US Marines and Dead Fanatics – To Pee or not to Pee!

On this website – as always – we deal with all ‘news’ in the context of our contention that in the Western World we do not have real news but the propaganda of a new Ruling Class. For this reason we need to view every ‘story’ carried by the Mainstream Media (MSM) with cynicism as to its truth and then search for the spin that will surely be present, both in the reporting and in the opinion surrounding it.

One ‘story’ that the MSM has chosen to extract and use as propaganda in the past week has been the video that has been appearing on the Internet which purports to show several US Marines urinating on the bodies of dead Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan. It is always difficult, once the MSM has selected a ‘story’ and run with it, to question its importance or value as news. In the past weeks many videos have appeared on the Internet, along with reports of violence that a normal citizen might consider very newsworthy and of great public interest, yet have failed to surface in the MSM.

Here is one. In Portland Oregon, a 14 year old White girl, travelling on a local bus, was set upon and badly beaten by a gang of Black females. This violent incident, like the Marine incident, was captured on video and shown on the Internet – I think it was You Tube. Unlike the Marine video, this one was quickly withdrawn and this is a timely reminder that the companies that control the Internet are becoming a part of the Media Ruling Class and in the business of suppressing news that clashes with the Media Class agenda. The Black gang is alleged to include two adults and some young teenagers and the video also is reported to have shown Black onlookers regarding the attack with approval. As I have not seen the video I cannot be sure of all details but I am sure that the above information is generally correct. The perpetrators have been apprehended and presumably will be charged. This alleged crime, as anyone who visits websites like Free Republic will know, is becoming much more commonplace. I would suggest that since Obama won the White House and installed Eric Holder at Justice, there has been an increase in Black-on-White and Black-on-Asian violent crime. Obama’s election to the White House has not reduced racism- as the MSM dishonestly ‘predicted’ – but has ratcheted it up, for Obama, his comrades in the Democrat Party and his sponsors in the MSM have been relentlessly playing the racist card. The Media Class and its Leftist allies, as we have frequently pointed out on this website, have obtained and will retain power only by dividing the American people against each other.

A real news service would recognize that it is in the national interest – and especially in the interests of Whites and Asians – to alert the public about an increase in racist-based crime in big cities. We would argue that it is in the true interests of law-abiding Black people to also be aware of the rise of Black racist violence, for few people of any race benefit from unchecked crime. The MSM however is committed to suppressing such news. Consequently the Portland crime and its 14 year old victim have been excluded from the ‘news.’

The Marine story, in contrast, has been plucked from the Internet and given prominence, and readers of this website will know why. Let me say up front, that I don’t think I would urinate on the body of any dead person- not even that of Stalin, Hitler or Pol Pot- for I am always thinking that every child is born innocent and that cruel or neglectful treatment of children produces cruel adults. However, if I had been a Jewish survivor of a Nazi death camp I might have felt differently about urinating on the dead guards. Similarly, if I had emerged from one of Stalin’s Gulags I might have felt great satisfaction in urinating on his body at the Kremlin. If I was Daniel Pearl’s parent I am pretty sure I would want to urinate on every dead or alive Muslim terrorist. It is easy for those of us detached from terror and suffering to be high-minded. The US Marines who have allegedly urinated on dead bodies in Afghanistan, have been, on our behalf, fighting the most cruel enemy of the last few centuries, and have seen many victims, both comrades and Muslim allies.

Any normal citizen in the West will respond to the Marine story with a ‘so what!’ This is a piddling incident – no pun intended – and any outrage generated amongst Muslims is manufactured. What difference does it make to a dead body to be urinated upon? Is this the worst that can happen in a time of war? I hope – forlornly I am sure – that the accused Marines will get medals for their good work in killing a cruel and pitiless enemy. We can be sure that under the Obama regime this will not happen.

Today the MSM is reporting that Jon Huntsman has withdrawn from the Republican race. I assume that he has done so primarily because he has achieved his goal (higher public profile to advance his political career) and knew all along that he had no chance of getting the Republican nomination. His endorsement of Mitt Romney will not enhance Romney’s conservative credentials. Huntsman was the only Republican candidate that I would not have voted for next November, though I would have to hold my nose very tightly to cast a vote for Ron Paul. Romney is not my first choice but I will have no problem voting for him and it certainly looks like he will soon be able to claim the victor’s crown in the current contest.

The Republican primaries have been a disaster for the Right, as the contestants have been busy destroying each other’s reputations with reckless personal attacks. It has become clear that the primary process has now become a catastrophe for conservatives, Christians and Nationalists. The reason is, of course, that we now have a Ruling Media Class that has the untrammeled power of the MSM to distort all that its enemies say and do. It might just be that despite the MSM, Obama will be defeated in November, though I fear that Romney will be destroyed just as unfairly and thoroughly as Palin, Bachman et al.

The weather here in central California has been extremely cold for more than two months. Whilst daytime temperatures have often been in the pleasant upper 60’s and occasional low 70’s-not historically unusual – the nights have been abnormally cold and frosty. This coming week, the forecast is that night temperatures will descend to the 20’s. Rain is finally being forecast. This has been a dry winter so far with the prospect of an approaching drought. The last such drought was in the 1980’s. This time, the Californian population growth of the last two decades will surely produce a water crisis. We can expect the MSM to use such a crisis to focus on alleged climate change whilst ignoring the Nation’s reckless immigration policies.

Music Choice – I own a CD called ‘The Great Jazz Groups’. Its case provides few details but the CD was made by Fantasy, Inc in the Republic of Ireland and was one of a series called ‘Original Jazz Classics’. The number is OJCG1. I recommend it. It features the Dave Brubeck Quartet (Jazz at Oberlin), Nat Adderley, the MJQ, Chet Baker, Art Blakey and Miles Davis (with John Coltrane). It is all fine music and showcases musicians who played for adults in the period before the Media Class reduced popular music to the output of pimply teenagers, guitar strummers, wailing protesting spoiled brats, strutting, mincing perverts and angry screamers.

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