Why We Oppose Same-Sex Marriage

Ford Motor Company today posted huge losses for 2006 ($12.7 billion) and the last quarter’s loss was a record $5+ billion. This suggests that 2007 will not be better as a downward trend is likely to continue. One can read through the analysts’ and reporters’ comments, which are uniformly pessimistic about a Ford recovery by 2009, and find only politically correct explanations for Ford’s disastrous decline. Gas-guzzling models and restructuring costs are blamed. The ‘gas-guzzling vehicle’ explanation is one favored by the ecology crowd and restructuring is a word used to cover up the fact that Ford long ago gave in to the auto-unions over pensions, vacation time, hours worked and early retirement.

No mention is ever made of the campaign against Ford Motor Company by the Christian-based American Family Association. It is reasonable to assume that this campaign is having a substantial effect on Ford’s sales, since the truck and SUV Ford models have long been popular in the so-called (Christian) ‘red states’.

The AFA is outraged that Ford Motor Company is donating large sums of its scarce funds to homosexual organizations and actively promoting the homosexual life-style, even to the extent of trying to indoctrinate its workforce. It has asked Ford to refrain from taking sides in controversial social issues. Someone at the top of the Ford Company has elevated the homosexual cause into a top priority and is determined to use Ford funds to promote the latest homosexual agenda leader of same-sex marriage. We have remarked before on this website that claims by some that this is just a good advertising strategy have no validity. It is hard to believe that Alan Mulally, the recently appointed boss of Ford, is responsible, just as it is hard to believe that Mulally has as much power as Bill Ford over Ford Company policy. It is our best guess that Bill Ford himself is more concerned about ‘gay rights’ and promoting sodomy than he is about the Company’s sales problem and that he has the final word.

What Bill Ford does with his influence on Company policy is his business though at some point Ford’s stockholders may want to take it up with him. At the same time the AFA has a right to circulate its many supporters and ask them to refrain from buying Ford products.

On this website, our interest is especially in the role of the Media and its reporting on controversial social issues. We argue that the Media Class has same-sex marriage and the normalization of sodomy high on its own agenda. This is why the AFA will get little or no credit (or blame) for the drop in Ford’s sales. The Media Class will try to ensure that the AFA never gets a mention, since it is a hated Christian group and will be even more hated if it is having an impact.

We suggest to readers of our site that they visit the AFA site and learn how many Christians have signed up to reject Ford products and then ask why the Media uniformly ignores this campaign. We say that only a ‘class’ can march in such voluntary lockstep.

The AFA probably cites the Bible to explain its opposition to same-sex marriage and sodomy, though it would be justified if its motive were simply to uphold and defend tradition, since traditions are almost always based on thousands of years of accumulated wisdom about human nature and human behavior. We oppose same-sex marriage on this website because we believe that marriage between a man and woman (and the framework it provides for procreation) is clearly rooted in human physiology and human nature. It is logical and natural and a keystone of good childrearing and a stable society.

Same-sex activities are clearly perverted in the true sense of that word. This does not mean that those who practice sexually perverted behaviors should be criminalized or prevented from practicing them in private with consenting adults. My own personal view is that if a man or woman wants to sleep with a dog or a sheep and this is what pleases him or her, it is sad but hardly my business unless flaunted publicly. Since people only have one relatively short life and there are many anti-social things that some people do, privately indulged perversions are the least of them.

But same-sex sexual relationships are based on two pieces of make-belief. One piece of make-belief is that one partner is a substitute for someone of the opposite sex. Thus in a male homosexual relationship, one partner pretends to be a female despite anatomical evidence that this is not so. The other partner has to pretend that the recipient is female, so both are indulging a fantasy. Whether the cause of such fantasy behavior is rooted in unfortunate childhood experiences or something gone wrong in the chemistry of the body makes little difference.

The other piece of fantasy is pretending that the anus is a vagina. We might add here that anal intercourse is physically disgusting and humiliating whether practiced in a hetero or homosexual context. It is perverted. Again, this is not to argue that it should be criminalized, but neither should anyone be prevented from calling it what it is.

If homosexual people want to invent some legal and symbolic framework for their relationships, we say let them, but do not let them hijack an institution that is based on reality, has religious and traditional underpinning and is the best framework we have for childrearing. By legally equating same-sex relationships with heterosexual marriage, the latter becomes grossly diminished.

It is not surprising that many homosexual people gravitate to the arts, to acting, to dressing-up and to places like Hollywood and Fashion Houses, for fantasy and make-belief can be expressed and indulged in such activities and at such places and sometimes to the benefit of everyone as entertainment However, a ruling class that is heavily influenced by such people and has the power to introduce radical social policies is dangerous to the well being of any nation. We leave it to readers to work out why it is also dangerous in terms of national defense.

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