Wisconsin – Crucial Battle in the Culture War

It is unlikely that Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin saw himself becoming the Field Marshall of America’s Counter-revolutionary forces when he took on the Public Service Unions of his State. Great men are usually made by events beyond their control, and no doubt Walker, who has been a Republican politician with seemingly no ambitions for National Office, now finds himself unexpectedly carrying the banner of Conservatism for the Nation.

When Walker was elected last November in a State that has been dominated by Democrats and their Union allies for decades, he was blessed (or cursed) with good working Republican majorities in both State Houses. Not only the Governorship had been Left-dominated but so too had been the States’ Houses. No doubt it was this radical change of political fortunes that encouraged Walker to seek a radical solution to his State’s monetary problems. The State has a $137m shortfall for the financial year which will end this June 30th and a $3.6 billion gap over the next two years. Walker has a political background of tackling public finance problems and so he was well equipped to tackle the root problem of Wisconsin’s looming bankruptcy. He decided to do so.

The State’s budgetary woes, like those of most US States, are the consequence of decades of collusion between ruling politicians (mostly Democrat) and public Service Unions. This collusion has prospered in this way. Public Service Unions have grown as Government at all levels has grown and Unions have been able to contribute heavily to those politicians who give public service workers a good deal. In the forefront have been the Teachers’ Unions. In a country where voter turnouts are relatively small, the Unions’ political clout has been not only financial but organizational. Public Service workers are concentrated in bigger towns and State capitals (ideal for demonstrations) and are easily mobilized to vote, especially where self-interest is paramount. In teaching and many other public service occupations, union membership is compulsory as a result of agreements made with ruling Leftist politicians, and so Unions’ incomes are large and available for political purposes, and union ideological domination of the workforce is highly effective. Public Service Unions are able to carry out unhindered continuous political propaganda in the workplace. Public Service Union bureaucracies are at all times available and equipped to carry out political work in the wider community (especially at election times) and still be paid. Public Service workers work short hours, have more vacation time and easier work loads than those in the private sector and certainly much more free time to politic than those people who are self-employed. These advantages have translated into what Rush Limbaugh accurately calls ‘money laundering’, and a pillaging of the taxpayer. Over the decades, in States like Wisconsin, the Public Service Union bureaucrats have provided their politicians with money, election activists and votes. In return the (Leftist/Democrat) politicians have provided the Public Service Union members with lavish pay-packets, cozy working hours, rock-solid job security, non-contributory medical insurance and pensions, very early retirement, generous vacation time and a host of privileges (more aptly called rackets).

For a decade or more it has been increasingly clear that this collusive arrangement, (which predictably has grown in cost to the taxpayers) is financially unsustainable unless the US becomes a Socialist State. Paying the bills each year so that the Public Service workforce can continue to grow and enjoy its privileges has required ever-more borrowing (with an increasing interest-rate cost) and dishonest accounting manipulation. As more public sector workers retire and live longer so the problems have become more glaring but it is the World financial collapse of the last two years that has signaled the end of this particular road. All of the past financial make-belief and ‘money laundering’ have been possible only because the Main Stream Media (MSM) and the Governing Media Class has chosen to mostly keep them below the radar. The Media Class has little interest in the economic welfare of the little people of the Public Services but it does have an interest in their political energy. As we have argued many, many times on this website, the Media Class is numerically too small to hold power (and too preoccupied with self-indulgence) and is forced to form a coalition in order to govern from behind the scenes. The coalition has been founded on an alliance with the ideological Left (which shares its craving for revolution and has resulted in a take-over of the Democrat Party), and an alliance with the Public Sector Unions who can provide the ground troops and votes at election times.

Governor Walker understands that in order to solve the long-term budgetary woes of Wisconsin he must break the collusion (money laundering) that has long been going on between the Unions and the Leftist politicians and so he is attempting to take away the cozy bargaining rights and enormous privileges that have accrued to public sector workers. Whilst under his proposed legislation the Unions would still have the right to bargain wages (but limited to cost-of-living increases), they would not have the right to negotiate all the other perks or to prevent the State Government from running its services more along the lines of the private sector. This seemingly rational and desperately-needed proposal has ramifications that the Union Leaders, their politically active members, the Democrat Politicians, all Leftists and the Media Class have not been slow to recognize. The Public Service Unions provide the ground troops for the revolution that the newly ascendant Media Class is imposing and the Media Class cannot allow them to be defeated in Wisconsin for there will surely be a domino effect across the Nation. It is doubtful if Governor Walker even now understands that he has unwittingly put himself at the center of a revolutionary struggle and that he is leading the assault for the counter revolutionary forces. We can only hope that he both has the determination to fight against the odds without making fatal compromises and that he will quickly understand who are his (and our) powerful enemies.

We already see the Leftists pouring in to Wisconsin determined to make the State ungovernable until they defeat him and his allies. We see the President, who is the chosen creature of the Media Class, quickly intervening in what is ostensibly a State matter. We see every Democrat politician fleeing the State in order to halt the democratic process. We see the Leftist Academic Establishment mobilizing (medical professionals from the local Universities donned white coats and went amongst the striking public sector demonstrators offering to sign sick notes). We see the MSM’s daily misrepresentation of the facts of this confrontation, concealing from a wider audience the ugly behavior of the Union demonstrators, overlooking their unprincipled actions (such as teachers mobilizing their pupils), and failing to mention who is funding the activists. Soon we can expect to see the Hollywood and Showbiz perverts flying in to the State to man the barricades (camera crews and reporters at the ready) with their Union ‘comrades’. Governor Walker is in the eye of the storm. If he or his family has any personal scandals in the closet, be sure the MSM will find and magnify them

