Waterloo! For Obama or for his Media Masters?

A Republican Senator, Jim DeMint, has earned some Media notoriety for his suggestion that the pending Health Care Bill could be Obama’s Waterloo. This has upset not only the sensitive Obama but also his Media sponsors and DeMint has been summoned to various TV ‘News’ programs to be grilled and accused. As DeMint has taken the time to read most if not all of the Bill, he has been able to stay on the offensive, for his Media attackers have not read the Bill. It is enough for them that Obama is nailing his colors to it. The attackers have fallen back on heated accusations that DeMint is simply anti-Obama and for this reason would be delighted to see the Bill fail to get through Congress. We should not be surprised that Media people automatically reduce this to a clash of personalities when in fact the Bill is a huge spending Bill with enormous consequences for Health Care, for the American people and for the further encroachment of Government into the people’s lives. Mainstream Media (MSM) people are clearly incensed that anyone should dare to oppose their man in the White House, impede his program and worse still expose his vulnerabilities.

As we have argued many times on this website, the Media Class selected, sponsored and elected Obama into the White House. It also guaranteed he had an over whelming Democrat majority in Congress. He and his Party were not selected by the Media Class because their policies might be beneficial for the American people or because they were good and able politicians, but because they were opportunists of very limited abilities and had Leftist inclinations. They could be relied upon to promote and implement (at any cost) the revolutionary Media Class agenda, most of which is about social/moral issues and which some have called the ‘Culture War’. Since the revolutionary agenda does not yet command the support of the majority of the American people, and since the Media Class by its very nature is consumed with the short term, it is necessary to gain control over the judicial processes, put the US economy (and hence its people) under Government control as quickly as possible and suppress political opposition. These are big challenges for the Media Class but then, a revolution is never easy. It is best achieved with speed, a minimum of debate and with policies that, once implemented, deprive the opposition (the majority of the people) of any power. Hence the torrent of policies that will generate mind-boggling Government debt, precludes debate and transfers power from the people to the State.

Does anyone seriously believe that Obama, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid et al understand the nuts and bolts of the Bills they are promoting with maximum haste? The Bills are not intended to solve the problems they claim to address but rather to change forever the economic and political landscape. Unfortunately for the Media Class masters, the very qualities that made Obama and his Democrat colleagues attractive to them carry liabilities too. Obama is not knowledgeable enough to freely debate opponents or speak off the cuff. Senator Jim DeMint could surely demolish Obama in a televised debate about the Health Care plans but the MSM would move Heaven and Earth to prevent such a debate and Obama is at least smart enough to know that he needs Media protection at all times. In any case the Health Bill itself cannot survive public debate. It has to be rushed through Congress unhindered by examination.

The problem for Obama and his Media masters is that some Democrat Congressmen from ‘socially backward’ States do not properly understand the strategy and the agenda and are hindering the speed of the legislation. It is obvious to all observers that every day of delay and every subsequent examination of yet another detail nurtures opposition to the Bill amongst the American people. If the Bill should fail it will be a massive blow to Obama’s reputation for he has been portrayed by the Media Class as a superman. Worse still, although he is little more than an actor speaking his lines and acting a part created by his Media masters, he appears to believe he and his role are one and the same. If Obama crashes, the Media Class has the same problem that confronted all the Kings horses and King’s men when Humpty Dumpty fell off his wall. Obama’s fall would bring the Media Class agenda crashing with him and revolutions must sustain momentum to be successful. The Media Class and its man in the White House will attempt any and every thing to drum the hesitant Democrats into line and to avoid that Waterloo.

One of the Media Class arguments being used against Obama’s opponents is that they are distracting attention away from the big challenges that face the Nation. This is a curious argument coming from Media people who are obsessed with pushing through same-sex marriage. Never a day goes by without another article, TV program, Hollywood film or Leftist-sponsored legal initiative to push this agenda item to the forefront. On Monday 20th July a large op-ed piece appeared in the Wall Street Journal that had no connection to any news item or to the Journal’s ostensibly conservative agenda. It was written by David Boies whose claims to fame are that he legally represented Al Gore against George Bush in the 2000 Presidential election, is defending Michael Moore, the Leftist film maker of Leftist propaganda ‘documentaries’, and is a rich celebrity. Boies has no attachment to conservative, Christian or moral beliefs for he has been divorced twice and married three times. His second marriage resulted from having an affair with his college professor’s wife though he found something better in due course and divorced her.

One would have to know more about Boies’ private or business life to explain why same-sex marriage has become a pressing cause for him but his WSJ article reveals that he and Ted Olsen, another celebrity lawyer, are working to overturn California’s Proposition 8. This is the Proposition recently passed by Californian voters that rejects the grotesque concept of marriage between two people of the same sex. Boies in the WSJ article attempts to frame the debate as one simply of a Constitutional right denied. He knows better of course but carefully avoids all the ramifications of the legalization and normalization of this perversion. I have yet to read any refutation of the argument that same-sex marriage inevitably opens the door to polygamy, group marriage, and man/animal marriage. Nor has anyone been able to refute the claim that legalization will lead to compulsory homosexual indoctrination in schools and the criminalization of anti-sodomy speech and literature. Indeed the whole homosexual campaign for marriage rights is bogus and merely a step towards the imposition of homosexuality on all. Boies knows this and like all such campaigners is using marriage as a means to a wholly more radical end.

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