Wednesday’s Debate

For many on the West Coast the two debates came at a bad time despite being held in California. Presumably the timing was aimed at the East Coast audience. I only heard parts of each due to domestic (cooking) commitments.

Like many conservative/Nationalists I was hoping that Trump would emerge unscathed from what was clearly intended to be an ambush. It is rumored that the Republican Party bureaucracy had organized with some of the contestants a ‘Get Trumpy’ plan. It was also inevitable that the Media Class moderators running the debate would seek to both damage Trump and set the candidates against each other.

Several candidates, taking advantage of the Jake Tapper agenda of division, attacked Trump from the off. Fiorina and Bush were the most aggressive and Fiorina did some damage. She is emerging as a formidable candidate and it would be very entertaining to watch her debate Hillary on TV. She is bitchy, ruthless, well-prepared and someone I would sooner have on my side than against me. She made good use of Tapper’s help.

Trump was right the first time when he commented on her face!

Perhaps the lighting was unkind, for I don’t remember her looking so haggard and horsey in the first debate. This time I thought I detected many face-lifts over many years. It is not a face that will entrance voters but it might terrify them into supporting her. Trump revealed he is a bare-faced (no pun intended!) liar when he said she is a beautiful woman, but perhaps he was afraid she might kick him with her back legs. Having said that, she launched a great attack on Hillary and I will vote for her if she gets the nomination. She is better than any Democrat.

The Bush attack on Trump was pathetic and revealed his willingness at this stage to say anything to get a lift in the polls. I am glad Trump refused to apologize to Mrs. Bush, who he had never insulted. Of course a man is going to be influenced on immigration by his wife’s nationality! It was a cheap shot by Bush, using his wife, and it fell flat when Trump didn’t back down.

Despite the fact that most candidates fell into Tapper’s trap, I thought nearly all the candidates were better than in past election contests. Bush and Kasich (maybe Rubio) will betray the American people over borders if elected to the White House but all the others, including Rand Paul, seem genuine and better than any Democrat.

The Donald did not really hit the buttons this time but he did show that he can stand his ground against great odds. He is not one to wilt under pressure and he has a nice way of punching below the belt whilst seeming jovial. As President, he will surely stand up to foreign governments, get out among the American people and promote his policies with energy, and look after the interests of America’s working people.

I am not going to try to predict how last night will affect the opinion polls other than I don’t think Bush will reverse his decline. If Trump sticks to his stand on borders, illegal immigrants and a Nationalist agenda, he will be the right man for these times.

Fiorina has a friendly Media at this stage, but if she becomes the Republican choice, all that will change with a vengeance. The MSM will hang her past failures in business around her neck. One last thought. I would like to see Christie debate Biden and give him a dose of his own medicine.


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