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There are now only two weeks to go until Britain’s first political Show Trial resumes at Leeds Crown Court. Monday, October 30th is an historic day for all British people, for nothing less than the British tradition of free speech will be at stake. Yet few Britons will be aware of this event. My guess is that it would be difficult to find 10% who are aware of the approaching trial and even fewer who are aware that the trail is actually about criminalizing truthful speech. Most of these (other than members of the British National Party) will believe that the trial is taking place because the BNP Two advocated or carried out some sort of violent activity against non-white immigrants.

The BNP has evolved from a mostly working class, inner city movement that began in the late 1950’s when mass immigration began to affect and alarm poor white people and no-one else. No political party or media outlet was prepared to give a voice to the real concerns and sufferings of these poor citizens. Big Business, for financial reasons, welcomed the influx of Third World peoples. Socialists (and there were many of them in high places) welcomed them for doctrinaire reasons. Socialism is, after all, the triumph of idealism over reality. Those who opposed the arrival of the immigrants were immediately labeled as Nazis, a powerful and emotional smear in the aftermath of the Second World War. Academics, do-gooders from the Churches, and the increasingly powerful media sided with the Socialists. People in the rest of the country, unaffected by the invasion, wondered what all the fuss was about and could afford to be indifferent.

The white protest movement arose out of real social problems but inevitably it had a bigoted racist component and many of the people involved, like poor and ignorant people anywhere in the world, were prejudiced and violent. In previous articles we have referred to the Smethwick by-election and the Enoch Powell speeches and the Conservative Party’s consequent retreat from a legitimate nationalism in the face of media and Leftist attacks.

Once the Conservative Party abandoned nationalism, only the small extremist racist organizations remained to give voice to those who opposed mass immigration. Debate on the wisdom of allowing a steady flow of alien people into the already crowded English mainland, was stifled. On the mean streets, where the alien cultures faced off and a new frontline was drawn every day, violence, politically motivated, criminal and casual, was endemic, but largely unreported. When it was reported, it was always biased and this is still the case today.

Several important things have transformed this situation in the intervening years. Firstly, the steady flow of immigrants has become more akin to a torrent and immigrant bridgeheads in all big cities have created a virtual open door to the Third World. Consequently, the terms ‘legal’ and ‘illegal’, ‘immigrant’ and refugee’ have become meaningless when applied to immigration.

Secondly, the high birth rate of immigrant peoples is accelerating the process of the colonization of urban Britain.

Thirdly, the media, once a tool of the establishment and its political parties, has reversed the relationship and become the ruling power. Led by a BBC that is tax-funded, unaccountable and wholly Leftist, the Media Class now makes and breaks politicians of all parties. This class has a social agenda that it is impatient to impose upon the British people and to do so it has to stifle free speech and destroy any native political movement that might effectively challenge its new- found power.

Fourthly, a militant and fanatical worldwide Islamic Imperialism has taken root in Britain’s Islamic communities. Having effectively silenced any moderate Muslims by deadly intimidation, it is now successfully intimidating more and more people beyond the nation’s Muslim communities. The Media Class and its Leftist allies, jubilant at the prospect of crushing the hated nationalists and social conservatives (note the small ‘c’!), and handicapped by their inability to ever recognize reality when fantasy is more enticing, is making common cause with the deadly Islamic Imperialists.

Much of the U.K. has become a tinderbox of racial tension. The confidence of the Islamic extremists increases along with their numbers, as they exploit the alliance they have with the new ruling class. The Media Class and its political pawns have used the tinderbox tension to justify clamping down on free speech and real political dissent, though they have other reasons too for curtailing freedom. They have seized the opportunity to also ban speech that stigmatizes sodomy, to purge festivals like Christmas that embody the nation’s Christian heritage and to make punishable, expressions of patriotism.

Since the Islamic Imperialists care little for their alliance with the Media Class, they are proceeding to ratchet up their demands at a pace that ought to be embarrassing to their erstwhile allies. Only a ruling class that wallows in fantasy and is besotted with its newfound power could be so blind as the one that now dominates the U.K.

The BNP has evolved from its early roots in street politics and race hatred. Under the leadership of Nick Griffin it has become a legitimate political party and the only one in the U.K. that opposes the Media Class agenda. Although relatively small, it is clearly growing steadily and is recruiting many white people from beyond the inner cities. It is adapting to the constitutional electoral process. And it has long been forecasting that radical Islam would be a deadly threat to all and proclaiming that Islam is not a religion of peace.

Significantly, it was the BBC that infiltrated private BNP meetings to record Griffin and others denouncing Islam as a religion rooted in violence according to its own teachings. The BBC passed its “evidence” to state prosecutors who have shown an enthusiasm to please the Media Class by putting the Party leaders in the dock and en route to prison. The shocking news for those who care about free speech in the U.K. is that truth is now no longer a defense. This will not be a shock for the BBC and the Media Class in general, since it has been instrumental in concealing the recent changes in law from the public.

The BNP Show Trial will proceed with minimum coverage from the media. What does emerge into the light of day will be distorted and spun, as the British people must be kept in continued ignorance by the Media Class for a little longer, at least until the British people are swamped and their culture destroyed. At the same time, incidents of racial strife, much of it fomented now by Islamists, are being suppressed so that the Leeds jury and the public in general do not become sympathetic to the BNP.

On this website we oppose many of the BNP’s policies, including their backward-looking socialist economic policies, their anti-Americanism and their pre-occupation with race. However, the Leeds trial of the BNP leaders is a threat to all who believe in free speech and its role in empowering ordinary people. We can only hope that the jury system again proves to be an impediment to the totalitarianism that is stealthily gaining ground in the U.K.

Here on the Internet, the media’s monopoly on news can be breached and so we ask all who read us to email on this article to anyone and everyone. Better still, join the protesters outside Leeds Court on 30th October.

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