What Kind Of People Are They? – Part 1

On this website we believe that current US and UK political events and social trends can only be truly interpreted by recognizing that the Media Class holds power. Its power has been consolidating since the 1970’s, when entertainment and news became inseparable and television and the cinema industry tied the knot.

The Media Class continues to grow and prosper and has absorbed professional sport, the fashion industry and the Arts. We are witnessing a dynamic process that, unless checked, will continue to evolve. Mainstream political parties and many fringe ones are already in the service of the Media Class, as is Academia. Parties of the Right (Republican in the USA and Conservative in the UK) that are not willing to further the Media’s agenda are under relentless attack and their leaders are subjected to character assassination, whilst opportunists willing to abandon Party principles are given favorable publicity at all times. The Conservative Party in the UK, with its new leader, seems ready to capitulate, whilst George W Bush in the USA reels from one Media- created crisis to another. Fortunately in the US, Talk Radio and the Internet, safeguarded by the Constitution and a robust Christian movement, have not been silenced. Consequently conservative Republicans and other right-wing activists have not yet been denied a public voice and occasionally muster a counterattack.

The Media Class has generally concealed its exercise of power, allowing politicians, Leftist activist groups, union leaders and academics to promote its agenda with subtle Media support, but more and more, the Media people themselves have felt emboldened enough to take the microphone. Thus we increasingly see and hear “entertainers” espousing the political agenda of their Class and emerging publicly as the paymasters of “their” politicians.

Radical and Right can accept that one or another economic or cultural group always has the key role to play in shaping the direction of a society in a given period of history, and such groups bring good and bad baggage with them when they take power. Industrialists brought technological progress, manufactured goods for the masses, social mobility and other positive things as well as creating smoky, crime ridden cities, disrupting social and family ties, imposing repetitive, unhealthy work and other things that Dickens described so movingly. In time, the good outweighed the bad and we can now see that great progress for humanity was achieved, albeit at a cost.

So why should we not accept this new ruling class and await the benefits its rule will bestow? Well, for a start, history teaches us that ruling classes are not inspired by doing good for all, but by selfish motives and it is better that they meet resistance and their excesses curbed.

The Media ruling class most certainly merits resistance, since it brings no material benefits other than to entertain us. The industrialist class brought the spinning jenny, the steam engine, the railway network, the tractor, division of labor and much else, but other than fill our leisure time with passive distraction, what can the Media class give us that is good?

On this website we think it can and does give us much that is undesirable – propaganda disguised as news, propaganda disguised as entertainment, and a hidden social agenda that may prove to be destructive of our civilization. If, reader, you share our view that the Media Class is imposing its agenda, spare some time to consider from where this class is recruited and its history.

Hollywood and the cinema industry has played a key role in the evolution of the Media Class, so you need to know what kind of people inhabit Beverley Hills and make the films and documentaries you see at the cinema. After all, these, and people like them in television, the performing arts and the world of fashion, are our new rulers.

In a subsequent article, we will review some books, written by Hollywood insiders. They provide us with alarming insights into Hollywood and its people.

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