Weiner – More to Come?

The New York Congressman caught in a sex scandal is, up to the moment of my writing this article (Friday 10th June 10.30am), insisting that he will not resign. ‘Good news’ is my reaction! But first let me apologize for the title of this article. No pun intended! It is however almost impossible to write anything about this unfortunately-named far Leftist that does not produce a smutty double-entendre.

Wiener, who is Jewish and represents a predominantly Leftist Jewish Borough in New York (Queens), is reported to have the increasing support of his constituents – at least according to two opinion polls. I wonder about the interpretation of this polling for some of those polled might be supporting Weiner like a rope supports a hanging man. If I was asked about him I might say ‘he should not resign’ because as a conservative I prefer him to continue being a poster boy for the Democrat Party. I am sure many of the minority Republicans in Queens are making the same calculation. Still if 56% of Queens’ citizens are being reported correctly, there are indeed many Democrats who are not ashamed of their Congressman. One supportive Democrat voter was reported as saying that Wiener has fought energetically for and represents Liberal values. Amen to that for it tells us much about ‘Liberal values’. One ‘Liberal’ – and I prefer the more accurate word ‘Leftist’ – value is to lie without conscience in pursuit of a Leftist cause. The Leftist view about Wiener’s shameless lying is that since he ‘fights’ for the redistribution of other peoples money, supports same-sex marriage and abortion on demand, seeks the destruction of Christian morality, works for a Leftist judiciary that will at all times circumvent the Constitution, allocate vast sums of taxpayer money for AIDS research, works for diversification of the US population through illegal immigration and all the items on the agenda of the Ruling Media Class, he can and should lie to protect his influence over the American political system. As we always write on this website ‘For Leftists, the ends justify the means’.

Prior to the 2008 elections, Nancy Pelosi was given the Media microphone to denounce Republican scandals (mostly minor ones compared to subsequent Democrat scandals) and the Media enabled her to hang around the necks of the Republican Party the albatross of being responsible for a “culture of corruption”. The Media also presented her and her Leftist Party as the people who would ‘clean the swamp’ – I think those were her own words. So far she has passed over the crooked behavior of yet another New York Democrat Senator, has buried the financial scandal of a Californian (Black) Congresswoman and passed on Wiener. Meanwhile in Chicago the criminal trial has almost ended on a Democrat who allegedly tried to sell Obama’s vacated seat. The trial revealed the corrupt and thuggish nature of Democrat politics in Illinois. Barney Frank continues to strut around the House, seemingly fireproof no matter how many scandals connected to homosexuality threaten him. The Media ignores or plays down all Democrat scandals and amplifies all Republican ones for it is the main player in our political system and can make or break politicians.

Wiener’s scandalous behavior would never have reached the public but for the Internet and his own inept responses. Let us put aside for the moment his brazen lying and consider his sexual behavior. Recently married to a beautiful woman, it is hard (no pun intended) to imagine why this middle-aged man would want to be emailing sexually suggestive pictures of himself to a large number of young women who he knew only from Twitter. This is surely extremely bizarre behavior and the word ‘kinky’ comes to mind. Still, he is not alone in finding this exciting for at least some of the recipients also enjoyed the ‘experience’. So far, the pictures that have been released are suggestive rather than pornographic but it now seems likely that he has been emailing very explicit pictures too. Given that he is a US Congressman, extremely ambitious, deliberately high-profile (no pun intended), outspoken, and married to a woman with connections (Hilary Clinton and again no pun or accusation intended by the word ‘connected’), he might have been expected to rein in his very kinky compulsive behavior. Instead he has been reckless in the extreme and we can only assume that in his (Leftist and wealthy) social milieu uncontrolled bizarre sexual behavior is the norm and so he has been lulled into a false sense of security. More importantly, every Democrat is aware that the Media protects them at all times- at least until it is time-in the interests of the larger revolutionary Leftist agenda- to throw them to the wolves.

Ever since Bill Clinton inappropriately indulged his sexual appetite and then lied and got away with it, Democrat libertines and perverts must believe that they too can be reckless. It is our belief that the man in the White House is also a shameless liar, is recognized as such by comrades and is admired by them for his brazenness. Wiener, seen in this context, may well have assumed that he could walk the tightrope and not fall. Perhaps he still believes this, though we think he is miscalculating his chances of a fall, for if his comrades conclude that his scandals are not going away and are affecting Obama’s election prospects, the Media will run and run with his story and give him the unwelcome headlines that are normally reserved for luckless Republicans. It is our belief on this website that Wiener will be given an offer that he cannot refuse and will go. I expect him to use his wife’s alleged pregnancy as the excuse for an about face. He will claim that in her and the child’s best interests he is going to sacrifice his political career. The Media will then have Wiener amnesia and later he will be given a lucrative ‘job’ connected to Government until sufficient time has passed for him to become a TV Talk Show personality.

