US Elections – Conservatives Win a Battle but not the War

The results of yesterday’s mid-term elections are good news for America’s conservatives. With at least 60 Congressional House gains, 6 Senate seats, 7 Governorships and the capture of 19 State Legislatures, the conservative forces in America have regained a significant voice, confidence and an advantage in the future redistribution of the electoral map.

By the same token, the Media Class and its Leftist forces in America have suffered a major setback in their drive to remake the USA. If the conservatives have regained confidence then it follows that the Leftist forces must now be in some disarray. Prior to Tuesday’s day of reckoning, the Media, sensing a setback, spent the final few days exaggerating the extent of likely Republican gains – this in order to present the final result as ‘not as bad as expected’.

We can speculate that behind the scenes, the Leftists and their Media Class masters are experiencing internal divisions and a good deal of recriminations, infighting and a search for scapegoats. Nevertheless, the Mainstream Media (MSM) will ensure that in the months to come we will only hear about divisions amongst Republicans and especially divisions between the grass-roots newcomers and the Republican old guard. These divisions, no matter how small, will be magnified as part of a strategy to support the Obama tactic of appealing for compromise from the victors. Neither Obama, his Leftist comrades nor their Media Class masters have any intention of compromising for they are engaged in a revolutionary civil war and unlike their opponents, they know it. We are not living in a period when the major political forces and their Parties share common ground. The rise to power of a new Ruling Class, with a revolutionary social agenda that requires the obliteration of the Old (Christian) Order, means that common ground no longer exists between the old and the new. In order for the Media Class agenda to succeed, the conservative interests and beliefs of the traditionalists must be defeated and erased and this requires setting aside, as a prelude to destruction, such barriers to revolutionary change as the Constitution, the dominance of the native people and the concept of ‘American Exceptionalism’. The revolutionary forces (or what some refer to it as, the ‘Culture War’ forces) that have increasingly polarized all American civil life since the 1970’s, will not abandon their struggle to achieve complete victory and Tuesday’s setback will only intensify their impatience and determination to become more ruthless.

We saw much evidence of that ruthless and brazen disregard for old fashioned standards of decency in this election. The well-coordinated and unprincipled attacks on Sharon Angle, Christine O’Donnell, Joe Miller, Meg Whitman and others showed the power of the MSM to single out and defeat those seen as the biggest threats and, like acts of terrorism, intimidate many, many more from entering the public arena as social conservatives. We can expect to see sustained personal attacks intensify on those conservatives who made it through this election. Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and especially conservatives like Rubio with ‘minority’ credentials, had better be sure that they stay a million miles away from the slightest scandal. Ted Kennedy might have been able to easily overcome culpability in a young woman’s death and a continued life of debauchery, Barney Frank may be able to sail through scandal after scandal, but should Rand Paul unwittingly employ an illegal gardener, he can expect to be crucified in every Media outlet until he offers a groveling apology.

Will the Media Class turn on their man in the White House, for he has, more than any other single Leftist politician, inspired the conservative rally? I think not! True, Obama’s cockiness, his appetite for the fruits of office, his time on the golf course, his inability to coherently explain his policies, his dependence on the teleprompter and his intellectual shallowness have turned off independents and fired up conservatives but it is the MSM that has given him daily wall-to-wall coverage. It might decide to keep him more out of the public eye but I doubt it for the Media Class itself is addicted to publicity and unable to control its addiction. For Obama and his masters, continual exposure alone justifies existence. It is possible that powerful people in Hollywood or billionaires like Tim Gill and George Soros will conspire to replace Obama but if so, I cannot see the Clintons being resurrected and who else is there? Too much has been invested in Obama and in any case the Black vote is a crucial element in the coalition of minorities that powers the Leftist vote all across America. I predict that the Media Class will concentrate on creating scandals for conservative ‘stars’ and sowing dissension in Republican ranks. They probably assume that they have two years to achieve results.

This brings me to California, where the majority of people have ignored economic realities and re-elected politicians who do the same. I have often been struck by the way that Californians (even conservatives) will refer me to a movie or TV program when trying to make a point, whether it be about child-rearing, moral dilemmas or history. It seems as if Californians take all their cues from the Media. On this website we have always insisted that a Media Class is unable, due to its constituent parts, to discern reality from fantasy. Add to this that two key elements in the constituent parts are addicted to sex, drugs and perversion and we can understand why ‘living for today’ applies not only to risky moral behavior but to economic behavior too. What I am saying is that Californians have increasingly come to inhabit a fantasy land and cannot see beyond living for today. In a State where history can be remade – turned on its head – by a film-maker and then enters the people’s psyche as a reality, why should economic reality not suffer rejection? This partly explains why Californians, aware that their State is more than just bankrupt, have elected politicians who also disregard financial realities. There is more to it, of course. This is a State where the number of Government employees exceeds all other places except Washington DC. Since all are unionized and have long enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with the Democrat Party rulers and where the Unions that represent them also fund the political process, it is no surprise that these hordes of Union members will continue to vote against economic realities.

It is simply self-interest, even if short-sighted. And add to this that California is now largely inhabited by minorities who understandably know and care little for America’s history and Constitution and that the State also harbors a rich and powerful minority that is intent on making a cultural/moral revolution and we can see why yesterday’s conservative wave broke at the Sierras. The last element is corruption of the voting process. I believe that California is one of the States where fraud and ballot-rigging are officially sanctioned and rampant.

California, like several spent-out Leftist States, has been able to postpone economic reality because the Obama regime is subsidizing it with Federal money. How long can this go on? New Governor Jerry Brown and his comrades in Sacramento probably hope the answer is ‘indefinitely’ but maybe a conservative majority in the House will be able to halt such bale-outs. If so, Californians will be forced to enter the real world before 2012 and the Leftist strangle-hold on the State will be broken. Of course, Obama’s next two years might be overtaken by the hyper-inflation that is surely being stoked by every financial decision of his Government. Obama and his comrades are only accountable to the Media Class that propelled them into office and maintains them there with lies and propaganda, and so we should not be surprised that they also live for today. Some might argue that they have a more sinister master plan and that is to drive America into bankruptcy so that a Socialist revolution can take place. On this website we hold that the Media Class has little interest in Socialism and the long term but is driven by more carnal and materialist needs.

My eye was caught by some facts revealed by last week’s Washington Times (a Right-leaning newspaper). I had always assumed that the biggest ‘community’ of homosexuals was in LA and the second in San Francisco. Apparently not, according to the last census! Washington DC leads in male same-sex households and Massachusetts in lesbian households. I suppose we should not be surprised that the homosexual community is especially clustered near Government.

Finally I would like to pay tribute to all those candidates who took on the Media Class and suffered disgusting personal attacks without throwing in the towel. Top of that list are Christine O’Donnell, Sharon Angle and Meg Whitman. Congratulations also to Vander Plaats of Iowa For Freedom and to the National Organization for Marriage who helped to defeat three judges in Iowa who had taken it upon themselves to ignore the legislative process by imposing same-sex marriage. Tim Gill and George Soros have suffered a setback at the hands of the people.

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