We Really Can’t Wait

At the same time that the Media Class assumed political power, so technology began to provide the means to challenge its supremacy. Our website is an example of how the internet enables ordinary people to exercise free speech and to provide news that the Media Class would ignore or distort.

The insurrection by immigrant minorities in France is being covered and conveyed around the world by citizens who have no agenda apart from telling the truth. We can see images that the Mainstream Media would prefer not to reveal, and without the propaganda and spin about poor, desperate people denied justice.

I use the description “insurrection” deliberately. Surely the racial rioters in France and elsewhere in Europe earn the right to be dignified by the term “insurgents”? The Media insists on using the term for the terrorists in Iraq, and what is the difference here?

For another example of the opportunity to see real news via the internet, I recommend visiting Michelle Malkin’s website 1 for a link 2 to pictures and reporting of the demonstration in San Francisco on November 2nd, organised as part of “The World Can’t Wait”. See for yourself the kind of people who turn up for such events, the slogans that they unite behind, and learn about the revolutionary Leftists who do the organising.

Mainstream Media reporting always sanitises such events so that they acquire a certain respectability, but in this instance someone with a camera and a computer has done what honest reporters would do if the Media was not pursuing an agenda. The mindless crowd who are captured on camera with their slogans, are the soft underbelly of Western Society. They are wonderfull fodder for the Media Class and can be relied on to mount street events for the benefit of the cameras. (Yes! Cindy was there!) Many of their protests are a kind of street theater, and one gets the impression that they exist in a world of make-believe. Their childish slogans, extrovert acting-out, hysterical hatred (of Bush, for example) and Bohemian dress all demonstrate a kinship with the Arts and Hollywood world.

They would be simply pathetic in a less dangerous world. Unfortunately, this is a dangerous world and these people and their Media string-pullers lead our enemies to believe that we are a society of perverts and lunatics about to disintegrate. The insurgents in France already see they can claim the streets of major cities as the government (sic) attempts to buy them off. And the insurgents in Iraq would be led to believe that we have no stomach for a fight. Who can blame them with a Media Class taking their part?

1. Michelle Malkin Archive November 2005
2. Zombietime’s coverage of the rally San Francisco 2 November 2995

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