What is Class?

An American visitor to our website recently told me that he rejected the premise of it. Since I know he is a fiscal conservative and a supporter of the war against terrorism in Iraq, his opposition to our claim that the Media Class is now the ruling Class in the Western World, reminded me that (a) Most people do not understand the specific meaning of the word “class” in this context, and (b) Americans generally find the whole concept of “class” rather distasteful.

Unlike Europe, the USA is remarkably free of what the English would call “class consciousness”. Generally, speech, manners and dress do not set people apart or trap some into lower social and economic expectations. Race arguably may do this, but certainly not class background and the US is a better place for it.

In referring to “class” on this website, we use the term to describe a network of people who have a common economic interest which is distinct from other networks of people. We accept at least a part of the Marxian concept of “Class” and we believe that history has validated the idea that when such a class achieves a dominating power in a society it sets about altering that society, its laws and customs, to further its own interests. We say that it has an “agenda” and through this it begins imposing that agenda on society.

Our view is that the Media Class has aquired a dominating power in the US, the UK and many other countries. We believe the “class” includes those who own and are employed in TV, Motion Pictures, the Press and the closely inter-related industries of Advertising, Fashion, Entertainment (professional singers and musicians, artists, theater people etc) and Sport.

How this “class” evolved and more recently became dominant will gradually be described in future pieces, as will the “interests” which the “class” has brought with it and now seeks to impose on us all.

Our dissenting visitor argues that the Media is only biased in its treatment of news and politics because that is how the people who work in it percieve things and have been taught in their training. He maintains that reporters simply see some groups as victims who need justice. He thinks they may be wrong, but are only leaning in a certain direction and strongly rejects the idea that there is an agenda and that a powerful group of Media people get together to further it. On this website, we are not believers in a “conspiracy” theory of politics, though we think a case can be made (and we will make it in the future) that Media Class people are, like all previous ruling Classes, more integrated and connected and marching in lockstep, than most outsiders realise.

In the meantime, we ask you to read our daily take on politics, news and other events and see if you share our belief that it all becomes understandable once you accept that the Media Class is imposing its agenda.

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