Ulster Bloody Sunday Inquest – Cameron continues sucking up to the Media Class and Left

In 1972 a revolutionary situation was developing in Northern Ireland. The ingredients for violence included the long-standing irredentism of many in the Catholic minority, the hostility of the Catholic Church towards a divided Ireland and the presence of a small band of very violent Marxist terrorists who had been frustrated in their bid for power in the South. The Irish Republican Army, a terrorist organization that fought in civilian clothes and hid amongst the Catholic population on both sides of the border, had enjoyed little success in the South (Eire) where the Garda and the Government had long since decided that it did not want a Communist United Ireland. In the North (Ulster) the B-Specials and the Royal Ulster Constabulary had been ruthless in crushing terrorist cells.

In the 1970’s however, two connected things disturbed the relative tranquility. The Media Class began to exert its political power and the Universities began producing a generation of half-educated, unemployable, privileged discontents. Queen’s University in Belfast, like most other places of ‘learning’, now began to spew out young revolutionaries with degrees in sociology, Marxism, a sense of entitlement, and a belief that an ex-student’s job was to create a Socialist world by agitation of the masses and by leading protest movements that would bring society to a standstill. These revolutionaries were willing to latch on to any existing ‘movements’ that offered opportunities and in Ulster this meant joining forces with the Republican Army and demanding a ‘United Ireland’. The Leftist Media Class, stuffed with Feminists, Champagne Socialists and all those sexual minorities who welcomed the breakdown of traditional beliefs, had every reason to detest the Protestant working class of Ulster, for these people were old-fashioned Christians with a strong work ethic and a deep sense of patriotism. (Many Catholics in the South remained sympathetic to the UK. When Eire refused to fight Nazism in 1939, they joined the British Armed forces in their thousands.)

The young Marxist agitators of Belfast and Londonderry who began to demand ‘Civil Rights’ and a United Ireland and lead mass protests knew they would be creating a dangerous environment, for Ulster was divided on religious grounds and the Free State of Eire had been born in violence and civil war only some 30 years before. The protest marches they organized regularly ended with rioting and offered camouflage for the gunmen of the Republican Army. Adding to the incendiary atmosphere was the Media reporting of all Ulster events, for the Media, led by the BBC, was busy providing propaganda and world-wide sympathy for the agitators. Bernadette Devlin, a hard-bitten Feminist and Leftist agitator, became the Media’s darling and the equivalent of Joan of Arc. The situation in Ulster quickly became dangerously lawless and the British Government was forced to supplement the RUC with troops. The ‘protestors’ were not ‘Tea Garden’ crowds of educated tax payers but angry mobs of young rioters seasoned with hard-line revolutionaries. The Paras were brought in to relieve the exhausted RUC and in Londonderry on a Sunday in January 1972 the mob violence soon turned into stone-throwing. The Paras, trained to fight and faced with an insurrectionary mob opened fire on orders from their commanding officer. The troops and their leader claimed that they were fired upon from within the mob. Given that the Republican Army was active in Londonderry this seems likely. 13 members of the protesting mob were killed and another died later from gunshot wounds.

No doubt few of those protesting were revolutionaries-just young unemployed people from public housing caught up in the heady fashion of the times and being manipulated by dedicated agitators with an agenda. The events that day were a predictable and accidental tragedy, though the 14 deaths were soon eclipsed by planned and pitiless IRA killings of very innocent citizens of both religions. However in true Leftist and Media Class fashion, the ensuing propaganda has forever dubbed it ‘Bloody Sunday’ and to this day the Media Class and its Leftist comrades have polished its memory whilst thoroughly erasing the many dreadful acts carried out by the IRA and its political wing Sinn Fein. In order to continue the rewriting of history to suit Leftist propaganda and the Media Class agenda, Tony Blair set up a Commission. Its job was to ‘investigate’ and apportion blame, even though some 20 years had elapsed. Now it has reported to a fanfare from the World’s Media and predictably put all the blame on the troops. We should not be surprised that the new Tory Prime Minister, Cameron, has welcomed this whitewash of the Leftists. Like his counterpart in the White House, he is very happy to side with his Nation’s enemies and suck up to the Media Class. Now there will be a Leftist-led witch-hunt for surviving soldiers.

If the situation in Ulster is now peaceful because of the presence of Gerry Adams in Government, it would surely make sense to put the ‘Bloody Sunday’ events into the past. What can be gained in a society that is still sectarian to reopen old wounds? How can the facts surrounding volatile events three decades ago be accurately sifted from lies, faulty memory and partisan impressions? Will there be ten-year enquiries into IRA atrocities, of which there were many? The Protestant working class of Ulster has long been a symbol of all that those who now rule in the UK and Europe fear and despise. Recent election results in Holland, Belgium and Hungary are a reminder that ordinary people, who have nothing to gain from abandoning old ties and identity, and who ‘cling to guns and religion’ – to use an American parallel – might yet sabotage the Media Class agenda and the ‘One World’ paradise of rich Leftists. Cameron is eager to clothe himself in a progressive suit and win the support of the Media Class. Like his mentor in the White House, apologizing to enemies, rewriting official history, and condemning his own countrymen whilst pushing homosexual rights and marginalizing Christians, is the key to winning the support of the rich revolutionaries of the Media Class.

I intended to resume listening to Rush Limbaugh this week. After all, anything is better than the Leftist mis-information of the MSM. Unfortunately, Rush on his return from honeymoon with his fourth wife, had to regale his listeners with detailed news about an addition to his family. No, the Limbaughs are not planning to have a baby! Media Class people no longer have children and buckle down to the long slog of sustaining Western Christian society. Instead we had to hear about another dog and its cute habits. Now the Limbaughs have a “his” and “hers” and a day has been set aside so that the new addition can be introduced to the wider Limbaugh family. Meanwhile the excellent Mark Levin on his radio Show, (his caustic attacks on Obama have no equal), revealed his delight when his dog crapped on the studio floor. It is a sad fact that these Media Class mavericks have too many of the characteristics of their Class-emotional damage. How else can we explain their elevation of dogs over children and the decline in the Western birthrate?

I have two requests to ask of website visitors. First, please donate money to the National Organization for Marriage which is fighting a David versus Goliath battle against the homosexual billionaires. In contrast to Limbaugh, who avoids the same-sex marriage issue but gives a million dollars to Reggie Dwight (aka Elton John), NOM’s heroic Brian Brown has six children!!

Secondly, can someone slip the Joan Hinton story (covered in our last article) into one of the big conservative websites? This story should not die!

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