Where Was Barack Born? What Difference Does It Make?

Hillary Clinton and the Media Class (represented by the Washington Post) thought it had lured Trump into a diversionary skirmish that would cost him public relation casualties and launch her on the attack. Instead, the Wily Old Fox lured the Mainstream Media to his new Washington hotel, enjoyed free Media coverage for a counter-ambush.

Our website visitors will already know how Trump turned the tables with a parade of vets singing his praises to the assembled hostile propagandists. When he spoke he devoted most of the brief time attacking Hillary before confirming that Barack was born in the USA.

We doubt that Trump really believes that Obama is American-born. He is certainly in no position to confirm where Obama was born, for, like all of Obama’s history, his birthplace and Nationality are a mystery. Our President was conjured up from obscurity in 2007 by sinister Media billionaires and Internationalists, provided with a fictional ‘auto-biography’ and his personal history protected from examination by expensive legal devices that remain in place to this day. Something important has been covered up!

Trump was smart to tell a white (no pun intended!) lie and not be truthful, for this issue was a Media/Clinton-campaign coordinated trap planned especially to shore up Clinton’s ebbing Black vote. We think Trump should have repeated Hillary’s own words

“What difference does it make?” but we’ll settle for Trump’s response. He strung the MSM propagandists along and then denied them membership of his hotel tour. How insulted they must feel.

In a previous article we drew attention to the Clinton’s fear that a Trump Presidency will lead them to prison. It may be that Obama fears that a Trump Presidency might uncover his own carefully-hidden past. Not only might it reveal much fiction but also Kenyan citizenship, poor academic achievement, opportunism using racial quotas, string-pulling favoritism, a Muslim education, and the identities of his billionaire puppet-masters.

If Trump continues to receive good poll numbers – and the professional pollsters are now too near the election to risk large-scale fraud – he should wear a thicker bullet-proof vest and double his personal security guard. We are not being flippant. No previous candidate has been leading a Counter-Revolution, or had such an array of powerful and ruthless enemies with so much at stake.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, many Democrat professionals and Media Class billionaires must be regretting that they allowed the Clinton machine to hi-jack the nomination. If only they had thrown their resources behind Bernie Sanders! Instead they are forced to drag out the birther question, one that Obama would probably prefer to bury.

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