Washington Post Polls Today: Trump Up In IA, OH, FL, NV

According to the Washington Post’s latest national opinion poll, Hillary Clinton is leading Donald Trump by 9 points. This lead, and several other MSM-reported large national leads for Clinton in heavily-publicized polls, indicate that the campaign is virtually over, and Clinton has the keys to the White House.

On this website, and only this website, we have long maintained that the Mainstream Media – the perverted voice and awesome weapon of our new Ruling Media Class – peddles nothing but propaganda, and is the enemy of the American people. It follows that opinion polls funded by the Media are an integral part of their election campaign and no more honest than their News and Entertainment.

The big national leads reported for Clinton may be accurate but are far more likely to be disinformation intended to depress Trump support and encourage Clinton support. So what to make of the four results the WaPo has reported today for Iowa, Ohio, Florida and Nevada? These give Trump leads of 5, 3, 2, and 4 respectively in States that are vital to both sides and were Obama victories in previous elections.

It is possible that the WaPo is playing some sophisticated game of deceit. Or it is possible that the State results are more honest reporting that can be buried by the national headline. After all, only the already-committed look beyond the headlines.

The recent headlines of the lying MSM would also have us believe that Clinton is poised to take Texas, Arizona, Georgia and Utah, and has Colorado, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Virginia in the bag. Yet today’s LATimes tracking poll has both candidates tied, the most recent Reuters/Ipsos poll has Trump up 25 in Texas, and today’s Investor’s Business Daily poll has Trump 41.3 and Clinton 40.


_________________________________________ Trump 41%

________________________________________ Clinton 40%

________ Johnson 8%

______ Stein 6%

All we can conclude from a cautious examination of the polls is that, like everything else in today’s Revolutionary America, the truth is buried and propaganda is King. The facts that cannot be challenged are, that the MSM is controlling and corrupting the news that most people are fed, that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is limited to her debate appearances, that Donald Trump is campaigning flat out in battleground States, and that he continues to draw massive over-flowing crowds at every rally.

Yesterday, we drew attention to the deserter Paul Ryan, who many say ‘sucks’. Today we draw attention to another ‘suck-up’, ambitious Marco Rubio. He is getting the MSM’s star treatment for ‘warning’ Republicans not to talk about the WikiLeaks revelations of Media/Democrat collusion. This Nationalist campaign of Donald Trump’s, has uncovered and laid bare so many yellow-bellied traitors in our midst. What does the MSM have on Rubio? It must be something very nasty!

There are rumors on the Internet that Julian Assange has been snatched from Ecuador’s embassy in London by the Obama government, and has been flown to the USA. We live in Revolutionary times, so it would not be surprising if this has happened. He always looked extremely vulnerable, for Ecuador is a small country, not one committed to freedom, the UK elite is not Trump-friendly, and a ruthless American government is in a position to effectively bully a South American State.

On this website we would not be shocked if Assange has been spirited to America and enjoys the same fate as Seth Rich. For those with very short memories, Seth Rich was the young Democrat activist who was murdered on a Washington DC street in the early hours during the Democrat Convention. It is likely that poor Mr. Rich had been leaking Democrat Party secrets to Assange.

On this website we are not conspiracy addicts, but just occasionally people who might be a nuisance to the Clintons, experience untimely ends. The death of Mr. Rich -a Democrat, no less! – on a Washington DC street has not only resulted in no arrests but even more significantly has been as forgotten by the MSM as the accountability of Brendan Bostian. We leave it to our visitors to fathom our reference to Mr. Bostian.

There was a time when we swallowed the MSM/Government’s character assassination of Julian Assange as a traitor to the Western World and a fugitive rapist wanted by Sweden’s Government. We are a little wiser now and not only do we not believe he is a Russian agent but we are sure he is a David who has been fighting the Goliath of the Obama/Clinton regime. We hope he is alive and well in the London embassy and will continue to lift the lid on the Democrat Party’s cess pit.

We doubt Donald Trump will have Hillary Clinton on the ropes tonight. Too much is stacked against him and he is not a seasoned political fighter. If he is still standing when the final bell goes and has landed a few good punches, he will have done well. He is a hero for simply getting into the ring on behalf of the real American people. Good luck, Donald! And Thanks!

Every late summer in the local State Parks in California, the rangers and the Fire Department deliberately burn large areas to remove ‘invasive species’. Would any website visitor care to name some human ‘invasive species’ that don’t belong in the USA? If its good practice for the Parks it must be good for the Nation!


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