There are a few things we might ask and draw attention to on this website for they will not be mentioned elsewhere. How do these demonstrators have the means to camp out in Madison (and now other State capitals too) for day after day? Since the demonstrations began suddenly, few could have planned by saving money, booking vacation time, arranged for others to carry out their public service duties, abandoned family responsibilities, arranged transport from around the State, and brought the food and drink without which demonstrators cannot sustain a demonstration. Are many of these demonstrators unemployed? Are they students? Who is keeping the State Government’s services running? What is happening to those school kids whose parents have to work, when the schools unexpectedly close? What is happening to the children who normally attend schools that are now closed and – so we have so often been told – rely on schools for daily meals? How is it that so many teachers feel able to walk out of school, take pupils, report sick when clearly not sick, draw pay and reveal themselves in a public place and give Media interviews, and not fear penalties? How is it that people who have professional medical qualifications are willing to walk out of their University jobs – again without seeking vacation time etc – offer sick notes that are clearly dishonest, do this in public, give Media interviews and not expect job-threatening consequences? More importantly being confident that the MSM will report them approvingly, ignore the above questions and where necessary conceal their identities. These people know that the MSM will never investigate them, just as conservative protestors know – unless they are innocents – that the MSM would relentlessly hunt them down for destruction. The MSM has had no interest in tracking down the Democrat Congressmen in hiding. What if it was Republican Congressmen? How different it would be.

The glaring truth is that the Wisconsin protestors can only succeed because the MSM is protecting and orchestrating them – and the Union Leaders and their ground troops knew this would be so from the beginning. If the MSM reported all the facts, asked all the pertinent questions, sought out and reported the truth and took a neutral stance, there would be no public support for these revolutionary and criminal activities. The MSM is neither lazy nor inefficient. How it behaves is a logical consequence of its Class interests. The Unions, and especially the Public Service Union leaderships, have been in the forefront of the attack on the old Christian-based culture. They have led the fight for easy abortion, for homosexual promotion, for same-sex marriage, for open-door immigration, for abandoning the Constitution, for special treatment for minorities, for abandoning the death penalty, for rewarding the feckless and criminal at the expense of the Nations law-abiding citizens and tax payers. Most often the leaderships have pursued and supported social policies not in the interests of their members but knowing it guaranteed the approval of the Media Class. Now these Union leaderships are once again enjoying the blatant support of the Media Class and we see the components of the Grand Coalition working together, for all know that there is a social and moral revolution at stake.

It was no coincidence that this week President Obama chose to blatantly ignore his Constitutional role and to instruct his comrade at the Justice Department, Eric Holder, to rule the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional. Many in the Internet Underground Media and on the maverick conservative Talk Radio have pointed out how this is an outrageous and unconstitutional act of great import and yet another dangerous precedent set by this Administration. The Justice Department under Holder and Obama has been turned into a Leftist revolutionary enterprise. Predictably, the MSM has both ignored the illegality of this latest Presidential act and welcomed it as further recognition of the inexorable advance of the homosexual agenda. Obama was able to slip this through when all conservative eyes are on Wisconsin but he was also fulfilling his obligations to the Media Class for whom this issue is even more important than Wisconsin. For the Media Class, heavily infested with homosexuals, it was the Presidential payback for supporting the Union insurrection. Political innocents might have thought that Obama would have been overwhelmed by the Middle East events, the oil price crisis, terrorism in the US, the unemployment problem, looming inflation, Afghanistan and Iraq and Global Warming, but no, the homosexual agenda was in the forefront of his thoughts. His paymasters in Hollywood will be appreciative however. He is doing what they sponsored him for.

Those fools who depend on the MSM for news will not have been aware that in Wisconsin and other flashpoints of the revolutionary situation, the Left has been increasingly violent. Whilst loudly calling for civility, in typical Leftist/Stalinist fashion the Left has been ramping up the incivility. But then, the ends justify the means. One example of the Leftist call for violence will suffice. Michael Capuano a New York member of the US House of Representatives was addressing a Union rally in Boston. Confident that he was amongst comrades he implored a wildly cheering crowd to “get a little bloody” on the streets. He knew that the MSM reporters present would not report his incendiary remarks or the audience response, but an infiltrator recorded him and played it on the Underground Internet. Predictably the MSM has ignored this and so the general public is kept unaware of the nature of the current revolutionary situation.

As I sit here in cold California at noon with the outside temperature in the mid 40’s I can report that the forecasted snow has not yet arrived. If it does it will be the first snow in this town for 35 years of increasing global warming. I need some music to cheer me up and what better than Herbie Hancock of the early 1960’s, just before the emerging Media Class had consigned good jazz to the garbage bin and Hancock had succumbed to ‘cutting edge’ Rock. In 1962 jazz pianist Hancock recorded his own composition “Watermelon Man” with two ‘greats’ on trumpet and tenor saxophone respectively – Freddie Hubbard and Dexter Gordon. This was a good tune and an excellent rendering in the funky jazz style of the time but Hancock went on to write some genuinely great tunes, including “Maiden Voyage” and “Dolphin Dance”. In 1964 he recorded another original composition called “Cantaloupe Island”. This was a quartet recording session with only Hubbard on a wind instrument. A subsequent Blue Note album has this tune plus the above-mentioned tunes and I strongly recommend it, but “Cantaloupe Island” is a haunting melody and extremely atmospheric. It is as good an example of the jazz from this period as any. Hancock was from Chicago and I doubt he knew much first hand about the Caribbean Islands, the sugar industry and slavery, yet this recording is as descriptive as any piece of music. Go listen!

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