Wisconsin Recall Elections – Victory for Tea Party

On this website we maintain that the peoples in the advanced Western World are living through a revolutionary period, brought about by the rise to political power of the Media Class. We date the ascendancy of this Media Class to the 1970’s, when the new technology of television, seeking to provide 24 hour ‘entertainment’ in every household, effectively combined with the Film Industry (Hollywood in the USA) to produce and provide Movies, and also began treating News as entertainment and entertainment as a propaganda weapon. Anyone interested in the formulation of the Media Class (which now includes every aspect of the Entertainment, Advertizing, Fashion and Pro-Sport Industries) can look back in our archive and find much supporting evidence for our claims. We also maintain that the ascendant Media Class, in the pursuit of legislative political power naturally sought political allies on the Left, in particular the Public Service Unions, and instinctively captured and purged the mass Parties of the Left, notably the American Democrat Party and the UK’s Labour Party. We further maintain that the Media Class in every Western Democracy seeks to control all major political parties in order to more completely impose its agenda. This Media Class agenda is, above all else, a moral/social agenda that reflects the interests and lifestyles of the core members of the Media Class as well as their financial interests. It supports economic Leftist policies in order to please its allies and to facilitate the growth of Government.

Any new Ruling Class that emerges in history seeks to remake society in its own image and to eradicate much of the old society’s values. This is often an unpopular process and success can only be achieved by the concealment of the new agenda and the crushing of those organizations that are likely to resist. Thus is a revolutionary era ushered in, though often only recognized as such long after the event. We maintain that the Media Class, now the dominant power in the USA and having installed Barack Obama in the White House (2008) and the purged Democrats in Congress, has unleashed a revolution that requires rapid expansion of Government. Only through the exercise of un-Constitutional Government power can the Media Class quickly achieve its agenda. The social/moral agenda of the Media Class can proceed most quickly if the forces of traditional Christianity, Conservatism and Nationalism are suppressed, for these are, by their very nature, counter-revolutionary forces. It is in this context that the current American political struggle must be seen.

The Obama/Democrat election success of 2008 heralded in a rapid legislative advance for the Media Class and its Leftist allies and their shared revolutionary agenda but the following 2010 elections were a setback and a partial victory for counter-revolutionary forces. The grass-roots (conservative) Tea Party movement, seeking to roll back Government power and seeking to reverse the capture of the Republican Party by ‘centrists’ who would make an accommodation with the new Ruling Class, is instinctively a counter-revolutionary movement and has been recognized as such by the Media Class.

We apologize that the foregoing paragraphs have been a tough read but context is important. And so we come to the Wisconsin recalls!

The mob and racial violence on the streets of England and the oscillation of the US stock market has enabled the Left-supporting Mainstream Media (MSM) in the USA to downplay last week’s election results in Wisconsin. Informed conservatives will be aware that Organized Labor in alliance with those rich Leftists (George Soros, Tim Gill, and Hollywood Billionaires) who bank-roll all anti-Christian causes, mounted an attempt to roll back the counter-revolutionary 2010 election success in Wisconsin. The device that would revive momentum for their revolution was to be ‘the recall’. In Wisconsin, the State’s Constitution allows for citizens to collect a required number of voter signatures and then demand a fresh election. Not all States have this ‘disgruntled voter’ weapon. Obviously, the process can only be exercised if there is widespread and extreme dissatisfaction with an elected official or there is a very organized and well-funded body of people able to collect signatures and fight another election very soon after a costly election has just taken place.

