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Rush Limbaugh regularly draws attention to the Leftist bias of what he calls the “drive-by media”. During the last year he has increasingly spent more time countering media lies and spin than he has answering the Democrat Party’s pathetic output.

He also now points out that the Leftist mainstream Media is incensed that its monopoly on news has been broken by Talk Radio and the Internet. He says the Media believes that Democrat Party control of the U.S. Government is the natural order of things. If Rush could just make that little (or is it big!) leap of understanding and view the (“drive-by”) media as the new ruling class, all would fall into place for him and his listeners. Surely it is natural that a ruling class should regard a virtual monopoly of political power to be its right. A new ruling class is driven to replace old laws with new ones that further its agenda and to achieve this it has to control the legislative process. Unfortunately for this new ruling class its social agenda is not popular enough with the electorate to advance it by open debate and a popular mandate, so it has to proceed with stealth and a misuse of the judiciary.

The Democrat Party and its activists have sold themselves to the Media Class and in doing so have gained a constantly favorable media image, but at the cost of having to advocate and implement policies that are not sufficiently popular with the bulk of the American people.

It means that they cannot be open about who they are and what they stand for if they want to be elected and can only be negative about their opponents. Thus we see in the approach to the November elections only a dirty tricks campaign against conservative candidates and the tactic of the smear. The phony “Foley scandal” is entirely media driven and serves to obscure the absence of any important concrete Democrat policies. If the Democrats were to articulate a platform that revealed its Media Class agenda (Same-sex marriage, abortion on demand, lowering of the age of sexual consent, no ban on narcotics for leisure, teaching sodomy to school children, the outlawing of traditional religious teaching etc) it would be dead in the water. The Democrat Party has also had to purge itself of patriots and traditional Christians that once kept it in the mainstream with their American values. In their place have come the Feminists, the anti-capitalist Environmentalists, the “Gay” activists and the hate-America crowd.

The smear campaign may work, since the media has the power to focus public attention away from the Democrat Party’s shortcomings and portray the Republicans as a party on the ropes. I doubt that conservative Talk Radio and the Internet can compensate for the all-pervasive voice of the mainstream media. However, North Korea and the Muslim Imperialists may yet put the political spotlight on areas the media would prefer to keep out of sight.

The rise of a new ruling class does not lead to political tranquility. Instead it heralds a period of instability and dynamics that are under no-one’s control. If events outside of U.S. domestic politics result in the Republicans holding on to power in November, I predict we will see a more naked use of power by the Media Class through personal attacks on opponent’s integrity and false allegations. As Limbaugh has unwittingly chronicled, the Media Class has already been emerging out of the shadows and playing a more overt role for some time and this is an ongoing process. It is now doing everything it can to put the Democrat Party into power, stopping at nothing. A Democrat victory will enable the Media Class to rule from behind the scenes for a little longer, but a failure will be devastating. For it is a Class in a hurry and will not be prepared to stand by and watch Bush further alter the composition of the Supreme Court. Pelosi, Reid and others will pay a heavy price for failure and we can expect Media people to exert more overt control over the Party.

In the meantime, the Media Class campaign to orchestrate Republican defeat, gathers pace. Here are a couple more examples and I will again take them from the Wall Street Journal because I think it is telling that a newspaper that is ostensibly under conservative ownership cannot prevent its pages being monopolized by its Leftist reporters’ agenda.

On 9th October, a WSJ front page column by one Amy Schatz (a new name to me) is entitled “In Clips on YouTube, Politicians Reveal Their Unscripted Side”. The subtitle is “Rival Posts ‘Gotcha’ Videos In Tight Montana Race; Kevin O’Brien’s Vigils.”

This may sound like the intro to a neutral piece but believe me this is, like every other article in the Journal for months, a hit on Republicans. In this case, the main victim is Conrad Burns, a Republican Senator for Montana and Ms. Schatz ostensibly writes from Helena, Montana. She reports that “One after another, embarrassing videos of U.S. Senator for Montana, Conrad Burns, have been posted in recent months on YouTube”. She then lists several, such as the 71 year-old nodding off to sleep at a meeting. “The tapes are hampering Mr. Burn’s bid to win a fourth term in November. They’re getting widespread attention in the local press, feeding his reputation as gaffe-prone, and helping his opponent for the seat-Democratic state senator Jon Tester-run even, if not a bit ahead, in recent polls”. Getting widespread attention in the local press! Now there’s a surprise and now attention in the Wall Street Journal, too! Schatz then tells us admiringly about the young man who follows Burns around with a video camera, before reminding us that the Dems only need to win 15 House seats and 6 Senate seats to take control and Dems believe they can take Montana this year. She writes “see related article on page A4” where there is more doom and gloom for Burns and fellow Republicans. The next video story Schatz has is at the expense of Virginia Republican George Allen, before moving on to Republican Senator Rick Santorum in Pennsylvania. There are many more columns of this “news” on an inside page, much of it returning to Burn’s embarrassments. Ms. Schatz says at one point that both sides are trailing opponents with video cameras, but surprise, surprise, she only has stories at the expense of Republican candidates and all of them in vulnerable seats.

Today, Wednesday 11th October, Reporter John R. Wilke (another new name to me) is reporting from Asheville, N.C. again on the front page with much, much, much more inside. His news is all about Charles Taylor, a Republican member of the House of Representatives who, this fall “is battling to hold on to his seat against Democrat Heath Shuler”. Mr Taylor’s offence is “earmarking”, the process where politicians bring back the “bacon” to their constituencies. Although Wilke tells us that “at least four congressmen are being investigated for their role in earmarking or ties to lobbyists specializing in earmarks”, it transpires that Mr. Taylor is not one of them. Only one is named, and surprise, surprise, again he is a Republican too. There is only one tiny mention of a Democrat being investigated before Wilke moves on to damaging Rep. Miller, another Republican. All told, the Wilke’s piece is a huge attack on the integrity of Taylor. Readers may be forgiven for concluding that only Republicans (in vulnerable seats) have problems of this nature. In fact, at this very time, Senator Harry Reid, the Nevada Senator who leads the Senate Democrats, is under suspicion of having concealed information about a Nevada land deal from which he made over $1million. This is not, apparently, the first shady Nevada land deal that he has made big money from. Do not expect to read any of this in big columns of the Wall Street Journal-at least not until after the election.

There are several questions that spring to mind. Why is a conservative paper giving this kind of one-sided coverage immediately before a crucial election? Why are such stories not printed earlier? Do the reporters never investigate Democrats? Do they conceal stories that would reflect badly on Democrat politicians? Do reporters like Wilke and Schatz have a political agenda of their own or are they sent out to do one-sided stories by an editor?

As I said earlier, the Media Class cannot get its Democrat Party elected by focusing on its policies, at least not its core policies that serve the Media Class. Neither can it allow the public to focus on the truly important issues like national security. Instead, it has to destroy Republican politicians individually by personal attacks and by media- manufactured scandals. Some, perhaps many, Republican politicians are corrupt or have feet of clay, but an honest media without a secret agenda would be finding such politicians in equal numbers on both sides.

Those who reject this website’s claim that the Media Class is now pushing its own political agenda should ask themselves why the only real and damaging attacks on conservatives now emanate from the media itself. Increasingly, Democrat politicians have only a walk-on role.

The Media’s Party has not yet won the November election, but it is committing every element of its power to restore its ascendancy over the legislative process. Rush Limbaugh, a renegade from the Media Class, would help conservatives greatly if he identified the real enemy. It is all around him.

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