The issue of Wiener’s shameless lying is a separate one and it tells us much about the moral condition of the American people in this post Christian and new Media Class-ruled America that so many citizens would continue to vote for a caught-out brazen liar. In a sense, we are all victims when an elected politician lies. Wieners compulsive emailing of sexual messages to young female strangers is, on the other hand, a ‘crime’ without a victim, unless one considers his wife’s embarrassment. In this instance I find it hard to feel sympathy for Mrs. Wiener, a woman of the world, who must have known a lot about Wiener before she married him and who, in any case, leads a privileged and highly cushioned life. I doubt that she has had to claw her way to the top. Apart from the lying, the thing that should cause Wiener to resign is that he has, by having his kinky behavior revealed to the world, made himself and his supporters a laughing stock. Is it going too far to claim that Wiener has made the USA a laughing stock around the world? If Wiener had had the moral courage and Christian sense of shame to resign as soon as his obsession was uncovered he could have returned to the ranks of us ordinary people who know we are unfit to hold high public office. In the ordinary everyday world, those of us with a long life and hard won experience are aware that the guy next door, the boss at work, the cop in the patrol car or even a near and dear relative might have a suppressed private life that would be shameful and open to ridicule if made public. We avoid speculation and judgment as long as such things remain suppressed and private. Sodomy and all the other disgusting and unhygienic activities that are associated with homosexual sex come into this category. We all have to wipe our backsides but we tend not to think of others doing the same. Yet if our neighbor began wiping his backside in public he would open himself to ridicule. Most of us have skeletons in our pasts. Because of such things most people do not aspire to high public office and remain relatively humble. We should expect that those who seek to make our laws have practiced and will continue to practice higher standards of behavior than the rest of us.

Now that Wiener is out of the running for New York Mayor, it is widely rumored that Hollywood actor and vocal Leftist Alex Baldwin will be seeking the Democrat nomination. Readers of this website will not be surprised that ShowBiz Stars like Baldwin are increasingly moving from the stage to Government. Now that we are ruled by the Media Class it is but a small step from Hollywood to Washington. Some might think that Hollywood actors and Pop singers and strummers do not know enough to hold important jobs in Government but why should this matter? If Obama can be in the White House, strutting the world and pontificating in between rounds of golf, reading from a tele-prompter, making up facts as he goes along, committing endless gaffs that are erased by the MSM and then praised in the Media as the greatest President in history-well, any fool from Hollywood can succeed as a politician.

The Media is making much of the mini heat wave that last week affected the North East of the USA. The Ruling Media Class is trying, yet again, to prepare the ground for the man-made Global Warming scare that will enable the passing of legislation intended tol further enslave us all except our rulers. I saw no mention in the MSM of the continued cold weather that has gripped the West Coast for more than 18 months. This run of cool and wet weather must surely be record-breaking but will not be acknowledged by the experts and the MSM and on this website we know why. I also noticed that a report of the heat-wave in Philadelphia revealed how it had resulted in the thawing of a large pile of snow in a Supermarket parking lot!

For those who pay careful attention to the real news that is available on certain Internet websites, such as the (Christian) National Organization for Marriage, two important trends emerge. The first is the continued success of the defense of marriage campaign. When ever voters in a State get a chance to vote on stopping the legalization of same-sex marriage they defeat the hugely funded campaigns of our Ruling Class perverts- and do so with the odds stacked against them. The second trend is the increasingly open attack on Christianity and its followers. The attacks range from blatant, lawless and unpunished violence against any who attempt to publicly defend Christian values, to the suppression by bureaucrats and Judges, of Christian values in any public place or gathering. The MSM enables all these to pass under the radar so that the general public remains unaware and unconcerned.

I see that the British National Party has produced the next issue of its monthly newspaper, The Voice of Freedom. The last one seemed to me to be a failure, not because it lacked truth about things important to the British people, but because it mostly led with the wrong topics. The front pages were full of the Party’s victory in the Courts over the disgusting, tax-payer funded and lawless Commission for Equality and Human Rights that is led by Trevor Phillips, an immigrant. I can understand the BNP’s jubilation but most British voters will not be willing to grapple with this story, for the MSM has never reported it and so they will be largely ignorant of the saga that has crippled the BNP through two elections. The BNP has to decide whether this newspaper is aimed at Party members or the general public. If it is aimed at the latter, the editor needs to be focused and relegate to the back pages the stuff that only Party members will be familiar with. Here are a couple of suggestions to the editor. The first is to make continued immigration to an already overcrowded and increasingly impoverished island a main story. It doesn’t have to be racial, for overcrowding, as I discovered on a recent UK visit, is obvious to everyone. What about the propaganda slogan “Not Another One!” The second suggestion is to drop opposition to the Iraq and Afghan wars, for they were a response to terrorism in the West. Instead campaign against the NATO attacks on Libya which have no justification, are gaining momentum and scope and cannot be funded by a Nation in debt. The BNP website is also under-used and now rarely carries news of daily member/branch activities around the Nation.

Music Choice – Lee Morgan seemed destined to be the next great trumpeter after the tragic death of Clifford Brown in a car crash. Morgan unlike Brown was not a clean-living young Black American but he was a supremely gifted trumpeter and composer.

Unfortunately he was still young when dramatically shot dead on the bandstand by a spurned woman. Morgan, besides having an effortless technique on trumpet, liked to swing, could create exciting and appealing tunes and displayed a great sense of enjoyment in his solos. He also had the rare ability to play with a sense of humor. Everything he recorded was worth listening to but I particularly recommend a track that received little praise from critics, for it has humor, is foot-tapping and also features Wayne Shorter, a great tenor player before he embraced ‘cutting-edge’ jazz. The track is “Yes I Can, No You Can’t” from the album ‘The Gigolo’ 1965. The track also features a fun-filled solo on piano by Harold Mabern Jr. and the rollicking rhythm by two jazz masters, Bob Cranshaw on bass and Billy Higgins on drums. Turn on, tap your feet and enjoy some happy and intelligible music!

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