What Happened to Dutch Courage

The fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on New York should be an event to unite the American people, indeed the majority of people in the world. All of us, except for the fanatical Muslim Imperialists, have reason to ponder the Twin Towers carnage and consider our own survival and future safety.

Unfortunately, instead of unity for survival, we have become divided within nations, whilst engaged in a war against murderous, brutal ideologues. Nowhere is this truer than in the USA, where Leftists, largely funded by George Soros, have taken over the Democrat Party and now use it to pursue the Media Class’ war against George Bush.

This past week, the US President (and presumably UK Prime Minister Blair, too) has been out giving speeches (all of them misrepresented or distorted by the media) to commemorate the fifth anniversary and to reinforce his and the US government’s determination to fight the war on terror in Iraq and elsewhere. What else would one expect from the President at this time? If he were to go into hiding or give speeches that evaded the war our troops are engaged in, he would surely be condemned and accused of neglect of duty.

Yet the response from the Democrats (orchestrated and amplified in every corner of the mainstream media) is that he is engaged in a cynical partisan political campaign ahead of the November elections. They are united in impugning his motives and crying “foul!” It is not fair to the Democrat Party, they scream, to talk about the 9/11 attacks. A TV series planned by ABC and examining the long run-up to the 9/11 attacks is also causing hysteria amongst the Leftists and their masters. Clinton and his allies at Move On.org are demanding that the series be pulled. ABC will almost certainly compromise or cave and one wonders how this media company miscalculated by putting the series together and running it at this time. One assumes that they did not see the implications of a truthful examination of the Clinton-era failure to re-act to the many attacks that presaged 9/11. For the Media Class and its Leftist foot-soldiers, the story book since Bush ordered the successful invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, is that Clinton presided over world peace and Bush has caused a world-wide war against the US and its people. Nothing must challenge that interpretation and neither should good news be reported from the battlefields.

How has it come about that a major political party has invested in the defeat of its Nation’s forces when the Nation is engaged in a war against a deadly foreign enemy? One can fairly easily explain why the extreme Left is willing to make common cause with revolutionary Islam. After all, Lenin and his Marxist Bolshevik Party worked for the defeat of their own Russian army in the war against the Germans in 1914/18. Their belief was that class loyalty and not national loyalty was all-important and that a military defeat would pave the way for a Communist-led social revolution in Russia and Europe. The ends justified the means. Their efforts were successful in Russia and almost succeeded in Germany and Hungary.

In the USA, UK and elsewhere in Europe, Leftists have long been making common cause with alienated minorities and particularly with militant Islamists. Marxist revolutionaries and their allies continue to use the Leninist playbook with little concern for the consequences, intended or unintended. No doubt, they and their temporary Islamic allies, each calculate that they will grab the advantage from each other once the old order has been overthrown. The reasoning of the less doctrinaire masses who march with them is unclear. One has to assume that they are the people swayed by the relentless propaganda of the Media Class.

Yesterday, I was reading a book review by Leon De Winter in the weekend Wall Street Journal. The book was “Murder in Amsterdam” by Ian Buruma and its contents are an attempt to explain the murder of Dutch film-maker Theo van Gogh, who was shot and stabbed to death in 2004. His killer was a radical Muslim who claimed to be outraged by van Gogh’s insults to Islam. Buruma is a Media Class insider, once a resident of Amsterdam but now living in New York and a professor of human rights and journalism at Bard College. He is also a frequent contributor to the New York Review of Books, so his liberal and Media Class credentials are impeccable. Buruma’s book looks at the permissive Dutch culture that now permeates Holland’s establishment and was the backdrop to van Gogh’s murder and arrives at the conclusion that the Dutch are to blame for the violence of Islamists. To quote De Winter’s review, Buruma ” closes his book with a few empty statements regarding the inevitability of Islam as a European religion and the obligations of Europeans to learn to be more accommodating”.

De Winter’s review is unwittingly informative about the Media Class in Holland. In response to the Buruma statement “It was not even permissible for newspaper reporters to mention the ethnic background of criminals for this would have revealed patterns that were better left unspoken”, De Winter answers “Who set such rigid limits? The answer is: Dutch newspapers and radio and television stations, almost all of them controlled by progressive journalists and commentators- in other words, members of Mr. Buruma’s professional cohort”.

The Buruma book also touches on the murder of Pim Fortuyn in 2002. Fortuyn, an openly homosexual politician who was campaigning on an anti-immigrant platform, was shot dead by a Leftist in Hilversum a few days before national elections. Fortuyn’s party was expected to win many seats from the socialist government and despite his assassination it did extremely well. Ever since that time, the late Fortuyn’s Party, like all nationalist parties in Western Europe has been persecuted by the Dutch government, the Dutch Leftist establishment and judiciary, and all with full support of the Media Class. Meanwhile the Islamic threat in Holland has grown ever more brazen.

I quote another passage by De Winter. “The Dutch media united against Fortyun when it became clear that his message about the dangers of Islamic intolerance was beginning to resonate with voters. A vicious campaign was mounted against him. Not long before Fortuyn was killed, NRC-Handelsblad, Holland’s paper of record, published an op-ed piece written by its editor-in-chief condemning Fortuyn as a racist and a fascist. Many in Holland began to feel that the press did not represent their views. By voting for Fortuyn the Dutch planned to protest the taboos of the political and media establishment”.

De Winter, and all those who reject our claim that the Media Class now rules should ask themselves why and how “the media” referred to by De Winter arrives at such a united viewpoint, translates it into a united agenda and exercises such influence over politicians. Furthermore, it surely cannot escape any thoughtful person’s notice that this pattern of media behavior is recognizable in the UK, Belgium, France Germany and of course the USA. Nowhere, except on our website, is there a convincing explanation of the phenomenon of media unity and power in so many countries.

I should not be too hard on De Winter, as his review is very informative and a step in the right direction. Like Bret Stephens who wrote such a good piece on the current Belgium political assault on free speech, he is employed at the WSJ and has to work with many Leftist Media Class colleagues. Perhaps we should not expect renegade members of the Media Class to go the whole nine yards in their thinking.

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