Walker Walks the Walk

It appears that Scott Walker’s withdrawal from the Republican Primary contest came as a shock to some of his allies and many commentators. To this writer, the only surprise so far is that more candidates have not joined him in departure.

Walker was a genuine candidate. When he first announced his candidacy he had grounds to believe he could win. His record as Governor of Wisconsin and his re-election victories secured against the Public Service Unions, Wisconsin’s Leftist Judiciary, the Media and the Red mobs, gave him much publicity among Republicans and a deserved reputation as a hero of ‘Right to Work’ Conservatives.

His televised speech to supporters after his third Wisconsin win was spontaneous and pertinent. He reminded everyone just how much violence had been threatened by Red Mobs against himself and his extended family. He had remained resolute. Wisconsin has been fortunate to have him as a Governor.

Yet despite his record of courage and tenacity, Walker’s demeanor and speech content on the stage did not match his fighting record. With his wife and children beside him he referred to his Faith and many homely things. It only needed a dog to complete the picture of a conventional Republican candidate for a local election. His sad expression, lack of fire and gentle manner never conjured up an image of a warrior who had endured a baptism of Far Left fire.

In the subsequent primary debates he has again seemed meek. His face has an even weaker and less experienced appearance than that of Ted Cruz. In the past, before TV was the medium of mass communication, such superficialities would not have mattered. Now they matter very much. But Walker also failed to identify himself with the big issues. The Right to Work is a worthy conservative issue, and especially relevant in those States where Public Service Unions own the legislatures, but we live in Revolutionary times where the very existence of our Nation State is under threat. Walker never seemed big enough to save the Nation.

Governors Jindal, Kasich, Christie and Huckabee each also had reason at the start to think he might have more than an outside chance of getting the nomination. Christie, in television debates, has the assertive, tough-guy presentation that Walker lacks, but his resume in New Jersey cannot match Walker’s achievements in Wisconsin or his integrity. The dismal poll figures for each of them suggests that he would be wise, like Perry and Walker, to drop out. Jindal will surely be next!

Bush, Cruz, Paul, Fiorina and Rubio are, for differing reasons justified in thinking they might yet succeed. The rest – Pataki, Graham, Santorum and Gilmore- were never serious candidates to start with and presumably entered out of vanity or for the publicity.

This leaves Ben Carson, who has emerged out of the pack as a serious candidate and challenger to Trump. We must assume that Carson has an inner strength and conviction that allowed him to believe he had a chance at the beginning, even when no-one else believed he did. That inner strength is increasingly revealing itself as the campaign proceeds. His most recent ‘controversial’ assertion that a commitment to Islam should preclude a citizen from becoming President, has placed him squarely in the sights of the MSM, CAIR, Leftists and collaborators like Tippy-toes. It has also served to reveal Fiorina as an opportunist in search of MSM approval.

His refusal to retract in the face of a MSM-manufactured storm has cemented his growing reputation for being his own man, resolute under fire and not a pawn of Big Money. Whether or not he realizes it, his assertion that a committed Muslim has no place in the White House, amounts to asserting that committed Muslims are unfitted to be American citizens. If he comes out as an opponent of Obama granting asylum to Syrians, he will gain more support from the Right and more vitriol from the Left.

Meanwhile the polling evidence suggests that Trump’s support is solid despite MSM reports to the contrary. The latest poll from Florida carried out by Florida Atlantic University puts The Donald on 31.5%; Rubio on 19.2%; Tippy-toes on 11.3%; Carson on 10.3% and Fiorina on 8.3%. Florida is home territory for Rubio and Tippy-toes, yet Trump remains well ahead.

——————————– Donald Trump 31.5%

——————- Marco Rubio 19.2%

———– “Tippy-toes” 11.3%

———- Ben Carson 10.3%

——– Carly Fiorina 8.3%

In yesterday’s article we pointed out how Media Class members Jake Tapper and F. Chuck Todd used their MSM power to place Trump and Carson in the defendants’ dock, chose the charges, (bigotry/Islamophobia) and acted as Judge and Jury. Americans have become so used to this Reporter/MSM power that few question its implications. Here we have two unelected Media people, parading their Far Left political views in the process of subjecting two aspiring Presidential candidates to a public trial.

Clearly the intention was to convict and destroy two men who the Media Class and its Leftist allies fear, and intend to take out of the Republican contest in its early stages. This is how, over decades, the Media Class has purged social conservatives from the Democrat Party, the Unions and public life. In more recent times the same techniques have disqualified conservatives from gaining office. Examples include Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin and many jurists.

The MSM power runs even deeper, for the ‘charges’ that are made frame the public’s unconscious view of what is morally acceptable and what has become ‘beyond the pale’. A climate of opinion is thus created that moves us all further and further to the immoral and to the Left. Tapper and Todd’s charges may not have destroyed Trump and Carson but they have reinforced the popular perception that resistance to the invasion of an alien people is bigoted, driven by hatred instead of a rational fear, and other ugly motives.

When conservative politicians are placed in the dock and charged by MSM reporters with opposition to SSM, homosexuals in the military, transvestite teens choosing toilets, and other perverted behaviors, the climate of opinion is cleverly shifted. The same is true when MSM reporters place opponents of immigration in the dock and instantly frame the issue as one of humanitarianism versus heartlessness.

In the past on this website we have brought to attention some of the disgusting practices that are part and parcel of homosexual life. Description of the practices, and approval of them, can be found in homosexual literature. We mentioned ‘water-sports’, ‘cottaging’ and ‘rimming’. Recently on the Free Republic site we discovered one that must have evolved in recent times. It is called ‘felching’. We will not go into detail on this website but we suggest that visitors who doubt the evil and disgusting practices that inevitably develop from the exercise of un-natural appetites, do some Internet investigation. If the Obama Revolutionaries win in 2016, America’s children will be taught that ‘felching’ is perfectly normal and was once opposed by bigots, haters and counter-revolutionaries.

Music Choice

With reference to our previous paragraph we recommend a recording from 1953, happier and more innocent pre-Revolutionary times. It is Guy Mitchell’s ‘Sippin’ Soda’ (through a straw), a traditional song with an accompaniment by Norman Luboff and his orchestra and a children’s choir. Mitchell who died in 1999 was popular when tunes were tunes that people could sing, lyrics were decent and Americans had normal values.


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