When Popular Music Went to the Dogs

Those website visitors who slobber over their pet dogs and consider contemporary Rock and Pop music to be fit for adults and suitably sacred for Church should read no further! Today I listened to a conservative (Mark Simone, a stand-in for Mark Levin) Talk Show host drooling over the juvenile warbling of Paul McCartney. I would not have been surprised if he had pronounced McCartney a genius for like all the current conservative Talk Radio Hosts he has been bombarded by infantile music from birth and knows no better. Limbaugh, Levin, Hannity, Sussman all reveal the cultural rot of their generation and subsequent generations in their choice of music, TV programs and movies. What can be more nauseating and more telling about the power of the Media Class than the sour and sneering face of the baby-mouthed McCartney, standing in front of the massed TV cameras and backed by ecstatic Hollywood and Show-Biz perverts and accusing George Bush of being ignorant and lacking in culture. America, once the source of great song writers, great lyricists and wonderful musicians bestowed some sort of Gershwin award on this puny non-talent. The Gershwin brothers must be turning in their graves, along with Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, Jerome Kern and countless other great song writers. The pimply-faced Beatles who reached stardom with such hits as, “She Loves you Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!”, “Give Peace a Chance” and “We All Live In a Yellow Submarine” owe their Media adulation and financial fortunes to being able to combine music for kids with politics for morons.

The rapid decline of popular music began in the mid 1960’s in the UK and it was no coincidence that it coincided with the intrusion of TV sets into every home and the portable radio. Overnight, the public was bombarded with music “composed” and played by teenagers with falsetto voices and three-chord guitars. This was the decade of ‘Groups’. Music soon moved from the merely infantile to the grotesque and decadent as Mick Jagger and his ilk pranced around on stage in tight pants, wiggling their bums and holding guitars like erect sexual organs. Most of these young ‘men’ wore make-up and many were androgynous. A celebratory TV industry revealed that audiences were mostly composed of little girls brandishing their panties. These brazen and talentless performers were my generation but they represented a revolutionary break from the past. Most of the young men of my generation looked up to singers who were men and women with mature voices and much dignity, both in front of the cameras and before audiences. Real and talented musicians were respected by adult audiences. Who would have thought that within a decade, not just little screeching girls but the Nation’s young men and almost all the older generations would be captivated by so many with so little talent and so little self-respect. Whatever vestiges of adult popular music there were in the USA were quickly swept away when the Beatles, suitably hyped by the Media, arrived in New York. This ‘group’ of four of Liverpool’s typically ignorant and obnoxious youth had something going for them besides the guitar strumming, for Liverpool in particular and Merseyside in general were being feted by the BBC and other UK Media as the homes of revolutionary Socialism. The Media was busy painting this little region of welfare dependency (‘gi’ us a job, mate – and in the meantime I’ll take the welfare!) as the part of the UK that was truly ‘authentic’. Lennon’s and McCarthey’s subsequent posturing for peace and the Third World and for every pseudo religion that rejects traditional Christianity, has ensured the Beatles continued celebrity, and the invitation to Obama’s White House is simply more evidence of how the Media Class and the Leftist politicians are as one. McCartney, like the effeminate and meagerly talented Elton John (real name Reggie Dwight) does what all Leftist Media multi millionaires do, which is to amass riches whilst posturing about the poor. McCartney’s fawning over Obama whilst sneering at Bush’s intellect (what a case of the empty pot calling the kettle black!) was greeted rapturously by his Show-biz buddies, and no doubt Obama, who is every bit as shallow, ignorant, untalented and self absorbed as the aging Beatle warbler, was delighted. For music, it has been all downhill since the 1970’s and now there are only three emotions available whether one listens to Rock, Pop, Country or Folk:- whining, rage and protest. Buried amongst the White House audience was the former jazz pianist and exceptional composer Herbie Hancock. No doubt he was pleased to be there amongst so many with so little talent yet possessed of great riches, fame and influence. Ironically, Hancock once had a very real talent, both as a musician and composer, and his compositions that included the beautiful ‘Dolphin Dance’, ‘Watermelon Man’, ‘Maiden Voyage’ and ‘Cantaloupe Island’ are classics and will appeal to real adults as long as there are any surviving.

