US Election Day results confirm position of ruling Media

The newsreaders could not conceal their joy when delivering the results of Tuesday’s election results in the U.S.A. Bad news for Conservatives and Republicans is always good news for Media people and their ability to twist the truth never ceases to amaze. In this instance the results were made to sound like a disaster for the Right. That Corzine held New Jersey for the Democrats was hardly a surprise given that it is a safe Democrat State and he is one of the wealthiest politicians in the USA. He spends astronomical sums on his electoral battles. Virginia too, already had a Democratic Governor, so neither were a big deal. The defeats for Schwarzenegger in California were hardly surprising either, given that he had taken on the Public Service Unions in a trial of strength. Like Corzine, the Teacher’s Unions in California have relatively unlimited resources and can swamp the TV screens and Airwaves with propaganda. Naturally, they are not held to account for accuracy by the Media and so can twist facts with impunity. On top of this the Unions have an army of paid officials who can campaign, and millions of accessible Union voters with a vested interest in preserving privileges. For once, Arnold was the David taking on the Public Service Goliath and he never overcame the Media blackout on his message to voters.

More crucial than all of these factors, however, is the power of the Media Class to shape the news and peddle dishonest information. The plain truth is that most people in democracies do not follow politics closely and never get beyond the headlines in the newspapers (unless the story is about pop-stars or movie-stars, fashion-models or sports-personalities, or perhaps consumer goods) nor the TV news soundbites. Few take an interest in politics and so are easily influenced by repeated propaganda.

Rush Limbaugh and other conservative mavericks on Talk Radio dismissed the Media’s spin on the election results and claimed that the results had no significance. We on this website disagree! The Limbaughs of Talk Radio believe because the Leftist monopoly on news is broken, and they themselves have a sizeable and attentive audience, that we have entered a new era.

On the contrary, we think that the Media Class continues to advance its agenda and increase its power, day by day. Conservative Talk Radio, the Fox News Channel and websites like ours are no match for the might of the Mainstream Media and its allies. Bush and the Republican Party are receiving death by a thousand cuts and so probably is Blair, now a Media Class enemy because of his support for Bush and the struggle against terrorism.

In truth, Christian and conservative forces everywhere are on the defensive all of the time. Tuesday’s Texas vote for traditional marriage is little comfort as the Courts will ultimately bend to Media pressure and set aside voter choice. This may all sound defeatist and so it is, but nothing will stop the Media Class advance unless the forces of the Right recognize who is the real enemy. “Know your enemy” is a precondition for any successful resistance.

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