United Kingdom – A Legacy To Be Squandered?

Alex Salmond, the leader of the Scottish National Party and an MP in the British Parliament has recently been telling Americans that the Scottish people want complete independence. He is free to say so, though we should be wary of anyone who claims to know what a ‘people’ want. Experience of life usually teaches us that there are often as many opinions as people.

Salmond gloats “the latest numbers show 52% of Scots and 59% of English people are in favor of Scottish independence”. Presumably he is referring to some recent opinion poll. If this poll is accurate, it tells us more about the English wanting independence from Scotland’s (socialist) politicians than anything else.

Salmond seems to feel bolstered by this opinion poll, though his party has yet to make much headway in Scotland where the Labour Party continues to dominate. In any case, opinion polls are a poor guide to those seeking enlightenment on fundamental issues. Opinion polls can be tools for manipulation. Much depends on the questions asked and who is selected for questioning. Pollsters rarely frame questions that require reflection and deep consideration, nor put them in an appropriate context. Opinion polls are suitable for the unimportant issues of life such as a preference for Coke or Pepsi.

If around half of the English and the Scots are tired of each other’s company, as this poll suggests, it may be just a passing mood. It might also be related to widespread weariness with politics and the mainstream parties.

It would not be surprising however if a great many people both north and south of the border did not care much about the future of the British State. In order to pave the way for entry into the European Union and to facilitate the opening of the borders to the Third World, the Media Class and their politicians have been doing all they can to denigrate Britain’s past, to rewrite history, to suppress the native culture, to erase the memory of past heroes and to impose alien cultures on the people.

Britain’s enemies in Europe (and there are several nursing longstanding hostility) will be all too pleased to encourage the fragmentation of a once-great State and they have many allies on the internationalist Left within the nation itself. Most of the millions of foreigners who have settled in the UK since 1950 also could care less about preserving the integrity of the State. Why should they, if many of the native people seem not to care either?

There is little reason for either the Welsh or the Scottish people to feel proud about belonging to a State in which the majority race allows its borders to be opened to all and sundry and is passive about absorption into the EU. Who would want to go down with a sinking ship? Anyone who has paid attention to the British betrayal of the loyalist citizens of Ulster would conclude that there is no self-belief in the rest of the UK and little backbone.

It is the contention of Mr. Radical and Mr. Right that no generation has the moral right to throw away true national independence, no matter how attractive the rewards may look in the near term. A great national state (and Britain has been that for centuries) is achieved through loyalty, inspiration, the sacrifice of blood and treasure and the flowering of native genius. Even if EU membership could guarantee the British people greater affluence for the next 50 years, this generation has no right to trade the nation’s historical independence for their own material gain. Independence and territorial integrity are held in trust by each generation, to be defended at any cost and then passed on. And who can be sure that submersion in the European behemoth will not lead to catastrophe further down the road? The same unpredictability applies to the mass immigration that is destroying the nation’s homogeneity. The British politicians responsible for it are guilty of more than recklessness. Treachery is the most appropriate word!

In any case, the Welsh and Scottish self-styled ‘nationalist’ parties are fraudulent, for neither wish to maintain the ethnic and cultural identities of their peoples, and as tiny political entities within Europe, Wales and Scotland would count for nothing. Together with England and Ulster they would have to submit increasingly totalitarian laws to Brussels. The nationalist parties of Wales and Scotland are best described as opportunist movements led by opportunists. The Welsh Nationalist Party has even declared that it would like Wales to become more racially and culturally diversified! Given that the UK is steadily abandoning political and economic independence in order to be absorbed into a European State and given that the Welsh and Scottish Nationalists also wish to be a part of the new Europe, what is the ‘independence” worth and from whom are they intending to gain it from? The only justification for the existence of nationalist parties in Wales or Scotland would be if they advocated leaving the United Kingdom in order to avoid entry into Europe.

All is not as it seems on the media-created surface however. At the same time as many people slouch in front of their TV sets and rely on soccer victories for a patriotic fix, there is evidence of a rebirth of genuine nationalism across the nations of Great Britain. The British National Party is making real headway and is enjoying momentum, in Scotland and Wales as well as England. It might appear that cynicism and lethargy have taken hold, but a renewed patriotism is emerging at the grass roots.

Mr. Radical and Mr. Right have their reservations about some of the BNP economic policies, but there is no doubt that the party is providing leadership and renewed energy for British nationalists in England, Wales and Scotland.

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