Wall Street Journal Is Part Of Lying Media Class

The Wall Street Journal is referred to by Media commentators as a conservative newspaper. On this website we frequently point out that apart from the Op-Ed pages, the WSJ is just as dishonest as the rest of the Mainstream Media (MSM). Even the Op-Ed pages are gradually moving Left with the inclusion of the Pseudo-intellectual pygmy Thomas Frank and that shaky old voice from the past, Peggy Noonan. It is sometimes difficult to hang on to the notion that just about everything we read, see or hear in the Media is tainted, for the illusion of objectivity is created by there being so many outlets and voices, all seemingly competing to bring us the truth. For those who really want to learn the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, these are testing times, for the Media Class is now so powerful and its command of the public arena so total that truth is like the fugitive who gets branded Public Enemy Number One.

Nothing better illustrates this than the issue of Obama’s citizenship. Only on a few Talk Radio programs and a handful of websites on the Internet is it possible to find by diligent searching some of the basic facts underpinning this hugely important topic. Free Republic has allowed its site to regularly cover the arguments of the skeptics and credit must go to Brian Sussman of KSFO for his willingness to patiently lay out the facts on several occasions. On this website we consider Obama to be either an empty suit who has been promoted and protected by the rich and powerful of the Media Class, or a slick and calculating opportunist who has ridden his luck to office. He could be both of course. Then again, he could be the Manchurian candidate that some on the outer fringes of the conservative movement allege. Time will tell but his manipulation of his own history and his suppression of the facts of his past should ring alarm bells for anyone who wants facts and cares about the Constitution and the legitimacy of the US President. At this point in time only Obama and his closest associates know if he is eligible to be President and that surely is not good enough. Leftists and those in the Media Class who are imposing a social revolution on the USA will say what does it matter if he is constitutionally ineligible? Silly rules from the ancient past cannot be allowed to stand in the way of creating a new and progressive society. Those of us who are counter-revolutionaries, and that is the majority of the American people, should care.

At the moment we do not know where Obama was born, or whether he was registered as a US citizen or the citizen of another country. If he now produced a full birth certificate that showed the address of his birthplace (hospital or domestic address) the name of the doctor who delivered him and the usual details that all full birth certificates contain, then we would know if he was born eligible to be a US citizen. This would be a good starting point though it would not tell us if his father, a citizen of Kenya, chose to register him as a citizen of another Nation. No-one disputes that his mother was a US citizen and no-one disputes that his father was not. What we know is that the State of Hawaii holds a Certified Copy of his birth certificate, for Hawiian Officials have confirmed this whilst omitting to say if that certificate confirms his U.S. citizenship at birth. Obama has taken the unusual step of sealing his birth records and also almost every other record of his early years. The MSM, when it has deigned to mention the legal challenges that some skeptics (ironically mostly Democrat supporters of the Clinton camp) have mounted, has chosen to engage in double-talk and tar the challengers as extreme conservative kooks who cannot accept his election victory. The uniform MSM line, no matter who is the reporter, begins by claiming that Obama has produced a full birth certificate and that it has been inspected for forgery by neutral experts. None of this is true. Obama has spent at least $500,000 and used three major law firms to resist coming clean. Judges, in dismissing the challenges have not examined any evidence but resorted to the argument that the challengers have no legal standing because they “have no direct interest” or cannot show they suffer explicit harm. I am deliberately not using legal language here. These reasons for denying citizens the right to question his eligibility to the highest office in the land seem to smack of evasion and the use of technical chicanery. As far as I am aware, not one single MSM source has investigated the facts of Obama’s birth or called for an independent investigation, yet Obama’s singular birth circumstances (and I sympathize that they are not of his choosing) surely cast doubt over his eligibility unless supported by cast-iron evidence. If we add to the background of this man that he went to a Muslim school in Indonesia, a country that does not allow dual citizenship, we have to ask why the demand for proof is a fringe activity. The answer, of course, is that the ruling Media Class will go to any lengths to protect its appointee.

I said earlier that the Media Class has such power that we can trust no source that emanates from it. Rush Limbaugh, a man who contributes much to the conservative cause through his radio program, is nevertheless a creature of the Media. There are certain topics that he cannot cover with honesty. He has already discovered that one remark on race was enough to have him booted off a TV sports program. Rush steers clear of homosexual issues on his daily program. He knows that those who control his airwaves will tolerate no criticism of their agenda of sodomy normalization. More interestingly, he has so far avoided taking up the issue of Obama’s citizenship. I understand that he might not want to take sides in case Obama is playing games and really has a full US birth certificate, but not to cover the issue at all? Most other conservative commentators who get income from appearing on TV programs have also sidestepped the issue. I wonder why? The truth (no pun intended) is that those of us who want the truth, devoid of partisanship, can trust no Media outlet and no Media person on any issue.

