Viki Knox – Is She the New Rosa Parks?

Viki Knox has been a Special Education teacher for 20 years at a New Jersey Public School. Recently, her school, like many that are now forcing through the next sexual assault on children, has been celebrating Gay, Lesbian and Transgender demands for ‘normalization’. With school walls plastered with celebratory notices of the perverted lifestyle of a small but growing minority of adults, the children at this New Jersey School are being introduced to and confronted with sexual practices that any normal parent would long shield them from. The manufactured excuse for this force-feeding of children with information about perversion is that children who are ‘Gay’ or ‘uncomfortable with their gender’ are being bullied and driven to suicide.

It only takes a moment of reflection to realize that this is an excuse to indoctrinate the Nation’s children. I don’t remember any children at the schools I attended (all single sex) ever wanting to come to school dressed as girls. If they had they would have been ridiculed for sure, but any responsible parents would have ensured that their child did not do anything that brought on ridicule and the predictable bullying that would have ensued. There were and are many ways of dressing and behaving that invite ridicule by peers. Kids can be protected simply by ensuring that they conform to common standards of dress and behavior whilst at school and amongst their peers. When they become adults they can make choices, though I think a man dressed in a woman’s clothes and behaving as a woman will always court ridicule in public places. The wisdom of the ages is that sexual behavior is best prohibited in school and amongst children, and that goes for heterosexual behavior as well as abnormal sexual behavior. Public schools seem to have no problem discouraging and suppressing masculine behavior in boys and certain types of feminine behavior in girls when this fits the Leftist gender agenda.

Bullying, it seems, is something that comes naturally to adult homosexuals in the USA now that they have a supporter in the White House, a political Party that is beholden to wealthy perverts and a Ruling Media Class that has a sexual revolution at the top of its agenda. We, as a society, have rapidly skated past the demand for toleration of perverted sexual behavior in private between consenting adults. In a blink, we have moved on to proselytizing unhygienic and unnatural behavior to all children and young people and persecuting any who oppose. This is almost incomprehensible unless one understands (as we alone maintain on this website) that a new and revolutionary Class has taken power and is busily remaking society in its own image. This brings me to Mrs. Viki Knox and the late Rosa Parks.

Rosa Parks was the 42 year old Montgomery, Alabama woman whose courageous refusal to vacate her seat on a public bus led to her arrest. Mrs. Parks was deemed to be ‘Colored’. In fact she was part Scots Irish (Ulster Protestant), part Cherokee and part African, and she was both a devout Christian and a Civil Rights activist. Back in the 1950’s and 1960’s these were not exclusive categories. Mrs. Parks arrest sparked the Montgomery bus protests that brought pastor Dr. Martin King to prominence. Mrs. Parks, as a result of her stand for her beliefs, suffered much persecution at the hands of White bully boys. In Alabama in those days bullying Whites enjoyed both superior economic prosperity and the support of the laws, the police and judiciary. In the end, Mrs. Parks had to move to the North, for she was driven from her job and constantly threatened with violence. Despite this she never wavered in her Christian beliefs.

Now, in New Jersey, White middle-aged bully boy mobs are assembling to demand that Mrs. Knox, an African-American Christian, be both silenced and deprived of work. No-one has accused Mrs. Knox of any professional misconduct at school or misconduct outside of school. She is it seems, like Rosa Parks, a good and dignified citizen and family maker but the predominantly White homosexual activists who are enraged by her temerity in holding a view about the sinfulness of sodomy, are demanding her impoverishment and silence. Black Christian people in the USA are now finding that when it comes to freedom of speech and thought, the homosexual movement rules, for homosexuals are wealthy and powerful and wholly intolerant. In this brave new world of ‘Human Rights’ and a new Ruling Class, free speech and freedom from economic persecution are to be denied to those who cling to Christian values. On this website we maintain that our new Ruling Media Class (largely lily-white) could care less about racial minorities and sees them as voting fodder and best kept as perpetual victims confined to their ghettos in a balkanized society. As long as ordinary moral people can be set against each other, the Ruling Class can proceed untroubled with its immoral and revolutionary agenda. We recommend to our website visitors that they dial in to the website of the National Organization for Marriage and see for themselves the persecution of a Black woman that the Mainstream Media (MSM) is hiding.

