War In January?

Obama has been busy stacking his first Administration with Clinton veterans and the Media is congratulating him for opting for people with experience and for not putting Left extremists in his Defense and Foreign policy teams. Even Republican commentators have been expressing relief. So far though, the Far Left activists who did so much to help his election have not complained much about betrayal. Is this because they know a nod and wink when they see one or don’t they care about Peace once one of their own is in the White House? My own best guess is that Obama is a man who believes only in his own progress to the top and that he has used Leftists as suckers. He will now be an Establishment man because he has gained entry to the Establishment. The Left suffers from careerists just like the Right, though I think the Right gets many more of them. Ultimately, we will have to wait and see with Obama because he has been a master at inventing his own history. The Birth Certificate issue is a fine example of his ability to cover his trail for despite the best efforts of the Mainstream Media to dismiss this as nonsense a close study of the facts reveals that he has not proved his American citizenship at birth. Why he does not squash the charges by producing a proper Birth Certificate with details of the hospital etc is highly suspicious. Needless to say, if he were a Republican the MSM and the Courts would be engaged in a frenzy of investigations and charges.

The American Media has selected a man who not only might not be legally eligible for his job but who was cavalier about foreign affairs and defense throughout his campaign. When he was not being cavalier he was pandering to his ‘peace’ base activists. The problem with foreign affairs is that they are foreign and not domestic. This means that they are, even more than the economy, beyond control. In other words foreigners control them and some of those foreigners are enemies with agendas that are centered on their own ambitions. These enemies have known where they are over the last seven years with the Bush Administration and they must have calculated that Bush might welcome the chance to go out in a blaze of glory with all guns firing – literally. Here are four danger spots where war may erupt in January when the slick-talking but shallow-thinking and inexperienced Obama moves into the White House.

There are many powerful Chinese Generals and some Peking politicians who are irredentist. This is the word for those who yearn to reclaim ancient territories. Taiwan’s independence infuriates such people and they ache to fly the Chinese flag over the Island that was formerly Formosa. They know that time is not on their side for the longer Taiwan remains independent the more the world forgets that it was once Chinese. If I were those irredentist Generals I would consider January 2009 a not-to-be-missed opportunity for a swift invasion across the narrow straits that separate the Island from the mainland. My calculation would be that President Obama would bottle out.

The North Korean leadership is both desperate and deranged and only the presence of US troops in South Korea (as a symbol of Washington determination) has prevented its powerful army from re-opening the Korean War. North Korea may not be able to feed many of its people but it has gained access to atomic weapons and it knows that the Japanese will soon become a regional military presence again. January presents an opportunity to strike south and reunite Korea with one swift blow, providing there is an empty suit in the White House. Perhaps Obama will not be an empty suit but who could blame North Korea’s crazy leaders for thinking he is?

Vladimir Putin is clearly enraged by the moves towards real independence by the several former USSR colonies on Russia’s borders, especially Georgia and the Ukraine. If he once thought he could subvert them with oil revenues, he now knows differently. He has no fear of the parasitic and gutless EU and may now assume that Obama is cut from the same flimsy cloth. I would not want to be on his hit list in January if I lived in either state. However the danger of war in Eastern Europe is as nothing to the situation that has developed between Israel and Iran. I do not believe the crazy fanatics in Teheran are quite ready for war yet but the Israelis do not have time on their side and surely no Israeli will want to depend on an Obama Administration for future security. Will the Israelis launch an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities in January and if so what will Obama do? Everyone knew what a Bush Administration would do and sometimes it is certainty that keeps the peace. It may not only be the economy that will test President Obama as soon as he takes office. The Media Class promoted him to the White House because it has only ever been interested in furthering its social agenda. It cared nothing about his fitness for leading the free world, instead being obsessed with issues like abortion-on-demand and same-sex marriage. What else should one expect from a ruling Class that is rooted in Hollywood, in glossy magazines, Fashions and in the bath houses of San Francisco?

Conservatives will breathe a sigh of relief about the election result in Georgia (USA) yesterday. The Republican victory was solid and likely owed something to the last day campaigning by Sarah Palin. One ‘Republican’ who will not be pleased is the columnist Peggy Noonan who has been getting leg tingles from Obama. For reasons we can all guess at, she is one of the Washington/New York Old Guard who is outraged by Sarah Palin and the ‘Religious Right’. I thought Palin had probably had enough after her MSM treatment in November but she is on the warpath. Seems like she is made of sterner stuff and has what it takes to stand up to the Media Class. Let us hope so for the Right desperately needs some fighters who are not knocked off course by Media scribblers.

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