WikiLeaks Reveals Why Clinton Took State Job

Immediately after winning the Presidency in 2008, Obama offered his defeated rival Hillary Clinton the post of Secretary of State. At that time Clinton had been cheated out of victory by the powerful forces that fund and direct the Democrat Party (the Media Class and its Mainstream Media).

It was clear to all observers that there was no love lost between the Obama camp and the Clinton camp after a bitter contest during which Bill Clinton had made derogatory racist remarks about the upstart community organizer. It seemed inconceivable that Obama, who at that point was a new President lacking relevant experience and real education, would feel confident enough to have a bitter and powerful rival in his cabinet, unless he knew that the job was a destroyer of reputations.

On this website we several times wrote that Obama was offering Clinton a ‘poisoned chalice’, and we assumed that Clinton would not accept it, preferring to lurk outside of the Government and await its downfall. When she accepted the post of Secretary of State we expressed astonishment and believed she had stepped into Obama’s trap. She appeared to have surrendered to the Obama force within the Party and its paymasters.

We were wrong in thinking that the Obama administration would never survive two terms. We underestimated the power of the MSM, the rewards for Big Business of the Revolution over which Obama presided, his skill at lying to the American people, his confidence in discarding the Constitution, and the collaboration of the Republican Party’s elite.

Nevertheless, the job of Secretary of State would have been a poisoned chalice for any occupant with integrity, given the devious foreign policies that Obama has pursued. To our astonishment Clinton served in the post from 2009 until 2013, when she was followed by the nincompoop John Kerry. Like Clinton, the puffed-up, self-important Kerry tours the world making empty speeches and dabbling in one foreign trouble spot after another to no good effect. Given Obama’s policies – or lack of them – the job is a poisoned chalice for anyone with self-respect.

Clinton is a lot smarter than Kerry, so why did she accept and stay in this post for four years? WikiLeaks has provided the answer. We now know why Clinton toured the world as Secretary of State, largely below the American public’s radar, and not achieving one foreign policy success. She was making it clear to foreign leaders that she was President-in-waiting, would dispose of State Department ‘gifts’ for cash and was always open to financial offers.

The key to her willingness to accept the job was the Clinton Foundation, a well-concealed bank account into which shady foreign business-men and foreign despots could pay a good price for immediate and long-term favors. Americans call it ‘pay to play’ and Clinton was selling the interests of the American people for private gain. From being bankrupt after the 2008 primaries to a current worth of much more than $100m, the Clinton family has done well whilst pretending to do good.

The only problem was in hiding the negotiations, deals and web of dishonesty, from public scrutiny. The answer was to use an unofficial computer process that avoided the public’s scrutiny and which could be destroyed. As Secretary of State this was a continuous criminal act, but the Clintons had long practiced ignoring and rising above the law, and Hillary was no doubt confident that she had the confidence to carry it all off.

She almost got away with it! Indeed, with the help of the MSM, the Obama administration, the amoral standards of the Democrat faithful, and the support of the Republican elite, she might still do so. As next President, inheriting a Government machinery that has been purged of honest Americans, she will get away with it, and much more to come. George Will hopes so!

The mystery is why Obama colluded with her, for whatever his faults he is not motivated by the greed that drives the Clintons. Still, one mystery is solved for we now know that the Clinton’s realized that the job of Secretary of State was a potential honey-pot.

Returning to the polls, the latest LA TIMES/USC Tracking has Trump six ahead of Clinton, four more than the previous LA TIMES/USC Tracking Poll. Emerson has brought in some polls where Trump leads in crucial swing states, and Hampton University has Trump up three points in Virginia, a state that looked safely Democrat until today’s poll.

LA TIMES/USC Tracking General Election (10/26 – 11/1)
  1. ________________________________________________ Trump 48%
  2. __________________________________________ Clinton 42%
Emerson Statewide Polls

COLORADO (10/28 – 10/31)

  1. ____________________________________________ Clinton 44%
  2. _________________________________________ Trump 41%
  3. ________ Johnson 8%
  4. ____ Stein 4%

ARIZONA (10/28 – 10/31)

  1. _______________________________________________ Trump 47%
  2. ___________________________________________ Clinton 43%
  3. __ Johnson 2%
  4. __ Stein 2%

GEORGIA (10/29 – 10/31)

  1. ___________________________________________________ Trump 51%
  2. __________________________________________ Clinton 42%
  3. __ Johnson 2%

MISSOURI (10/28 – 10/31)

  1. ____________________________________________________ Trump 52%
  2. _____________________________________ Clinton 37%
  3. _____ Johnson 5%
  4. __ Stein 2%
Hampton University Poll Virginia (10/26 – 10/30)
  1. ____________________________________________ Trump 44%
  2. _________________________________________ Clinton 41%

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