This last week, our President, still working flat out to create jobs for the American people, flew in Air Force One to San Francisco and then down to Hollywood. In between his exhausting job-creating and carbon-burning schedule, he managed to squeeze in a couple of fund-raisers and some partisan Class warfare speeches. We can be sure that SF’s rich, ‘Gay’ crowd members were eager contributors to his war chest, though the MSM was rather coy on reporting who attended and gave. Not so the Hollywood bash which was celebrated by the MSM as a ‘Star-studded’ gathering that included Will Smith and ‘Magic’ Johnson.

Admission was a mere $35,800 per ‘Star’ and some 30 plus Show-Biz ‘Stars’ dipped into their savings to help his 2012 campaign. Meanwhile, the rich of Wall St. continue to praise him and give. I wonder what the Flea Party people in the parks make of all this? Obama’s Class warfare rhetoric is, of course, totally phony. The rich people of Big Oil, Big Gas etc. that he rails against are straw men for he knows very well that the real Ruling Class, who are extremely rich, are those people down in Hollywood and they and their ilk are his paymasters.

The proposed bail-out of Greece engineered by Germany’s President, has given quite a boost to investors in the US stock market and to investors around the world. I am not sure why, since it requires those who have invested in Greek Government bonds to ‘take a haircut’ of some 50% of their investment. ‘Taking a haircut’ is a euphemism for losing their money. Why these people’s misfortune should have any different effect on world economics than the losses which investors in housing experienced and are still experiencing, is beyond me. I realize that in all the talk from Angela Merkel is a hidden message to the effect that Germany’s tax payers will underwrite (i.e. guaranty) all future loans to Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy and France. This seems to me to be economic sleight of hand and simply postponing the day of reckoning for the ordinary hardworking people around the world who end up losing. Usually they lose through inflation, which is always caused by Governments (Ruling Classes) printing excess money. Just as we, on this website, always warn you visitors to believe your lying eyes, we will warn you that inflation is alive and well here in the USA. House prices may be in the doldrums, but gas prices are still sky-high and food prices in the supermarkets are steadily climbing. We still believe that at the end of the current game – probably after November 2012 – inflation will take off and ordinary people – though not the Soros’s and Buffets of this world – will pay.

Our sea level watcher down in sea-level Starcross, Devon, England, is currently confined to bed and unable to keep an eye on the progress of the global warming that is apparently responsible for drowning islands in the Indian Ocean and submerging poor people elsewhere. If there are any website visitors out there who live in low-lying coastal villages and towns anywhere in the world and are watching the water rise with each high tide, please let us know.

Music Choice – We have high-lighted the recordings of many great jazz musicians, most of them known to many who are not keen jazz enthusiasts. The truth is that the 1940’s and 1950’s spawned a huge number of extremely talented players whose work, indeed existence, was only known to the most devoted followers and fellow musicians. One of these was piano player Hampton Hawes, a Californian who had the usual too-short life (and some prison time for drugs) of jazz musicians of that era. He lived from 1928 to 1977 but managed to make a good number of recordings. His own brand of bebop playing was distinctive from the Bud Powell style he revered. I recommend Hawes’ earliest recording with a trio that consisted of Red Mitchell on bass and Chuck Thompson on drums. The album is called, “This is Hampton Hawes” and is “Vol 2, The Trio”. All the tracks are great music but the opener, “You and the Night and the Music” is as good as it gets. It was recorded in 1955 and few listeners then could foresee that music would become infantilized in only another 15 years.

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