Why Savage Is Boycotted by The Others

For the benefit of our foreign website visitors I start by explaining that Talk Show host Michael Savage is based in San Francisco, the most Far-Left and perverted city in the USA. Although New York born, he has lived in SF for many years and been a radio voice for Conservatism for more than 20 years.

This is worth noting for it takes some courage to live in that lawless city, espouse Broad Right principles, be recognizable and walk the streets. As it happens, Savage recently paid the price of his courage, for he was physically attacked leaving a restaurant. Despite many witnesses and the attacker’s identity known, there has been no justice administered.

San Francisco is completely run and inhabited by rich Democrats, but especially by Democrats who pander to America’s most militant and aggressive perverts. This is the city that officially sanctions public events where perverts celebrate and practice every depraved sexual act, and hordes turn up with their children to watch and demonstrate tolerance and inclusiveness.

Savage was born in New York’s Jewish community, 75 years ago and his real name is Weiner. He makes no secret of his Jewishness, but he is increasingly a defender of Christianity at a time when Christianity is becoming marginalized – especially in California – and detested in SF.

Savage is probably the most knowledgeable host on Talk Radio, with a background of science and medicine. He is widely read and has a good grasp of European political history. Like this writer, he started out on the Left, worked briefly in social work (where his experiences cured him of Socialism) and moved to the Right. He experienced the injustice of racial quotas in academia.

Savage is clearly an accomplished man with an exceptional brain and emotional energy. Like several outstanding Talk Show hosts he is mildly manic – how otherwise would he have such mental and emotional energy and stamina?

He has written many books, some on medicine but most on politics. Several have been best-sellers, including his latest “Trump’s War” which has topped the NYT’s list for the last two weeks. In his books he has been an early critic of mass immigration and Globalism, and coined the phrase ‘Borders, Language and Culture’. His writings have influenced Donald Trump, who appeared on “The Savage Nation” several times during the election. Most recently Savage was invited to Trump’s Florida home.

Savage does not quite match Rush Limbaugh in terms of a national audience but that may be due to advertisers and access to Stations. He has a bigger audience than the popular Hannity and much bigger audience than a rival Jew, Mark Levin.

Savage, despite his great success in radio and books, is shunned, not only in the Revolutionary Mainstream Media (MSM), but by all the other Broad Right Talk Radio hosts and Fox News. His recent outstanding success with ‘Trump’s War’, which is as topical and newsworthy as any book could be, has highlighted the fact of his official invisibility. The nearest parallel would be the UK’s boycott of the BNP. Incidentally, Savage is officially banned from the UK.

Savage has a downside, and it is not his ‘rants’, for in those he often is at his brilliant best in truth-telling. He is excessively emotional and subject to mood-swings so that he sometimes contradicts himself. Unlike Limbaugh he gets disheartened.  This has been very obvious in the post-Trump Presidency, but always he soon comes back to a consistent analysis.

Perhaps because of his experiences as an outsider, constantly battling against hidden forces, he has over the years been self-promoting at the expense of his fellow-broadcasters. He has frequently attacked Limbaugh, who never responds. He often casts himself as an outsider. In this way he may have contributed to his isolation.

However, on this website we think he is really punished for his opinions on certain key issues where his rivals fear to tread i.e. on Jews, homosexuals, Christianity and Nationalism.

Limbaugh and the rest are very circumspect on Jews and homos, although I get the impression that Limbaugh has the natural disgusted gut feeling about same-sex relationships. He never attacks Jews for their support of Far-Left Revolutionary policies and is a little mute about Christian persecution. He was also slow to support Trump’s Nationalist stance in the primaries.

Savage is unrestrained in attacking and naming the Hollywood Jews for their many evil deeds, and he often castigates American Jews for their lack of support for America. He is not a self-hating Jew but he bares his soul on religious matters and has been a staunch defender of Christianity’s central place in American life.

On homosexuality he occasionally sounds like a Libertarian but once he rants it is clear that he is disgusted by the whole pervert agenda. Sometimes he must be near the edge that ends in being banned from the airwaves.

Savage is also prepared to abandon circumspection. He forecasts civil war and other realities that the Media and advertisers have ruled too shocking and arousing to be mentioned.

It is our belief that other Conservative hosts believe that Savage will cross the line and tell it exactly like it is, and provoke the Media Class into shutting down Talk Radio. It is because Savage does not mince his words, and seems reckless in a world where the Right only has a voice by Media Class consent, that every other host keeps a distance from him.

In the UK, as Brexit progresses under Prime Minister May, is there any longer a rationale for the continuation of UKIP. As our regular visitors will know, on this website we claim that the BNP – although poorly led – is the only Counter-Revolutionary Party in the UK.

Does anyone have any news on the March 12th Colorado Springs killings of two young teenagers? The MSM is ignoring this terrible event for a reason.


  1. Savage’s relentless demonization of fascism, brownshirts and hitler contributed to his being attacked.

    He was not attacked by a leftist fascist. He was attacked by a leftist bolshevik communist marxist…

    Just like the fascists and brownshirts were. He knows this and I don’t feel that bad for him. If he didn’t lie about this issue I would feel bad for him. But no…

    • You are correct. There are no fascist brownshirts in today’s scenario. The political thugs are on the Left.

  2. Colorado Springs Aztec suspects:



    The Good Dr.’s “straight talk” about homos cost him his TV program many years ago.

    Wonder why he doesn’t have a bodyguard at all times. Hope he does now. As I recall the report of the assault, his much-younger attacker was 6-foot-5…

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