Will The Broad Right Fight?

This website, for more than 6 months, has been predicting a civil war. The basic ingredient has existed for a decade, for a new Class seeking to win political power and remake a Nation in its own image, can only succeed through Revolution – and a Revolutionary change is almost always violent.

The 8 years of the Obama regime, elected under the old rules by a popular vote and cleverly misrepresented by the Mainstream Media as a continuation of ‘politics as usual’, was actually a fundamental Revolution by stealth and increments. This ‘peaceful’ transformation of America almost succeeded, for the guardians of the old, Constitutional America – the conservative Republican Party and the Bible-based Christian Churches – failed to alert and arouse the people.

Here is not the place to hold an inquest on their failure, suffice to say that had not Donald Trump – an unlikely Nationalist – raised the banner of Nationalism and narrowly won the 2016 Presidential election, the stealthy Revolution would have been completed from the Clinton White House. Counter-Revolutionaries and potential opposition would have been criminalized and silenced. In this way would a civil war have been avoided.

Trump’s election victory, and the unexpected and temporary loss of power by the Revolutionary movement, has brought into broad daylight the fundamental American divide and the violence that characterizes a struggle between tradition and a radical ideology. Just because a sizeable number of people remain disconnected from the struggle does not deter a civil war between two substantial numbers of people traveling on a conflicting course.

Yesterday’s marches by Trump supporters in response to the recent marches and violent demonstrations of the Far Left, provided more evidence of the surge to civil war. The conflicting marches and street demonstrations mark a move away from, indeed a rejection of, the ballot box. This is unprecedented in America, especially given that the ballot box had just provided a result.

 As one would expect, the resort to civil disorder, extra-Parliamentary demonstrations and intolerant violence has originated with the Far Left Revolutionary forces.  As a consequence of the failure of legitimate authority to adequately defend the election result and ensure civil peace, a fledgling movement on the Right has emerged in response.

There is no prospect of a retreat by the forces of the Revolution. Instead, all preparations are for a relentless increase in social and political disruption until the goal of removing the President from office is achieved. How can that goal reveal anything other than an appetite for civil war?

It is tempting – but dangerously foolish – to dismiss the Revolutionary forces as simply a conspiracy of frustrated Democrats, sore losers, Obama plotters, Soros paid recruits, Internationalist Jews and Zionists, or marginalized young anarchists. Certainly, these overlapping groups play a leading role, for they have the advantages of wealth, the MSM, and the consequences of 8 years effectively used to purge and own the machinery of government.

But the forces that are propelling the rejection of traditional society run deeper and are the consequence of decades of allowing the Far Left to capture public education and universities, undermine the traditional family, throw open borders and expand government and public welfare. There are now two or more generations of home-grown dysfunctional, disconnected (from roots) Americans who reject their country and its values and regard Christianity with sheer hatred. The Far Left is a mass movement, not a fringe movement.

When it comes to violent activism on urban streets – an activity that has historically brought down governments around the world, and occasionally ushered in Revolutions – the Far Left has many advantages. Its forces are concentrated and part of a National network (colleges and universities), strategically placed, easily organized, young, pre-aroused, not burdened by jobs and families, and well-funded. Moreover, they are orchestrated and rewarded with celebrity by the MSM.

Yesterday’s counter-demonstrations by Trump supporters were geographically scattered and poorly attended. In some places they were overwhelmed by Far Left thugs. This is not a criticism of those brave patriots who organized and attended, simply a recognition of the obstacles that they (and we) face.

Speaking personally – and from Revolutionary California – there was no demonstration within 60 miles. If there had been one in my town, I would have attended, no matter what the dangers. But how many on our side are prepared to fight and how many wait for Donald Trump ‘to do something’. It is my conclusion that unless Trump personally mobilizes the Broad Right, nothing much is going to be done.

 Where are the other leaders with the energy and fight in his team? When I see pictures of the self-recusing Jeff Sessions, he looks like a frightened rabbit caught in the headlines. Trump’s offspring, who seemingly have authority in his inner circle, look too pampered to be Counter-Revolutionaries. What about some retired Generals coming out into the country and raising the banners! We need to find out if our side has any fight.

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  1. It’s hard to fight when the entire judicial system is arrayed against you. That could change with leadership.

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