In Wisconsin, as in many parts of the US, the 2010 election results reflected the conservative people’s reaction to Obama’s extreme and revolutionary policies. The voters of this traditionally Democrat State handed the Republican Party a three-tier victory: Governor, Senate and House. Since the counter-revolutionary Tea Party had played a leading role within the Wisconsin Republican Party’s campaign, the newly elected Republican majority set about cancelling some of the cozy arrangements between Leftist politicians and that part of Organized Labor that is embedded in Public Service employment. Wisconsin has historically been a trail-blazer in developing these dangerously cozy arrangements and they have cost the Wisconsin taxpayers dearly. Wisconsin’s new Governor, Scott Walker set about introducing legislation that would end the privileged position of the Public Service workers and their Union leaders. He was courageously supported by the newly elected Republican Congressional majority. Not surprisingly the Wisconsin Unions and allied Leftists (who I refer to as the ‘Revolutionaries’) were outraged by the threatened loss of privileges. Revolutionaries all across the US also saw that the bold moves by the Wisconsin Republican Party were counter-revolutionary and spurred by the grass-roots Tea Party. As such, they represented a bridgehead for conservative forces and an encouragement to conservatives in other States.

Wisconsin was transformed, largely by outside forces, into the cockpit of the struggle between Revolutionaries and Counter-revolutionaries. The Revolutionaries, with Obama as their spokesman and the MSM as their propaganda arm, set out to mobilize all resources in order to crush the Wisconsin rebellion. They figured that Wisconsin was a favorable battleground, for it had long been a Public Service Union stronghold, and the Public Service Unions were cash-rich and motivated. Not only that, but the Union’s allies in the Media Class have, as befits a Ruling Class, very deep pockets and myriad ‘Front’ organizations capable of falsely campaigning as ‘grass roots’ organizations, safe in the knowledge that the MSM will not expose them.

The Revolutionaries had already tried to use the weapon of recall to unseat a conservative State Supreme Court Judge, for the Left knows that a judiciary that has been politicized will ignore ‘law’ and legislate from the bench. This tactic however, despite an expensive and dishonest campaign, failed, and the Wisconsin SC remained dominated by Judges who would uphold the real law. The Democrat Senators, in a bid to paralyze the Wisconsin Government and prevent legislation that would reduce Union political power, fled the State. This irresponsible and anti-democratic tactic was applauded and aided by the MSM. At the same time, homegrown Union thugs and Leftist activists from out of State occupied the State Capital and brought Government to a halt. No-one is any longer surprised when Leftists take to the streets and use violent and bullying tactics to achieve their ends for such tactics have long been their monopoly, thanks to a colluding MSM. When all these actions failed to shake the resolve of Governor Walker and the Republican legislators the Revolutionaries decided to use the device of ‘recall’ against Senators, targeting 6 of those they considered to be the most electorally vulnerable. The Republicans responded by initiating recall votes on 3 Democrats. Two of these elections are yet to be held and one resulted in the Democrat being re-elected.

The Public Service Unions have a great advantage in elections both in the US and the UK for they have an official status and presence at the workplace. Full time Union officials are able to reach workers at their place of work, distribute propaganda, hold meetings and exert discipline without interference or opposition. In short they have a captive audience and an organized voting machine. The full-time officials are aided by ‘shop stewards’ and activists – all at the workplace. Leftist politicians are also welcome to drop in. ‘Political enemies’ are denied access by fair means but mostly foul. Public Service Union activists are frequently given time off from work to do politics ‘on the taxpayers’ dime’. In Wisconsin doctors from taxpayer-funded Academia boldly and very publicly issued false medical certificates to camping demonstrators so that they could miss work without loss of pay. Teachers in the State schools left classrooms – without loss of pay – to take part in protests. Some ushered their young charges with them to the delight of the MSM. In such circumstances it is hardly surprising that it is easy for the Left to speedily organize lengthy protests.

The Right has no equivalent favorable circumstances, indeed quite the opposite, for few conservatives can afford to leave their workplace and enjoy the luxury of street protest. Small business people generally cannot afford to publicly identify themselves with conservative politics lest their businesses be targeted and later picketed, as happened to those in California who were ‘outed’ as contributors to the Prop 8 campaign. Crucially, the MSM energetically acts as organizer, orchestrator and cover to Leftist activists and a saboteur and demonizer of conservative activists. The odds are greatly weighted in favor of the activist Left, and so it was in Wisconsin. One of the reasons why the Media Class has forged an alliance with the Public Service Unions is that they are able to provide the ground troops for elections and the thugs for intimidation of conservatives, Christians and Nationalists.

