US Politics – The November Campaign Starts Now

As the countdown to the November elections begins, the Media’s scattergun attacks on President Bush will give way to the issues most likely to demand the electorate’s attention come the day. The war on terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan will continue to dominate, as it should, though one could hope that greater attention from the public will generate more determination to support Bush’s brave, optimistic and statesmanlike policy. It is depressing to hear otherwise normal friends and neighbors parroting the “Bush lied” Media nonsense and failing to note the hugely impressive fact that there has not been a terrorist attack in the USA since 9/11. Surely this alone is a confirmation of the correctness of the twin invasions, and incidentally, of the security measures that arouse such Media wrath.

Here on the Left coast, it is easy to imagine the USA sliding into national suicide in the face of primitive, but unyielding Islamic fanaticism. Only yesterday, a young Eastern European friend of mine, drawn to the USA by its opportunities and freedoms, coolly claimed equivalence between the Islamic terrorists and US military forces. The slow sawing-off of prisoners’ heads for the benefit of a video camera did not trouble her as much as “what is going on in Abu Graib and which we are not told about”. It seems that the more “education” people experience these days, the more they become removed from reality. This lady obviously sees herself as being in some detached and safe neutral dimension where she can make such an insane judgment. In her defense, I have to remind myself that she gets her information from public radio and the mainstream media, where objectivity and truth have no place. The ability of the Media to brainwash the unsuspecting is the only explanation why anyone with a brain and living in the USA can arrive at such a negative view of the US armed forces, their commander-in-chief, and by implication, the American people? In her condemnation of the nation which hosts her, she probably represents a majority of recent young educated immigrants from India, China, the Middle East, Europe and Canada as well as almost all Black Americans and most of the affluent whites of the Pacific coast. It seems that the more higher education people receive, the more muddled and contradictory the thinking.

Most hardworking and poorly educated Mexicans I meet have a more realistic view of Bin Laden and the terrorists and a more positive view of the USA and would be willing to defend themselves and this nation. One has to hope and believe that Americans in fly-over country and in the South are more in touch with reality than the affluent airheads of the West Coast and New England. Which brings me to immigration and the Mexicans, fast becoming the other dominating issue of the coming elections. It is one not chosen by the Media Class, but by the people in fly-over country, in the Border States and by conservative voters everywhere.

Most politicians would prefer not to have to deal with it, but too many voters are becoming insistent for it to be ignored any longer. Immigration into the USA has been out of control for years, as people from the Second and Third world flood in. Those who come legally are probably weakening the nation’s culture and sense of unity, but the numbers of illegal entrants may be greater and their effects more disastrous.

Many, including some of the latter, work hard and contribute to the now-roaring economy, but surely a nation has to limit incoming numbers for reasons beyond the economy. Western Europe, Canada and Australia have their own immigration problems too, and there seems to have been a conspiracy by the international elite to swamp and destroy the European cultural legacy wherever it exists. It is as if our rulers are ashamed of whiteness and are determined to create a world of coca-cola diversity as quickly as possible, before resistance sets in. Leftist elites and Big Business pursue this common strategy for differing reasons, but it seems as though a large segment of the American public has had enough.

President Bush has enraged many conservatives and all nationalists with his promotion of a guest worker program and some sort of amnesty for those illegal residents already embedded in the nation’s economy and social system. Whatever he does, he can expect the Media Class and its political agents to distort and ridicule his policies and impugn his motives. For what it is worth, on this website we think he is trying to address a national problem not of his making and to deal with it in the most humane and practical way. This is not to say that we think his solutions are necessarily the best, but we do not buy into the Media and Leftist accusations that he is an agent of Big Business or is trying to get the Mexican vote for the Republican Party.

The Mexicans do have a case for being given special consideration, both as neighbors and for historical reasons and they do come to work, both hard and cheerfully. Their case though, is not helped by the strident demands of the Mexican Government or by those irredentist elements that demonstrate with Mexican flags in LA and lay claim to California.

Dealing with immigrants already in the USA (or those in other Western countries) is no longer a simple problem, though stopping newcomers could be if the political will existed. President Bush will be damned by the Media whatever he advocates and his Party can expect a relentlessly bad press from now until the November elections.

Like several other issues, this one cries out for reasoned and honest debate, but we can be sure that the Media Class will not allow this.

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