Popular music has gone to the dogs but meanwhile in this world now shaped by a ruling Class of rich and powerful perverts and Leftists, the dogs have replaced children as the objects of the affections of the dumbed-down and infantilized population. This morning I followed behind a car with a bumper sticker that said “My labs are smarter and more lovable than your kids”. I see many such stickers all the time. I watch as families alight from their SUV’s and show no concern about where their toddler is as long as the straining dogs are safe. I have friends who whilst complaining about their own medical bills, will happily pay out $20,000 or more to treat their dog’s cancer. The trails I walk along often stink of dog excrement and almost all owners – and they dominate the trails – casually ignore signs that say that pets should be leashed at all times. Dog owners have become extremely assertive on behalf of their pets and consider them to be more important than children. Nothing should be denied these slobbering and smelly creatures. There is now an assumption, fostered by TV and magazines, that no home is complete without at least two dogs (to keep each other company, or a ‘his’ and ‘hers’ for the owners) and that any passing adult who does not wish to be sniffed around the crotch is anti-social. Asian women in the Bay area usually have two small poodles as a Fashion accessory. Often the husband is a third poodle. I understand why blind people, the old who are lonely and frail people who fear household invasions by young thugs, keep dogs. Dogs are surely the dirtiest animals, for like homosexuals and other sodomists they are greatly attracted to urine, fecal matter and the anal parts of their species. Dog mess on sidewalks, grass areas and trails are, like the dogs themselves, ubiquitous and I haven’t even mentioned the issue of peace and quiet spoiled by the incessant barking, or the dangers posed to children’s lives by many large breeds. If all this sounds like the griping of an emotional cripple, let me say that I love kids, and animals in general, especially wild ones, and all pets should be treated with appropriate kindness. But the contemporary obsession with dogs in the Western World is the other side of the coin of the catastrophic fall in birthrate of the First World and compelling evidence of a spiritual and moral decline. People, especially young affluent couples, are choosing dogs instead of having kids. I need not go into the material and psychological reasons, for they are obvious, but there is no substitute for parenting and for the commitment and affections required to raise and nurture the next generation of adults. The Muslims have this one right and they will soon replace us with their birthrate.

Whilst on the subject of Muslims (and of course the Media Class and its disinformation), here is one little example of the daily Media dishonesty. The WSJ, Wednesday June 2nd and its front-page ‘World-Wide’ column reported the following. “The Army psychiatrist accused of killing 13 people at Ford Hood made his first courtroom appearance and won a delay in the case.” On an inside page is another column. Neither column mentions that he is a Muslim and that religion was the motive for his ‘alleged’ killings. If he had been a Christian or a Right-winger, both columns would surely have led with the information.

I find it hard to raise any enthusiasm for the UK’s only Nationalist Party, the BNP. I have concluded that it should really be named the Nick Griffin Party, for it is all about him and his suffocating control that requires regular purges of activists. However, given that all the other UK Parties are filled with crooks and perverts who are protected by their Media Masters, there is no alternative but to visit the BNP website each day for some real news, especially as I mentioned Liverpool in connection with the untalented warbler and strummer Paul McCartney. Liverpool (for the benefit of non-UK visitors) is the armpit of England and is San Francisco without the historic charm and sparkling Bay. The BNP website reported last week that the annual Liverpool Military Show has been cancelled this year because the City Council (long dominated by extreme Leftists) has withdrawn its grant of 8,000 pounds (about $12000). This is the annual parade through the city of the military which no doubt is enjoyed by all normal people and patriots. The Council’s reason for stopping the grant is that the parade is “not diverse enough” .This is the same Council that has just given 80,000 pounds (about $120,000) of taxpayers money to the Liverpool Homotopia Fest and several other large amounts to international homosexual events. The organizers of the parade say they tried to meet the ‘equality and diversity standards” by including a transsexual soldier but this was not enough. The homosexual ‘community’ is surely the most affluent in the World and I frequently read about how the ‘pink dollar’ and ‘pink pound’ exert great influence in the business world, yet these sick people, who like dogs are turned on by a male anus, a dribbling penis and fresh excrement, are constantly receiving vast amounts of public money for their ‘Fests’. Isn’t the money from billionaires George Soros and Tim Gill and dozens of other wealthy Media people enough? Am I alone in regarding a parade containing a transsexual soldier to be evidence that the UK and its people have lost their marbles?

On this website we have frequently expressed sympathy for what happened to the Palestinians back in 1948 when they were used to absolve European guilt for the holocaust. Some 60 years later we say there is no turning the clock back and much water has flowed under the bridge of the Jordan River. Many Jews have been expelled from Arab countries to Israel and lost everything, many have fled Russia and many others have been born in Israel and would have no other home. Since 1948, the growth of Islamic Imperialism has turned the Middle East into a web of Nations hostile to the West and for better or worse we find ourselves on the same side as Israel. The 6 million Jews crammed between Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt are now also threatened by an unhinged leadership in Iran that is about to possess nuclear weapons. Probably the majority of Muslims in the Middle East and in the West would rejoice if Israel was wiped from the face of the earth, and the USA along with it. The Gaza strip is seething with Muslim fanatics, the same people who plant bombs in London buses, fly planes into New York buildings and blow up night clubs in Bali. The so-called peace flotilla of ‘activists’ that attempted to break the blockade of Gaza was, we all know, an aggressive act and had little to do with medical supplies and food. The Israelis did what they had to do and I wish they would stop apologizing and worrying about what the UN thinks. We will never know what ‘World opinion’ thinks, (how can we?) but we do know how the Media Class, despite being Jewish dominated, does all it can to shape world opinion with disinformation and anti-Israeli sentiment. The AP led with “International condemnation was swift and harsh” and this was repeated in every news headline all over the Western World. The Media Class never needs to meet in secret to hammer out an agenda and its hostile agenda towards Israel is always crystal clear. The motive for the agenda? I think it has something to do with using the Muslims to destroy the birthplace of Christ and the source of Christianity in Jerusalem. No doubt George Soros and many other secular Jews would be only too pleased about this along with all those Leftist same-sex marriage campaigners like Tim Gill, who will never feel normal until sodomy rules the world and Christians have been eradicated.

Meanwhile too many Christians have their heads buried in the sand and fail to see that their time is running out.

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