Why They Fear Trump

Sitting here in Daytona Beach, Florida, it suddenly struck me that I have been missing a core reason why Trump has so enraged and alarmed the Elite of the Republican establishment. In a couple of previous articles I noted the Elite’s  preference for  a Hillary victory over Republican Trump. It seems that a Republican Trump in the White House would be more  unpalatable for them than a Hillary driven to the Far Left and Elizabeth Warren as a running mate.

The  antipathy to Trump however  emerged almost before he became the leading competitor. It was not just that he put illegal immigration on the discussion table when the Elite had intended it to be a subject beyond debate. He has since introduced the issue of the Muslim presence, as well as casually declaring that Hillary belongs in jail, and that many trade deals must be renegotiated. These are all commonsense positions and they resonate with many Americans-too many as far as the Elite is concerned. And no-one says them as bluntly as The Donald, or as impulsively. Cruz has not been been as blunt and none of the other Republican competitors dare to be so offensive to the respectable parameters that have long been set in public debate.

What the Elite has come to fear is that Trump is a loose cannon and perhaps is just getting started on casual-expressed, stream of conscious, unpredictable yet common sense utterances. There are months of campaigning to go and already he has hardly got into his stride, randomly introducing one ‘outrageous’ notion after another and all of them previously ruled  ‘off the table’.

It is our belief that what terrifies the Elite is that Trump will become even more uninhibited, and unrestrained by political correctness, thrusting one ‘unmentionable’ topic after another into the public arena where they will release public opinion and even suppressed rage among working people. There are many more raw truths that need public expression, and if liberated will reverse a progressive trend that has seemed irreversible. Trump may have only just started on telling it like it is.

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