Using Soccer For Media Propaganda

This website asserts that the Media Class (TV/Newspapers/Fashion/Entertainment/Arts/Sports Complex) has developed into the ruling class in the modern world, and we often give examples from media outlets and the entertainment world in the USA and UK, to support our assertion. We say that this new ruling class has a social and political program aimed at nothing less than reshaping society in its own image and that it pursues it persistently, sometimes openly, but more often in camouflaged form. It is using its newfound power to try to create a society that is liberated from both traditional sexual morality and from hedonism’s unpleasant consequences.

We believe that the Media Class already has the power to manipulate the political and judicial process in pursuit of its agenda. This agenda brings the new class into direct and deadly conflict with judgmental Christianity and with nationalism. It shares its hostility to these two traditional forces with socialism and it is not co-incidental that the Media Class comfortably makes common cause with all Leftist movements. At present, in its efforts to disembowel Christianity and crush nationalism, it is even willing to make common cause with newly arrived Islam, believing that it can subvert Islam later.

Its conflict with traditional uncompromising Christianity is easy to understand, since monogamy, child-centered family life within heterosexual marriage, opposition to abortion, the denunciation of homosexual practices and other deviant sexual behaviors, opposition to drug taking and a rejection of the hedonistic lifestyle are all anathema to the new master class. The explanation for the antipathy to nationalism is a less obvious one, but the Media Class is dedicated to destroying nationalism in all its manifestations and is prepared to lie, distort and invent to bring about its defeat.

Since the Second World War ended, nationalism has been forced underground in Europe, where it has become linked in the public consciousness with white supremacy and anti-Semitism. It is not our purpose here to dissect nationalist ideology. Suffice to say that genuine nationalists are always going to be concerned to protect their people from social mores that risk national disunity, racial dilution and the kind of hedonism that undermines a nation’s determination to defend itself.

Nationalists will always stress sacrifice, self-discipline, tried and tested traditional behaviors etc. and such core principles must inevitably arouse the intense hatred and fear of the new Media Class. In contrast the policies promoted by the Media Class include swamping Western nations with Third World peoples, breaking down national borders, destroying all vestiges of western traditional culture, “reforming” Christianity into a social movement for diversity, and redefining nationalism in the public mind.

Nationalism has been, and is being, successfully characterized by the Media and its Leftist allies as extreme and dangerously racist. Using the tool of political correctness, and by slipping disinformation into every type of news and entertainment item, the new ruling Class continually reinforces the public’s fear of nationalist organizations and nationalist ideology.

The Wall Street Journal of May 27th 2006 carried a classic example of the demonization of nationalism in camouflaged form. It was a propaganda article dressed as news, by one Marcus Walker, with input from two other staff members. It was advertised as a soccer feature and headlined “On Eve of Cup, Germany Battles Image Problems”. It has to be said, that for the casual reader, an article like this one, is skillfully plausible. One has to stop and think carefully after reading it in order to realize that it is full of unsupportable generalizations and that the real intent of the piece has little to do with soccer. The piece opens as follows. “The potential of racial violence during the World Cup is casting a shadow over Germany’s attempt to project a cosmopolitan image to the rest of the world. Far-right groups that target minorities have a presence across much of Europe. But Germany has a particular problem with neo-Nazi youth organizations. As the country prepares to host three million soccer fans next month, that is causing alarm among some ethnic groups.

The Africa Council, an umbrella group for African community groups in Germany, says there are “no-go” areas in the eastern part of the country for visiting African and other foreign soccer fans where they are at high risk of racist attack”. A little later in the article we are told that ” Together with a Germany-based human-rights group, the Africa Council is planning to publish an online guide before the Cup listing potentially unsafe areas. ‘We don’t recommend black people or homosexuals or disabled people go there’ says Yonas Endrias, vice president of the International League for Human Rights, Germany’s oldest human-rights group”.

Words like “potential” and phrases like “casting a shadow over” should warn the reader that what follows is a piece of scare mongering propaganda, and the use of the collective noun, as in “Germany’s attempt”, is further proof, if any is needed that this piece is without substance. Surely no-one, not even Marcus Walker, can know what “Germany” is attempting, since there can be no way for the German people to articulate such an intention. It may well be that the German soccer bureaucracy has an intention and perhaps the German Government, but definitely not the German people. It is likely that most could care less, especially on the subject of projecting a cosmopolitan image. Indeed, it may be the wish of the majority of Germans to resist embracing a cosmopolitan future. In this context, “cosmopolitan’ is a code word used by journalists, Media Class people in general and Leftists to mean the kind of society they wish to create by stealth. It is also used in this context to plant the assumption in the unsuspecting reader’s mind that a cosmopolitan society is, ipso facto, desirable.