It is a dispiriting business trying to reveal to the world the root cause of Media propaganda. To claim that this website is the David confronting Goliath is to greatly exaggerate our resources. David did have his supporters and he was allowed on the battlefield. This website is a lone voice and the duplicity of the Media reaches to every corner of communication and every topic. Here is just one example of that duplicity from this week’s WSJ. It is an article by Alistair MacDonald (based in London) and headed “U.K. Cuts Immigration As Economy Slows”. The long article begins by claiming that the U.K. Government is implementing measures to cut immigration but before long MacDonald is cherry-picking individual immigrant profiles to ‘prove’ that the Government’s measures are both damaging to the economy and harsh. I never cease to marvel at the ability of reporters to find obscure individuals in order to make the Media Class case and yet they can never find a single member of the masses who might have a different point of view. Presumably, MacDonald lives in London, yet he has never been out and about in Dagenham to get a viewpoint about immigration. I mention Dagenham in East London for a reason I will return to later. MacDonald mentions that England is about to become the most densely populated country in Europe (and I believe the fourth in the world) thanks to immigration alone. He then writes, “While anti-immigration parties have never been a force in U.K. politics as they have in other European countries … more mainstream politicians are asking why the U.K. is admitting so many immigrants.” He cites the Conservative Party as advocating new policies to restrict immigration and also later refers to “The once-taboo subject has even been raised in the left-leaning ruling Labour Party”.

I cannot do justice to the dishonesty of this article, yet it is par for the course all across the Media and even on most web sites, including those said to be conservative. Firstly, the Government in the UK is doing nothing to restrict immigration unless anyone counts window dressing. Secondly, there is no possible ‘in the national interest’ defense for the policies that have resulted in this tiny island becoming densely populated. The ordinary British people have not benefitted one iota from immigration, nor were they ever consulted about it. Many have suffered greatly from crime, loss of identity, loss of community, higher taxation to subsidize immigrants, and now loss of free speech. Quite a few have lost their lives as a result of immigration. I could list the special interests that have benefitted but any reader will already know most of them. MacDonald refers to the ‘once taboo subject’ as though this taboo arose from some popular consensus. The taboo status was imposed on the British people by the Media and the politicians it promoted to office and it is still very much in force. Indeed it is a taboo that is being reinforced by the day. That the two main political parties sometimes mention immigration is only because they seek to keep control of the issue, for lurking in the background is a Party that is totally opposed to immigration (and several other issues that the Leftist Media Class promotes) and it grows at the grass roots. Unless it also is treated as a taboo it will overwhelm the other Parties, for it voices the true feelings of the majority of intimidated British people. MacDonald knows very well that the British National Party is a force and he is part of the Media conspiracy that is determined to give the Party no publicity. When the Party has to be mentioned, usually at a local level, the Media seeks to demonize it by every means. Party members are banned from many employments such as the police, Fire Service, teaching, the Prison Service and Government. Mere sympathizers are sought out and hounded from employment and others are subjected to physical assault and their homes vandalized by Leftist thugs. The Media treats all this as taboo, also. I invite any reader to visit the BNP website (which incidentally gets more visits than all the other Party’s websites combined) and learn the truth that the Media will not tell you.

On this website we have many criticisms of the BNP’s policies, its undemocratic organization and the occasional suppression of truth on its website, but its failings and deceits are as nothing when compared to those of the MSM and the other political parties. Alistair MacDonald will not go to Dagenham or Stoke or Burnley to get quotes from native British people, for these are towns where the BNP is no longer intimidated and people on the street might give him some quotes that do not suit his and his master’s playbook. Unfortunately, it is not only the MSM that makes the BNP (and the truth) taboo. I doubt that Rush Limbaugh will ever mention it when talking about British politics, nor Michelle Malkin nor any other conservative commentator. Free Republic censored Radical and Right for mentioning the BNP favorably in a blog. As with all such censorship, the censors never come clean, for who voluntarily admits to suppressing the truth. There is however only one reason that truth is suppressed and that is fear. Limbaugh may fear that he will lose his program if he ventures into the Obama birth issue and Malkin may fear that she will get no more invitations to Fox News or where ever. British politicians and the MSM fear that the British people only need a spark on the immigration issue in order to explode. The Free Republic website may be dominated by Jewish conservatives and they always fear European nationalism and its past associations with Nazi ideology. Leftists fear conservatism, the traditional family, the traditional Christian Churches and individual freedom for all these obstruct their assumption of power. Well, on this website we do not fear the truth and consequently we remain a small lone voice.

The news from Europe’s Media is as dishonest as the American variety. This is particularly true of the news emanating from Greece and Spain where riots are taking place nightly in many big cities. What the Media Class does not want Americans to know is that immigration is at the root of the violence. As unemployment begins to follow the economic crises, so the fractures in Europe’s weakest links begin to show. Many of the rioters are the North Africans, Africans and Pakistanis who have taken over inner city areas and who are fodder for the young revolutionaries spawned by Leftist educational propaganda. The new Europe, created by rich elitists and the Media Class, will not survive a depression for even a few months. It took several years for the old homogeneous nations to turn to violence in the 1930’s but today’s multi-racial tinderboxes will explode within months. The millions of poor Third World peoples who have been encouraged to invade Europe looking for work and welfare will be the victims unless the elites summon the determination to suppress the native peoples. People in the US will be shocked by the fragility of Europe for the Media has deliberately concealed the hostility of the native people to mass immigration.

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