Vatican Purging Homosexuals From Seminaries

And one may say ‘Not before time!’. This week I read an AP report that the Vatican has been taking a close look at its seminaries and weeding out homosexuals in a bid to halt the sexual exploitation of young boys by priests. It has long been part of folklore that male religious seminaries are full of sodomites and I have no doubt that this folklore contains more than a grain of truth. For a start, any residential institution that is solely for the adults of one sex is likely to attract those who are attracted to that same sex. Personally, I cannot understand why any young man (or woman) would want to enter a lifestyle that excluded the opposite sex unless that person has emotional problems or gross physical handicaps. Secondly, once an institution attracts perverts, it is typical that they gradually take it over. If the head person responsible for recruitment and the internal culture is perverted then, like night follows day, the whole institution is soon perverted from its original mission. This has long been true of residential homes for children in UK local authority care and especially those homes that specialised in young boys. The scandals have usually come to light long after they began and after many vulnerable young boys have been repeatedly seduced, bullied or bribed into unnatural sex by staff members. Young men in their twenties and thirties eventually come forward to report their exploitation and police investigations uncover whole networks of these men led by heads of establishments.

Let me say right away that I am aware that some men enter the priesthood because they have been overwhelmed with spirituality and they go on to make great priests and do good for mankind. The same is true, probably much more so, of many women who become nuns. I have also personally known male residential care workers who did a great job for difficult kids and had no sexual motive. Still, these same-sex institutions are fraught with risk and no parent should ever assume that those who get into work with children are high-minded, for the perverts skillfully infiltrate and bide their time. It is best not to delegate parenting responsibilities to others unless you are prepared to keep a close and jaundiced eye out. I wish the Vatican well in its endeavor but think that the best way of ending the problem of homosexual predators in the priesthood is to welcome married men into the ranks. The AP predictably could not post the Vatican report without putting its Media Class spin on the topic and a closing sentence pointed out that ‘experts’ have long pointed out that homosexuals are no more prone to pedophile practises than others. The ‘experts’ were not quoted, of course. Ignore the AP’s ‘experts’ and believe your own lying eyes! Just read the homosexual world’s own literature and you will discover that those who are not interested in bondage, leather and domination are preoccupied with young males, and the younger the better.

In my previous article I touched on the adulation of Obama and how the Media Class has re-created him so that the unwary public now believes that he is a brilliant, original, hugely effective and awe-inspiring man. Right on cue, the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, January 14th printed an Op-Ed piece by Mr. Paul Kennedy, entitled “American Power Is on the Wane”. Mr. Kennedy (is he related to THE Kennedy’s?) has the grand title of ‘Professor of History and Director of International Security Studies at Yale University’ and is the author/editor of 19 books. I don’t suppose there is anyone at Yale these days who is not a Leftist and especially in the history department. They are all employed rewriting history just as Stalin’s historians were. Mr. Kennedy’s article is all about the decline of the US and much of it is due (in his expert opinion) to President George Bush. It is hard not to detect in his piece a little thrill at the decline and the reason for its cause. Mr. Kennedy is clearly not a conservative and not a supporter of the war in Iraq but his article is intended to do more than just begin re-writing Bush’s War for Leftist revisionism. It is also busy preparing the climate of opinion for Bush’s successor. Mr. Kennedy is of course contributing to what the Media is now busy doing, which is to lower expectations. Having inflated the empty suit to bursting point in order to get it elected, it is now necessary to ensure that the US public (and indeed the whole world) stops waiting for the magic act to begin. Mr. Kennedy himself has fallen for the magic talk and I suppose if you repeat a lie often enough you begin to believe it, for he reveals a certain disappointment that Obama will inherit problems. Here is a paragraph from near the end of his piece.

“If the above (America’s decline under Bush – ed.) is even half-true, the conclusions are not pleasant: that the economic and political travails of the next several years will badly crimp many of the visions offered in Mr. Obama’s election campaign; that this nation will have to swallow, domestically, some very hard choices: and that we should not expect, even despite a surge in international goodwill towards America, any increase in our relative capacity to act abroad decisively or in any sustained way.”

And then comes this fawning sentence which will surely open doors for him in the White House – “A rather wonderful, charismatic and highly intelligent person will occupy the White House, but, alas, in the toughest circumstances the US has faced since 1933 or 1945.”

My first thought is that Yale is doomed and its intellectual power is on the wane if this man is a professor there. I am not a professor of history, indeed I left school at 15 years of age, but I do remember the Soviet occupation of Eastern Europe, the Soviet testing of the Atom bomb, the Chinese Revolution, the Berlin airlift, the Korean War and the intervention of China, the French collapse in Vietnam, the Vietnam War, the Cuban missile crisis, Suez Canal crisis, and leaving much out, I will fast-forward to 9/11. I will not bother with the huge inflation under Jimmy Carter and gas rationing nor the terrible threat that the Soviet Union posed to the USA for decades whilst a handfull of heroes like Senator Joe McCarthy and Whitaker Chambers did their best to reveal the traitors in Washington. Yet this professor of history at Yale believes his idol faces the “toughest circumstances since 1933 or 1945”?

Next Thursday, the BNP (British National Party) will contest the East Wickham ward election in Bexley, UK. This is supposedly a ‘safe’ Conservative Party seat but for the sake of the British people we hope the BNP wins handsomely. If it does, do not expect to read about it in any UK newspaper or bother to look on the BBC for information. You will only find a report if the BNP does very badly. In the meantime, despite the low publicity profile of this contest in the Mainstream Media, the Media Leftists and their allies will decend on this little ward with masses of anti-BNP literature and probably the local police force will harrass and intimidate both the BNP activists and the electors. We will post the result on this website whatever the outcome for we exist in order to unmask the MSM and to tell the truth.

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