The combined forces of the Public Service Unions, the Leftist Christian-hating billionaires and Limousine Liberals of Hollywood poured $35m – a staggering sum – into the 6 Wisconsin recall elections, determined to overturn the Republican majority in the State Senate. I would be amazed if George Soros and billionaire homosexual activist Tim Gill were not major donors. As with the fight over same-sex marriage the Left is the Goliath of resources and the Right is David. Yet the revolutionary forces succeeded in winning only two seats – not enough to control the Senate, and this despite having local control of the print and TV media. We must salute the voters of Wisconsin, the Republican Senators who stood firm and the Tea Party activists who campaigned on the doorsteps and donated what they could afford.

Mostly those on the Right and especially the Tea Party activists are unaware that they are counter-revolutionaries and pitted against a wealthy and politically powerful Ruling Class that is intent on casting off all the restraints that were once the ground rules of contests between Democrats and Republicans. The Ruling Media Class and its Leftist allies in the Democrat Party, the Unions and Academia intend to consign the US Constitution to History and to suppress free speech and all opposition. Their intent is to make a new world freed from traditional Christianity and conservative values and one in which (their) Government is all-powerful. They have lost this round in Wisconsin but our new Ruling Class will not be deterred by one setback, or even several.

Mr. Radical informs me that the riots and looting in England have finally fizzled out. This was inevitable, for the looters have now filled their homes with free luxury goods and like all thieves and robbers need to take time off to count the spoils and enjoy them. Cameron will talk tough but the new British Ruling Class will not punish the minorities who were responsible. As soon as the native people’s anger has subsided the process of turning perpetrators into victims will begin. Meanwhile the police and Prime Minister David Cameron, ineffective against the minority looters, and pre-occupied with cavorting in ‘Gay’ parades, will, in stark contrast, show no weakness against any native people who attempt to organize and resist. Already, the BNP is reporting the arrest of 5 members who were distributing leaflets in Derbyshire that used the phrase, “Black gangs”. As we often remind website visitors, in the UK, truth is no defense against arbitrarily-applied laws intended to silence the counter-revolutionaries. Cameron is on the side of the Ruling new Revolutionary Class and is no conservative.

There is however some good news this week – first, Wisconsin, and then the humiliation on the streets of the UK for Cameron’s pink-panty police. Now comes news that the old Communist sympathizer, promoter of evil causes, billionaire enemy of Christianity, conservatism, Nation States and the good people of the US, George Soros, may be about to have some of the dirty linen of his private life exposed. It seems that he has many girl friends as well as a wife and one of them is alleging that he physically attacked her and welshed on a promise of gifts. It will be interesting to see if any part of the MSM dares to risk his wrath.

Music Choice.

In 1947, Bob Hope and Jane Russell appeared in the comedy musical “The Paleface”. This was one of those clean, cheerful and lighthearted films that were routinely made in Hollywood before the Media Class had formed and begun to prepare for political power and cultural revolution. Hope sang “Buttons and Bows” (written by Livingstone and Evans) in this film, a song that would later infuriate the Feminazis who now hold so much power in the Media Class and Academia. The same year, 1947 Dinah Shore recorded the song with a quirky but brilliant orchestration. It was a hit, for the lyrics are clever, funny and actually true to life. Shore, the child of poor Russian Jewish immigrants to Tennessee was handicapped by polio early in her life but a good voice, good musical taste and dedication took her to the top. Grown-ups will appreciate this happy, humorous and melodic tune and good vocalist – no whining, no anger, no strumming guitars and a lyric that makes sense and rhymes in the right places. Enjoy!

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