to compulsory sodomy and Man-boy relationships. Poor old Britain!

Rush Limbaugh this week drew attention to Obama’s fund-raising trips to San Francisco and Hollywood and then on to the home of Sarah Jessica Parker. Here a glittering array of staggeringly wealthy Media Class people will be gathering to flatter their Man in the White House and ensure that his campaign will be able to outspend his opponent- just in case MSM propaganda is insufficient. Rush made fun of how this representative of the 99% only mixes with the rich and famous. On this Website, we regularly explain this.

Sarah Jessica Parker – don’t you love these pretentious triple names? – is an actress and just loves how Obama has promoted the ‘gay’ i.e. homosexual, agenda. Sarah Jessica Parker – mustn’t leave out the whole name!! – will be joined as hostess by Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue Magazine. This magazine, read only by the glitterati, is packed with pictures of under-dressed expensive women and old rich libertines, forever partying in exclusive places. Wintour, is a snobby English born 62 year old who, it is regularly alleged, dismisses members of staff who look her in the eye in the corridor or venture to speak to her in the elevator. She has acquired the nick-name ‘Nuclear Wintour’ because of her cold treatment of menial people in her employment. Wintour did not start life at the bottom, her father being the editor of the prestigious London Evening Standard. Like the celebrities featured in Vogue, Wintour in her younger days dated elderly well-connected men. She is an avid fund-raiser for AIDS, so we can assume that like her fellow hostess she just loves Obama’s support for the homosexual agenda. Sarah Jessica Parker (three names!!) also did not start life at the bottom and has been a resident of Hollywood most of her life. She is a prominent supporter of the UN and a Left political activist.

For the Obama fundraiser, due to be held on June 14th (I have not yet received an invitation) the duo are advertizing two special free tickets for ordinary Obama supporters. They will welcome two such ordinary people and want to hear their stories and to hear and learn from their reasons for supporting Obama. As Rush pointed out, these two snobby celebrities would not give the time of day to any ‘ordinary ‘ person and have absolutely no interest in anything such people might have to say about anything. Why would any working person who is not employed by Government and who is not a sexual pervert, vote for a candidate who spends his time with, and is dependent on, such elitists?

Weather – Our reporter from Starcross, UK, reports that the drought, which the Government was widely touting as a reason for water rationing this summer and which was attributed to Man-made global warming, has been washed out! The rain even fell on the Queen’s parade and all the subsequent street parties. This sounds like good old traditional British weather.

Music Choice – Looking back at past choices it seems that I have overlooked the 1950’s Gerry Mulligan Quartet featuring trumpeter Chet Baker. This excellent group was unusual because it did not have a piano player and Mulligan devised arrangements that filled the gap with counterpoint play. The best-known recording of the group was ‘Walkin’ Shoes’, a fascinating, tight, restrained arrangement that helped establish the style known as ‘cool jazz’. My recommendation however is “Bernie’s Tune”, another catchy, tightly-played, constrained, cool piece. It was written by Bernie Miller, a Californian disc jockey and recorded by the Quartet in 1952. On double bass was the rock-solid Bobby Whitlock and the outstanding Chico Hamilton was the drummer. Whitlock later played regularly with Baker, and Hamilton founded his own impressive band.

Warning! This music has no incessant droning guitars, no manic drummer and it is not loud. No-one is whining on it and no-one is angry. No-one is strutting and mincing around with bottom protruding in tight pants and no-one is dressed as if poverty-stricken and about to man the barricades of 1917 St. Petersburg. In short it is music with no pretensions and it requires careful listening and is for adults only.

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