For the more discerning, “cosmopolitan” means a society in which not only have the native people been submerged, but also their cultural identity lost along with moral standards. San Francisco, with its Castro district and drug and crime-ridden streets is a good example of “cosmopolitan”, as is much of Los Angeles. Artists, actors, pimps and addicts, sexual liberationists and perverts always gravitate to cosmopolitan places. They are, of course, exciting places to visit if you are a young single person, but not a good place to raise children or to find recruits to defend a nation from attack.

Mr. Walker loses no time in identifying “Far-right” groups as the cause of the problem, so that we know that he is not talking about normal hooliganism and the street thuggery common in poor and ignorant neighborhoods in most industrial societies. No, this problem is politically inspired from the Right and the victims are minorities. Just to complete the imagery that will awaken automatic fear in the reader, Walker reminds us that this is Germany that has a special problem with neo-Nazi youth organizations. The use of the word “Nazi” as a smear word is a tactic that the Left has used successfully across Europe, aided by a very willing Media. The word has been completely detached from its historical connection with Socialism by the Media for so long and so successfully that we instead unconsciously connect it with nationalism. We are never reminded that Hitler and his National Socialist Party (inspired by Darwinist theories of survival of the fittest and modeled on Stalin’s Communist Party) had international aspirations and never cared a hoot about the German people or their traditions. The Media has also made sure that communism, responsible for the deaths, torture and enslavement of tens of millions of people for almost 100 years, never carries any opprobrium. Only “Nazi” works as a smear, and we should ask ourselves why.

We should also ask why Mr. Walker and his colleagues are always able to produce lots of quotes from obscure and unrepresentative “Human Rights” organizations. Was Mr. Walker in Germany to write this piece and how did the contact with the Africa Council come about? Who contacted whom? The description “umbrella group” is frequently employed in Leftist writings to confer more respectability on an organization that is usually tiny, propagandist, unrepresentative and funded by Far-left philanthropists or Union leaderships. There is, of course collusion at work here, as the reporter is always aware that the so-called human rights groups are quite unrepresentative. They exist for media purposes and draw their oxygen from people like Mr. Walker. We could speculate that the tiny Africa Council initiated and planted this story with a willing Wall Street Journal editor. This kind of service enables such groups to get funding and usually the little coterie of Leftists who are “employed” by it can avoid getting a real job and thus can continue as full time political agitators. Such “employment” is often a career stepping stone to better media or Leftist political positions. The sentence in which blacks, homosexuals and disabled people are linked together is also a giveaway of Leftist authorship. Do homosexuals as such really travel to World Cup matches in provincial towns and then advertise themselves as homosexuals? Perhaps some are that foolish or desperate for rough young men and if so they already know the risks. But do disabled people really flock to such places for soccer? No, the linking of these groups is just a propaganda trick. Why not include transvestites, pedophiles, sadists and masochists, those who have sex with animals, and most of all, women? It is tiresome after a while to go on dissecting this propagandist nonsense, so I will call a halt here. The reader will have got the message.

A careful reading of the rest of Mr. Walker’s piece will reveal that there is virtually no evidence for his assertion that Germany is especially dangerous for minorities. The thuggery that can be found on the streets of its cities can be found in the UK, Italy, Holland, Belgium, in fact, almost anywhere, and it has little to do with political movements of the Right. Neither are the potential victims limited to Blacks or Asians. White people cannot venture into many parts of Europe’s multi-racial cities. Only recently, this same media brought us pictures and reports from French cities where no white person was safe from violence by Arabs and Africans. It is quite likely that France’s recent outbreak of racist violence was fomented by Leftist agitators but Mr. Walker would prefer not to explore such links.

This article has little to do with soccer. It is just a peg on which to hang yet another Media propaganda piece. Its aim is to keep nationalism beyond the pale. The native peoples of Europe may well turn on the racial minorities in their midst in the not-so-distant future. If so, it will be the tragic outcome of the Leftist Media Class attempt to destroy them and their cultures.

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