US Armed Forces Being Purged

For the benefit of new visitors to our website, and for the benefit of those who fail to fully understand our mission, here is what we contend.   The USA has experienced the rise of a new Class which we call the Media Class. With the success of its candidates in the 2008 elections that Class became our Ruling Class, the first ruling class in America’s history. The Media Class and its allies had been exerting an increasingly dominating influence on America’s social and economic policies from the 1970’s onwards but it was the rigged election of Obama and his comrades in their extremist Democrat Party that enabled the Media Class to finally capture legislative power. Obama, as the Media Class candidate had vowed to “fundamentally transform America” in his election campaign and that statement was nothing less than a declaration of Revolutionary intent on behalf of his sponsors. 

    We have always pointed out that the numerically small Media Class, whose agenda – reflecting its own libertine composition – is focused on social/moral revolution, has had to forge alliances in order to gain control of the indoctrination of the young, acquire a loyal voting bloc in the corrupt inner cities and exert control over the machinery of government. Consequently, the Media Class has used its domination of the Mainstream Media (MSM) to favor the Leftists of Academia, the culturally alienated and economically dependent African American population, and the organized public service workforce, whose joint agenda is the economic transformation of America from a market economy to a Socialist one. All partners in this alliance favor the triumph of Government power and the elimination of opposition in their march to an inevitable totalitarianism. The Media Class, with its great wealth, near-total control of News and Entertainment, and its power to destroy or elevate citizens and politicians, is the dominating partner of the coalition. Over the last 5 years, the Government of Obama and his comrades has been implementing the revolutionary agenda of those who funded and organized its election victories. 

    The Revolutionary agenda of the new Ruling Class, thanks to its power, skill and near-monopoly of the MSM and also to the ineptitude, complacency and disunity of America’s Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists, is being implemented in the same manner as the ‘boiling of the frog’. Our new Rulers understand that they are carrying out a true revolution that is characterized by its ideological basis and the interests of its coalition. Their revolution requires a ruthlessly complete break from all of America’s past and from America’s unique and morally conservative Constitution. They reject the evolutionary nature and Constitutionalism of the conventional politics of the past and have no intention of negotiating, compromising or surrendering the governing power they have now attained. They intend to silence and then root out all opposition, which in practice means eliminating America’s Conservatives, Traditional Christians and Nationalists. On this website we characterize these opposition groups as involuntary counter-revolutionaries. Unfortunately for America’s future none of the traditionalist communities fully comprehend that they are engaged in a revolutionary struggle. 

    Most assume that the old rules of politics still apply and they fail to recognize that America finally has a Ruling Class with a Revolutionary agenda. The “fundamental transformation of America” will have no room for counter-revolutionaries. Of all previous revolutions in history perhaps the French Revolution offers us the best example of the ideological nature of this profoundly anti-Christian and anti-Conservative one. 

    On this website we do not lay out our beliefs in order to be different, to be radical for the sake of it, or to be shocking. We are committed to seeing things as they are, looking beneath the surface, noting the lessons of history and never dismissing what our lying eyes seem to be telling us. 

    Revolutionary regimes rarely enjoy truly popular support at their commencement and are always ultimately deeply unpopular when it becomes obvious that the masses must experience oppression as the Rulers prosper. Their activists sense this and therefore seek repressive powers as early as possible. The machinery of government is the first to be captured and turned into a revolutionary instrument of power. We see this happening now with the revelations of the IRS persecution of counter-revolutionaries, the brazen misuse of the DOJ and the marginalization of Christianity. The US Judiciary has been successfully captured at the highest level with the appointment of Leftist activists and the surrender and betrayal by Chief Justice Roberts. Now, the Armed Forces are being radically transformed. Experienced Generals are retired by Obama and the homosexualization program requires that serving Christians be dismissed. Much of this is taking place beneath the general population’s radar, thanks to the power of the MSM. Last week came the low-key announcement that the Army is closing 13 Reserve Officers’ Training Corps programs at colleges in mostly rural and conservative areas. This news has come as a shock to the colleges concerned. The official rational is that they were producing too few officers, yet many had been instructed to cut back on the number of cadets entering their programs. In place of these rural and conservative-leaning colleges the Army will switch its recruitment to New York, Chicago and other big cities. Columbia, Harvard and other ‘elite’ schools, which in the past closed their programs to protest the Armed Forces ban on homosexual activists, are now going to be opened for recruitment. In the context of the Revolution we contend is taking place, we assert that this is part of an Obama program to purge the armed forces of the conservatives of fly-over country and stuff the military at officer level with alienated minorities, Leftists and homosexuals. There is no institution that cannot be transformed into a repressive instrument of force for use against the people deemed to be obstructing progress. 

    Weather – Here in middle California the predicted heat wave did not materialize and instead we are experiencing a pleasant and mild October. In the UK I am informed that the weather is normal for the season and that the seas have not yet risen.

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