Wisconsin is our Signpost to the Future

As I write this article the voting is taking place in Wisconsin and the outcome is unknown. Most conservative commentators seem to be optimistic, taking comfort from recent opinion polls that put Governor Scott Walker ahead by a few points. On this Website-the only one that recognizes the naked power of the Ruling Media Class – we never underestimate the power of the combined Media Class and Public Service Unions. Certainly Walker and his fellow Republicans who are facing recall deserve to win and win handsomely, but the Public Service Union bosses who seek to teach them a lesson have enormous power. Let us explain why!

The USA is in a revolutionary situation, for a new Class with a revolutionary agenda and the power of mass communication has emerged and forged an alliance with the machinery of Government. To be more explicit, the Media Class (see many previous articles to learn the composition of this Class and its social/moral agenda) which has turned the MSM into a vast organ of propaganda has done a deal with the Public Service Unions and for both the Democrat Party is their political organization. The Media Class controls the information that shapes public opinion both politically and culturally and the Public Service Unions provide the ground troops. The Media Class needs massive government to enforce a naturally unpopular moral agenda and the Public Service unions and their members have self-interest in the massive growth of government. Both constituencies, being naturally Leftist and revolutionary, are working for a post-revolutionary society that will be totalitarian. All totalitarian societies are characterized by the absence of free enterprise and free speech, the subordination of the individual to the mass, arbitrary Law and Law enforcement, bloated and unfettered government that reaches into every aspect of the individual’s existence, and a Ruling Class that, because it knows best, enjoys all the privileges denied the masses. On the way to the successful revolution, the mob- consisting of those with a vested economic interest in the new society and those with no roots in the old-rules the streets.

Wisconsin finds itself on the cutting edge of the revolutionary struggle now roiling America. It is a State where the Public Service Unions have steadily gained political power over the years, sucking the free market society dry and where the Media Class has been stealthily imposing its agenda. Revolutions beget counter-revolutionary forces and the Tea Party emerged in 2010 as a counter -revolutionary force. The inept Obama, arrogant, confident and lazy had over-reached and the Tea Party movement caught the Media Class and its Democrat Party by surprise, winning elections in many unexpected places. One of those was Wisconsin where Scott Walker and the Republican Party captured the Senate, House and Governor’s Mansion. Walker, to his credit and using the State’s financial problems, began to dismantle the dominating machinery of the Public Service Unions. Walker may have captured the elective offices of the State but he had not captured the machinery of government and that machinery, aided by the Media Class and its MSM, plus the powerful moral revolutionary forces of some very rich libertines, recognized that Walker (and Walker may not have seen himself as such) was a counter-revolutionary.

Walker and his fellow Republican lawmakers may have thought that limiting the negotiating rights of the Public Service Unions on behalf of the taxpayers was simply a financially sensible and responsible action. He may have thought that forcing Union officials to collect their members Union dues outside of the workplace and allowing public employees to opt out of Union membership, was just fair play. The Unions, the Democrat Party and the Media Class and all its allies recognized counter-revolution for what it was. The Government machinery was turned off, the mob took to the streets and the Leftist judiciary was employed to ensure that the law was arbitrarily enforced on behalf of the revolutionaries. Walker stood firm but he and his colleagues have been on the defensive ever since.

The Tea Party and other counter – revolutionaries have operated solely through the Internet and Talk Radio. If the MSM had enjoyed a monopoly of information, the Tea Party would never have seen the light of day. It is possible that through the Internet and conservative Talk Radio the taxpayers of Wisconsin will be made aware of the nature of the struggle that has erupted in their State. Some may even have grasped that Wisconsin is at this moment the hot battleground of opposing forces that seek to shape America’s future. One force wishes to preserve the USA as a free-market, free speech free and moral America. The other is revolutionary, rich and powerful, and its agenda is still largely concealed from those who will be enslaved.

If Walker and his colleagues survive this furious assault and overcome massive fraudulent voting-a big ‘if’-the MSM will go into overdrive to claim that Wisconsin’s elections are irrelevant. The AP and other MSM outlets have already prepared for this scenario (see Thomas Beaumont’s AP report headed “Few November Clues to be found in Wisconsin” June 3rd). Meanwhile, if the result is close the Left and the MSM will be demanding endless recounts until Walker has a deficit, at which point all recounts will end. The Left has almost 450 lawyers assembled in Wisconsin ready to challenge every Republican vote. Surely this is evidence that the Left is now the wealthy and powerful Ruling Class, for lawyers cost money! It will not surprise this Website if a decisive Walker victory is followed by mobs on the streets of Milwaukee. Union mobs will attempt to bring government to a halt and Black mobs will loot. The MSM will present the mobs as justifiably outraged citizens and law enforcement will look the other way.

If Walker loses, the MSM will be celebratory in lockstep and claim that it is a victory for Obama. Quite frankly Walker’s defeat will signal the defeat of counter-revolutionary forces and confirm America’s abandonment of its freedoms.

A Walker victory will mean that the counter-revolutionary forces can use the Internet and Talk Radio to turn back the revolution.

Elizabeth Warren, the Obama-ite chosen to replace the lisping Barney Frank in the Senate has been revealed to be a shameless liar. She continues to claim, despite all the facts, that she has Red Indian blood and Red Indian cheekbones to prove it. She has also been revealed to have shamelessly used this lie to get ahead through racial quotas. Harvard Law Department, her employer it seems, colluded. Now, this Leftist, this Squaw of the people, who has campaigned against people who make money by buying and selling houses, has been revealed as a hypocrite too for it is reported that she has energetically been ‘flipping’ houses to get rich. The Left is full of hypocrites, from Hollywood to Washington, and in the post-revolutionary society, when sodomy will be compulsory, every one will be dutifully bi-sexual and the masses will be enjoying carbon-free poverty, the Left/Media Class elites will have lives of privilege.

George Zimmerman turned up at Court when required to do so. The judge who ordered his imprisonment is a disgrace, but increasingly typical of a politicized judiciary serving the interests of our new Ruling Class. Poor George needs a team of top class lawyers, not because he is guilty of anything but because he is set up to be a fall guy for Obama’s re-election strategy. Perhaps Mr. Dershowitz will step forward and go where the gutless fear to tread. It would be heartening if some prominent Republicans began calling for justice for George Zimmerman.

The arrest of Luka Rocco Magnotta in Germany and his subsequent trial in Canada, promises to lift the curtain just a little so that we can peek at the realities of the ‘loving relationships’ of the homosexual world. He is said to be a bi-sexual porn star and his alleged (Chinese) victim was enjoying a loving relationship with him in Toronto. On this website we claim that homosexuality – at least the male version – is grounded in sado-masochism and the disgusting humiliation that goes with it. At one time the MSM would have been quick to provide the disgusting details of this man’s fecal-focussed sexual activities but these days we are not allowed to see, read or hear the dirty and wholly unhygienic practices that homosexuals are driven to wallow in.

Music Choice – In our last article, shortage of time prevented me from recommending any music so here is an excellent choice to compensate. Grant Green lived far too short a life (1935-1979) but he recorded prolifically and with many fine musicians. His guitar playing was largely modeled on the bebop style of saxophonist Charlie Parker, but he excelled within many jazz styles from Blues to Soul Jazz. In 1964 he recorded under his own name with a group composed of Joe Henderson (Ten Sax), Bobby Hutcherson (vibes), Duke Pearson (p), Bob Cranshaw (b) and Al Harewood (d). The album is entitled ‘Idle Moments’ and I recommend a track written by Green called “Jean De Fleur”. Green is a guitar player not a strummer, so be prepared.

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