Wilful and Brazen

The great English writer George Orwell in his prescient novel ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ coined the word ‘Newspeak’.   Orwell, whose novel of the future envisioned a post-revolutionary totalitarian society, and who was always concerned about the honest use of words, recognized that totalitarians would re-make the English language to limit freedom of thought and to create ‘thought crimes’. 

    Conservatives have coined the term ‘political correctness’ to describe the imposition of restrictions on our language that is now so thorough that few notice or resist. The restrictions were born in Academia, and were initially the work of those post-1960’s Departments that offered recruitment and ample reward to the dysfunctional, angry and rebellious offspring of privileged, preoccupied parents. Those well-heeled young women – and some young men – who were unfitted for real work, but entitled to status, flooded into Universities and Colleges to populate Women’s Studies, Literature, the Arts, Social Studies, Social Work, Anthropology, Politics and other related and undemanding non-disciplines. As these ‘academic’ Departments burgeoned, so their angry and dysfunctional inhabitants were enabled to ignore true learning and concentrate on self-justification and unlimited political activism. Using the camouflage of ‘Socialism’ and its attachments to grand concepts like ‘fair shares for all’, these well-heeled but unhappy and permanently discontented ‘intellectuals’ set to work to re-create a society in which they would lead and prosper, but most of all would be empowered to exact revenge on all those seemingly happy and hardworking-normal- people who embodied the old America. Since these political and social revolutionaries were filled with hatred for marriage, Christianity, heterosexualism, children with both mothers and fathers and real work, they set to work to purge both Academia and the language and pave the way to totalitarianism. 

    The 1970’s rise of the Media Class, which was historically Left-leaning and – as befits a new Class intent on capturing power, revolutionary – offered unlimited opportunities for a marriage of convenience. Soon, the join between the two (a purged Academia and a power-hungry Media Class) was seamless, and the purged language that was already being imposed on young minds was increasingly imposed on all who read the Mainstream Media (MSM) or watched TV. 

    The new Media Class, now on the cusp of winning political power for its revolutionary agenda, needed only to forge alliances with the Black minority and the Public Service Unionized workers in order to acquire ground-troops. Its propaganda machine, (with Newspeak added to its armory of lies), was ready to take the White House. And so it was and we got Obama and Holder in 2008! 

    Last week, there was a major article in the WSJ drawing attention to Obama’s increasing authoritarianism. I think the article was a little late in the day for the Obama/Democrat Government is now wholly authoritarian, much to the joy of its rich masters in the Media Class. The Government’s and Ruling Media Class responses to the scandals of Benghazi, the IRS, the Holder Gun-running scheme, are wilfully dismissive. Their lies are brazen. The Unconstitutional decisions of the Supreme Court and Federal Courts to the issues of healthcare, same-sex marriage, the Obama (birth) legitimacy and so much else, can only be described as brazen. The relentless persecution of hapless and wholly innocent George Zimmerman, by the MSM and the African-American leadership and the judicial system, can only be described as both wilful and brazen. In all of the foregoing issues, facts and truth are simply set aside as of no consequence. (‘Wilful’ is defined in my dictionary as ‘intentional’, ‘deliberate’, ‘due to malice or evil intent’, ‘perverse’. ‘Brazen’ is defined as ‘shameless’, ‘impudent’.) 

    The flood of unconstitutional legislation that is emanating from the White House, Democrat Legislatures and the Courts seems too big to resist. Should I donate to and sign petitions for the NOM in defense of real marriage; should I donate to and sign petitions for the right to keep my gun; should I donate to and sign petitions for the defense of citizenship and National borders; should I donate to and sign petitions for the unborn; should I donate to and sign petitions for the prevention of illegal voting? And what about Obamacare, punitive taxation, the diversion of public funds into reckless, bankrupt Democrat cities? And what about attempting to counteract the persecution of George Zimmerman (who is a proxy for you and I) and what about defending the ‘stand your ground legislation’ that is our defense against the Holder Mobs and race predators? How can any family man or woman, with a job and home and children’s needs, march and campaign and donate for all the above (and yet be treated as invisible by the MSM) to counteract the Media and Government-orchestrated activities that promote our enslavement to Government? 

    We should expect that a revolutionary Government, representing a revolutionary Class and its allies, will not play by the old rules, indeed will wantonly and brazenly scoff at them. And we should expect that by ignoring the old rules, and thus being unshackled, they can unleash a torrent of legislation that is overwhelming. 

    On this website we have always pointed out that in the UK, the Media Class revolution has advanced more quickly than ours in the USA, for there were no Constitutional impediments. The UK is now a Police State, though thanks to a MSM blackout on real news the vast bulk of the native population sleepwalks to its demise. For any American doubters, I recommend a visit to the BNP website to read about the outrageous arrest of two BNP campaigners in Cumbria 1. No sooner had the two registered complaints about recent election fraud by the ruling Socialist cabal and an alleged vandalism of a BNP Remembrance Day wreath by a Socialist elected official, than their homes were raided at night by teams of police officers and they were thrown into cells. The initial charge was that they had used the old English saying ‘pay peanuts and you get monkeys’ in a pamphlet (now defined as a racial slander and therefore a very serious charge). This justification for midnight arrest has now been dropped and a lesser charge introduced. All of this is intended as harassment and intimidation and will not be reported by the MSM or protested by any of the mainstream Parties. I think we can properly apply the terms ‘wilful’ and ‘brazen’ to these police actions and use Orwell’s term ‘thought crimes’. What happens in the UK today will follow in the US tomorrow! 

    Weather – The unusually hot spell in the UK soon gave way to the more normal thunderstorms and rain. August is the UK’s hottest and most humid month, so it is too soon to talk MMGW. If the expert forecasts of imminent rising sea levels are correct, little Starcross on the Exe Estuary is doomed, along with Florida. A friend of mine has just purchased a home on Florida’s Atlantic coast, hoping to escape the Californian elite’s taxes on working people. As a gift for his new home I am thinking about sending him a small row-boat. Here in California, after a short hot spell in July, August has so far been cooler than normal. Hooray! 

    Music Choice – Al Martino, was born Jasper Cini in 1927 and was a bricklayer before becoming a singer and then an actor. He was one of a long line of Italian/American singers with strong, tuneful male voices who specialized in heterosexual love songs. This was back in the 1950’s when it seemed that almost the entire population of the US and UK, both young and old, was normal. In 1952, Martino burst into the music charts with the song “Here In My Heart”. He topped the charts in both countries with his one for many weeks and in the following year almost topped the charts again with “Now”. 

    Enjoy this fine and romantic love song. Martino later enjoyed success as an actor, including a major role in ‘The Godfather’. 

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