Who makes the news?

The news that former Tory leader and PM, Edward Heath died on Sunday will surprise many, simply because he had, in recent times faded from our consciousness. In response to his death, the BNP website has a poem written by Hilaire Belloc and nothing written could be more fitting. One might think that Belloc had Heath in mind when he penned his words. (Visit the BNP website and read the poem, and whilst there read an excellent article by Simon Darby on the recent terror bombing.) 

    During the Thatcher years, Sir Edward was constantly on our TV screens and our radios. He also made headlines in print day after day. And how he loved it all! Pompous and puffing, his lower lip pulsating with dignified rage, he would be given the bully pulpit. He was the Media Class favorite Tory, always willing to put the knife into the Thatcher Government and it’s policies. Ultimately, other Grandee Tories, received the same adoring media treatment and he gradually slipped into relative obscurity. 

    The Media accorded him the microphone because he was serving their purpose in undermining the Thatcher Government’s effectiveness. Mrs Thatcher and her Government had many faults, but what the Media Class hated her for was her apparent old-fashioned morality and latent Nationalism. She, like Enoch Powell before her, was willing to appeal over the heads of the Media people, and arouse the feelings (to the media, the bigotry and ignorant prejudices) of the white lower classes. 

    There is nothing the Media Class likes better than a renegade in the conservative ranks willing to attack colleagues at a crucial moment. John McCain can always acquire a news spot when he is willing to break ranks from Bush and the Republicans, though he is not quite as unprincipled as was Heath. The Media is never interested in those who break ranks from the Left as Zell Miller (former Democratic Senator) could testify. 

    The differing media treatment of individuals tells us much about the Media Class tactics and the way they promote their lackeys and destroy their enemies. Today, July 19th, is an anniversary of the death of Miss Kopechne, the young lady left to die in a submerged car on Chappaquiddick Island. The driver of the car, another Edward, had escaped from the vehicle and left the scene. He failed to report the accident for 10 hours, by which time young, single Miss Kopechne had long since drowned. Edward Kennedy, the drunken and lecherous young cause of her death, has since enjoyed a famous career as a very leftwing and outspoken Democratic Senator. He is a darling of the Media Class and never receives bad publicity. In fact he gets consistently good publicity. We are NEVER reminded that he is the “hero of Chappaquiddick”. Just imagine if the Rev Ian Paisley had such a skeleton in his cupboard. Do you think he would have been quickly forgiven by the Media Class and the incident put to bed for all time? 

    This is one of the powers of the Media Class. It can raise up a person and it can destroy a person with equal ease. Nothing is too bad to be ignored and no-one too good to be destroyed. 

    Today, Edward Heath (let us use his full Christian name to differentiate him from the estimable long dead bandleader, Ted Heath, a great British musician who deserves to be remembered), will be the subject of many fine words. In truth, he sold the UK out over Europe, stabbed his colleagues in the back at every opportunity, was a failed PM and had no popular following either in the Tory Party or in the Nation. His fame was all about his ability to say what the Media Class wanted, when it wanted it.

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