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We wish to bring to the attention of all our website visitors an excellent article by Paul Kersey regarding the praise currently being heaped on Michael Sam, a Black, homosexual football player 1  Kersey points out that Sam, who is being trumpeted from every corner of the Mainstream Media (MSM) as a ‘hero’, has actually done nothing to earn praise. All he has done is admit to practicing sodomy in his private life. He has done so at a time when every major business, every part of the MSM and Entertainment world, the whole of the Democrat Party, every US College and the President who ‘evolved’ last year, is rapturously celebrating homosexuality and same-sex marriage. Indeed, so celebrated and formally recognized by the Government is this sexual perversion that anyone who dares to hint at a reservation is quickly rendered unemployable. 

    As Mr. Kersey comments, it requires no courage to confess to this vice – indeed it is the gateway to stardom irrespective of talent. The football team that picked and promoted the minimally gifted Sam is now enjoying unprecedented fame and fortune and can be assured that Big Business will fall over backwards (or is it forwards?) to pay to be associated with it. Sam can be assured that his every move on the sports field will be hailed as hugely talented. His endorsements for everything from jock-straps to condoms will be sought and paid for. In short, Mr. Sam has it made from now on. And all because he revealed that he likes perverted sex with other men. 

    Meanwhile, the intensity and ubiquity of the praise ensures not only that those who fail to quickly get on board are greatly intimidated but that the ground is further prepared for the wholesale suppression of those newly-defined ‘bigots’ earmarked for draconian punishment. Mr. Kersey notes that it is Christianity that is the real target of those who press the homosexual agenda. If Mr. Kersey is taking his cue from our website he needs to make clear that it is TRADITIONAL Christianity – Bible based Christianity to be even more exact – that is destined for official and complete suppression. In contrast, those progressive Churches that are now ‘discovering’ inclusiveness in the Biblical texts will receive official blessing and benefit from friendly Media coverage. We would go further than Mr. Kersey and point out that uncompromising conservatism and nationalism must inevitably suffer the same suppression as traditional Christianity, for whoever values the wisdom of the ages, family life and a strong Nation has been marked down as an enemy of the revolutionary new Class that now rules this land and much of the Western world. 

    Mr. Kersey’s article is excellent in its mockery of Sam’s ‘courage’ and wholly right to point out that Pro-Sport, dependent as it is on TV, sponsorship and the MSM, has become part of the propaganda arm of Entertainment. The pro-Sport owners, indeed all those who have an investment in pro-Sports, realize that the supporters on the terraces count for little. This is partly attributable to the fact that pro-Sport has become financially dependent on sponsorship by Big Business and the super-rich, and TV exposure also pays bills. But more and more the other motivating force is fear, for the Media Class, in pursuit of its agenda, has the power to make and break almost any individual. Donald Sterling is an example of the MSM’s ability to destroy overnight anyone who offends the new orthodoxies. 

    In his recent broadcasts Rush Limbaugh has been focusing on the power of what he calls Political Correctness (and we call a Media Class weapon) and its arbitrary nature. ‘Why is it?’ He asks, ‘that some people can get away with saying or writing the most incendiary things whilst others are destroyed for a slight transgression’. ‘Who are the arbiters?’ he asks. Perhaps Rush is too much a part (albeit a maverick part) of the Media Class to see the obvious! As Mr. Kersey points out there is a narrative running through the Sam story, but it now runs through all the events of our lives. It is the revolutionary narrative (agenda) of a new Ruling Class and revolutions are all about transforming society for the benefit of the new Rulers and to impose their characteristics. Revolutions affect everyone and reach into every corner of life. It is the Media Class that is the arbiter of what is allowed and what is punished, and the Media Class, because it possesses what Karl Marx accurately defined as ‘Class consciousness’ has no need of conspiratorial meetings to pursue and impose its agenda. 

    On this website we have long pointed out that pro-Sports has been absorbed into the emerging Media Class for it became a part of TV Entertainment and thus financially beholden to the MSM. Sadly, pro-Sport is, along with contemporary popular entertainment, not only a weapon of propaganda but also (to quote again Karl Marx) dope for the masses. 

    Conservatives often say ‘follow the money’ to explain a puzzling event. Sometimes this is good advice but not always when revolutionary events are taking place. For example, the Media Class and its Leftist allies are willing to set financial reward aside when revolutionary strategy is at stake. The most skilled and popular footballer in the USA would not survive making an anti-homosexual remark. No matter that thousands paid to see him every week, he would be toast. 

    I was reminded of this with regard to TV entertainment in the UK in the 1960’s. There were a number of very popular comedians who had weekly shows and the most popular was Benny Hill, adored by millions of working people and even popular in other countries. Suddenly he and the others were all gone from the screen. Years later I acquired a DVD of Benny with a bonus episode about his career. The narrator told how one day in the late 1960’s Benny was told that his show had been dropped. As he was drawing large audiences he was both stunned and heartbroken. Around the same brief period, all the other comedians of his type were also dropped. They were, of course, all politically incorrect by today’s standards, often poking fun at effeminate men, masculine women and foreigners. At the time people did not perceive a pattern. In their place, a new generation of ‘comedians’ was introduced – juvenile, political (Leftist), crude and what is now termed ‘edgy’. 

    Last week I watched a bonus edition of the Mr. Ed series and the star of the show, Alan Young, was recalling how his show and several other family shows were suddenly dropped despite great popularity. This was the USA in the late 1960’s and Young expressed bewilderment. Apparently he and the cast were in the midst of a rehearsal when their agent entered and said “No need to continue as the Show has been dropped!” He mentions that every similar show was also dropped with the exception of the Beverly Hillbillies. It mattered not a jot that these shows were immensely popular with working people. 

    On this website we claim that in the UK and the USA the Media Class was rising, it had a Leftist/Feminist and libertine agenda and so TV was (brutally) purged of family shows that had predominantly White casts, reflecting society as it was with normal man/woman relationships, normal marriage and family life and somewhat socially conservative. All of this was offensive to the new class which was determined to remake society in its own image. There was no conspiracy but the Media Class was beginning to sense power and to develop and implement a revolutionary agenda. 

    Weather – Here in middle California we are about to experience three hot days before a slide back to cool weather. The three days will be touted as evidence of MMGW. Meanwhile on the eastern side of the Rockies it it extremely cold – apparently more evidence of MMGW! In the UK there has been plenty of rain. More evidence of MMGW! 

    As yet, the rising sea levels, now reinforced by the disappearance of the Antarctic, have not yet reached little Starcross on the Exe Estuary in England. 

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