What Is Neo-Fascism?

A popular conservative website recently removed a reference to our website on the grounds that we were supporting a neo-Fascist political party. The article that prompted this action was our piece on the persecution of the British National Party and one of its members in Swansea, Wales.

We are disappointed that the website Free Republic should conclude that by opposing arbitrary persecution of a right-wing party and by defending the concept of political free speech, we are somehow pro- neo-Fascist ourselves.

For the benefit of all who visit us (pro and anti BNP are all welcome) let us assure you that neither Mr. Radical nor Mr. Right are members of the BNP, nor any other political party either in the USA or the UK. We haven’t yet found a party in either country that fits our political beliefs or is close enough to justify making the compromises that party membership requires.

To begin with, we believe that the current political landscape in both countries (and many other Western countries) can only be correctly interpreted by understanding that the Media Class has become the commanding driving force for social and political change. We see this class as being composed of people who work in the news services, mass entertainment, and the related industries of fashion, advertising and professional sport. Many of these people may not realize that they are part of a ‘class’, but they will instinctively share the beliefs of their class and further its interests. It is our view that the Media Class can make or break any politician and that the major political parties are inevitably forced to dance to its tune. We think that Big Business and the Trade Unions have to do the same.

We believe that the Media Class has an agenda that reflects the interests and appetites of its core constituencies. It is Leftist/Liberal (in the modern sense of ‘liberal’) and what might best be described as ‘permissive’.

We oppose the deliberate swamping of European countries through mass immigration and the systematic destruction of traditional Western values. In the case of the UK, we believe that the country is also becoming over populated by immigration.

We believe that in general, a free market economy is the most efficient economy and underpins a democratic, truly free and tolerant society.

We believe that the UK should have a written constitution like the US constitution and with similar core principles, including severe restrictions on State powers and the enshrinement of individual property rights and free speech. We support those in the US who believe that the wisely-conceived US constitution should be interpreted literally and strictly. We oppose the notion of a ‘living document’ open to modern interpretation.

We are not attached to any church or religion, but we believe that traditional Christianity has inspired the best things in the Western world and embodies the wisdom of centuries and needs to be defended against those who believe that morals are relative.

We are conservative in that we believe that it is dangerous when ruling cliques impose revolutionary social experiments on Nations

Does any of the above sound like Fascism or neo-Fascism? We absolutely reject the concepts of a Corporate State or a Theocratic State, or a Socialist State, but we do not believe that Nation States are now obsolete or likely to be in the near future, so we are not Libertarians either. Just for good measure we support the war against Islamic terrorism and believe that the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were justified and have kept the American people safer. The failures in the wars are the result of too much pandering to Media and Leftist criticism.

We have and will continue to advocate voter support for the BNP in the UK because it is the only Party that opposes further immigration, opposes remaining in the EU, and belonging to the UN and resists abandoning the native people and their culture. Whatever its origins, the BNP has become a constitutional Party and offers the British people the only opportunity to defend themselves. It has some backward economic policies that verge on autarchy, and we reject them. We reject the Party’s anti-Americanism, and silly Leftist-style accusations that the Bush Government is in thrall to either Zionists or Saudis, or that the Iraq invasion was all about oil. We are appalled at its calls for a return to nationalization programs.

However, the BNP is unfairly and illegally persecuted and because of this many good and sensible people are denied access to its policies or deterred from joining. The end of persecution would change the Party’s membership and some of its narrow reactionary views. This is not to discredit those who endure the persecution, but a Party that has to operate in secrecy and under constant siege cannot afford internal differences.

No matter how much we disagree with BNP policies, or for that matter with Far Left groups, we believe that free speech has to be defended at all times. Hardly neo-Fascist surely!

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