US Elections! Obama has no Coat-tails! Stunning Defeat!

Even before the results were in, the Main Stream Media began the process of spinning them in order to protect the Media Class appointee in the White House. The ruling Media Class cannot afford to let Obama falter while there is still a social and economic revolution to complete and so he had to be distanced from any Democrat losses on Tuesday. Before it was obvious that the electorate was turning Right, President Obama had been out energetically campaigning in Virginia and New Jersey, in the belief that his ‘charisma’ would be decisive. This deluded man may never understand that he has no charisma and few other attributes required by a President. He owes his occupation of the White House entirely to the Main Stream Media (MSM) and the ultra-rich Leftists of Hollywood and their ultra-rich comrades of the Internationalist Left like George Soros. His ‘charisma’ has been manufactured by the same people who can turn morally-challenged neurotics into Stars and Celebrities. He was chosen for his skin color, his history of opportunism, his willingness to associate with radical Leftists and his self-confidence. In other times he might have been recruited by MGM or Universal to be made into a movie star.

In the Virginia race, the Democrat candidate, Creigh Deeds was quick to realize that Obama had no coat-tails and indeed might be a liability, and he soon took to denying that he was an Obama Democrat. In New Jersey, the ex-Wall Street tycoon Jon Corzine assumed that Obama’s support would be helpful and he appeared on many platforms with the President right up to the last minutes of the campaign. It did neither Democrat candidate any good and if anything the defeat of Corzine was more noteworthy than that of Deeds, for New Jersey is a stronghold of Union power and the Left. The swing from Democrat to Republican in both States was stunning and in Virginia just about every contest brought spectacular Republican gains. We are told by the MSM that Obama did not wait up for the results, the implication being that he was disinterested. As always the MSM understands that the general public will swallow any old media nonsense and in this respect they may be right. On this website we assume that the MSM only pumps out propaganda and we can say with confidence that Obama was paying very close attention. Indeed, we believe that this morning, as he meets with his Comrades-in-Government and they ponder the urgent messages from their masters, the President will be an angry and vindictive man. This after all is the one-year anniversary of his coronation. Two things that will not occur to him is that he is less than universally popular and lacking in charisma. He will conclude that the Right wing conspirators need to be put out of business. Neither his wealthy sponsors nor his rank-and-file comrades will allow him to reverse the revolution that has brought him unpopularity with many voters and so the results will be spun and spun by the MSM until the public are ready to believe that the election was an Obama victory and a Republican defeat.

On this website we hold that most people, who pay little attention to politics (being much more interested in TV sport and entertainment), have little insight into their real and instinctive feelings but are very aware of the feelings they should have according to the Media. To put it another way, TV addicts and those who merely scan the headlines put out by the AP, Reuters, Comcast, CNN, the New York Times, Washington Post etc, are brainwashed. Thus when asked by exit poll interviewers and focus group leaders if they voted against President Obama they say ‘no’ because they dare not risk being considered racist. Certainly unemployment, which threatens people more directly than almost any issue, was a factor in the discontent which surfaced in last night’s election results, but it is the policies that Obama is tied to that caused the defeats of his comrades. Most people may tell pollsters that they still truly love Obama but yesterday many of them voted against him and no amount of spin will alter the truth.

Pundits will now speculate about the election effects on the Obama/ Pelosi/ Reid agenda and especially on the revolutionary Health Bill. Many on the Right hope that some Democrats in the House and Senate will now jump ship on the Bill and stall it somewhere in Congress. On this website, where we assert that the Health Bill is simply a device to expand Government and Leftist political domination, we believe that those who are leading a revolution will conclude that the Health Bill, and those other radical Bills in the pipeline, must be accelerated. For down the road, once power has been solidified, are the agenda items that will truly transform not only the USA but ultimately the whole world. The ‘Blue Dog’ Democrats will now be put under tremendous pressure from the Party and its extra-party forces so that they fear them more than they fear the electorate. House Democrats will succumb for they have little job security, but some Senate Democrats, who have 6-year tenure thanks to a wise Constitution, may prove to be a stumbling block. A stalled Health Bill would certainly be a major setback to the Revolutionary agenda and a blow to the shallow politician in the White House. The MSM will be working flat out to avoid that stall, for it is the Media’s own agenda that is at risk.

The New York 23rd Congressional election result was a disappointment. Limbaugh and other conservatives have attempted to play down Hoffman’s narrow defeat, pointing out that Hoffman came into the race late, was underfunded, fought as a Third Party candidate, was saddled with a disunited Republican Party that had been made to look foolish and was less than charismatic. All this and more might be true but we should never under-estimate the power of the Media. Scozzafava’s defection to the Democrats enabled the MSM to portray Hoffman as a moral extremist and this was reinforced by his endorsement by Sarah Palin. Conservatives may admire Palin but the MSM has successfully smeared her in the eyes of those who only read MSM headlines before turning to the sports pages. Hoffman, despite all his handicaps should have won, for he is a good man with good values and it is sad that some of those people who share his values are persuaded to flinch from them. Not that his candidature was all in vain for he has shamed the Country Club Republicans.

This morning the MSM has been predictably quiet about an election result that is of the utmost importance to all of its members. In Maine, the electorate rejected same-sex marriage, even though it had been ‘blessed’ by the State’s legislature and endorsed by the Democratic Governor. The Nation’s homosexual activists had pumped large amounts of money into the campaign and no doubt the billionaires Tim Gill and George Soros saw money as no object in order to achieve the first voter approval of the destruction of real marriage. The Comcast report, one of the few that I could find reported it as a “heartbreaking defeat that unfortunately shows that lies and fear can still win at the ballot box”. Congratulations to Brian Brown of the National Association of Marriage and the other Christian activists who won the day. They were the Davids against the Goliaths. Sadly, the vote for real marriage was not overwhelming but what can we expect when the public schools and Colleges are indoctrinating kids with the homosexual message, and as the Comcast report made clear, the apologists for perversion had the support of Maine’s Governor, its Legislative leaders and major newspapers, plus a huge edge in campaign funding. It would be more accurate to say that the campaign was driven by all the Media, as visitors to this website will already know.

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