Ukraine’s Partition Next?

In our previous article we cautioned American conservatives against taking sides in the unfolding events of a State that has historically been squeezed between powerful and ruthless neighbors.   We also pointed out that Ukraine’s modern history is complicated and unfortunate. Few nations have been more unhappily placed geographically, other than Poland and the Baltic States. All suffered from the triumph of Bolshevist imperialism in Russia in 1917 and later from the Hitler-led perversion of German Nationalism into National Socialist imperialism. Ukrainians had to learn to survive under totalitarian Socialism of both brands – Class War Communism and Darwinian Racial Socialism. Not surprisingly, Ukraine’s people are sorely divided. To make matters much worse, the Ukraine is now becoming a surrogate battleground between Russian irredentism and American-backed EU World Order expansionism. No good can come of this, either for the residents of the Ukraine or for those Western peoples whose leaders might be sucked into intervention. We continue to maintain that the American people have no skin in this game. 

    America’s Mainstream Media (MSM) leans towards an interventionism largely fueled by hostility to Putin for his recent anti-homosexual policies and publicly demonstrated contempt for Obama. But there are other subterranean components in the US Ruling Class that also have an agenda that would be advanced by Ukraine’s absorption into the EU. The MSM is united in denouncing Putin and claiming that he is promoting violence against the new government. This is a bit rich considering that the pro-EU protestors who drove an elected leader from power almost certainly were funded and armed from America and the EU, both of which are now offering funds to the new, arguably illegitimate, Kiev Government. 

    On this website we practice asking simple basic questions – the sort that easily get overlooked and yet, when answered, lead to a new and more accurate assessment, usually revealing that the MSM/Ruling Media Class is manipulating us all. In our previous article we noted that the Kiev protestors had exhibited great staying-power and seemed surprisingly well-fed and well-armed. Here is why we saw this as significant. 

    Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists (the Right) in the West and USA rarely mount protests. When they do, it is usually at weekends and their protests are short-lived. Leftists mount protests at the drop of a hat and often their protests are sustained for days and even weeks. The most passive are called vigils and others are called sit-ins or pickets and sometimes, as with the violent Occupy Movement, they go on for weeks, even months. The reasons for this disparity are that the Right consists of people who work in the private sector or are running small businesses (making a living in a competitive world), and they are frequently conscientious family people with children or other dependents whose domestic commitments take priority. They feel obliged to act with dignity and to carefully respect laws and the rights of others. Many risk hostility and persecution at work – from Unions and Corporate Business leaders – and for small-firm owners, lost business by being identified and picketed. In contrast, Leftist protestors are often permanent or semi-permanent students, college employees, other public sector Union employees, unemployed (unemployable) and squatters and members of the many ‘Human Rights’ groups that are richly funded by Soros and other wealthy social revolutionaries. The Right-wing protestors have much to fear from the MSM (and now the lawless government of Obama/Holder). The Leftist protestors are protected and supported by the MSM and are marching with the government’s approval. This was amply demonstrated in Wisconsin when the Left attempted to get rid of Governor Walker by mass picketing and violent demonstrations 

    Outside of the US, few ordinary citizens can own guns. It is almost certain that in the Ukraine the ordinary population was ‘gun-less’. The protestors who brought down the President had staying-power and arms and we can speculate that the hard core elements were not conservatives or Christian family people. It is possible that some were Nationalists but many must have been sponsored by, and some armed, from the West. Perhaps – just perhaps – many were patriots who wanted a genuinely independent and free Ukraine and were willing to make a huge sacrifice. If so, they are unlikely to succeed, given the outside forces at work. Putin is already ensuring that the Crimea remains under Russian influence and it would be surprising if he did not exert control over Eastern Ukraine. It is on his doorstep and why should he fear the ignorant (of foreign affairs and history) opportunist in the White House or the faceless manipulators of the EU whose snouts are permanently in the trough? Partition on Putin’s terms seems a likely outcome. One thing is certain and that is that the American MSM will not report honestly. 

    In the MSM, the Left’s views and agenda are always camouflaged or concealed, but in the pages of those publications that are intended for Leftist and perverts’ eyes only, the totalitarian core of the Left is often revealed, the writers secure in the knowledge that the MSM will respect their privacy. Occasionally, conservatives get a peek and through the Internet and then Talk Radio feed them to a wider audience. Sandra Korn recently wrote in The Harvard Crimson (the Daily newspaper of the University) under the title “Freedom gets in the way of social justice” the following nugget of intellectual thought: 

    “Controversial views promote sexism, bigotry and hate. If our university community opposes racism, sexism and heterosexism, why should we put up with research that counters our goals simply in the name of ‘academic freedom’?” 

    One has to wonder how she forgot to include climate denial in her list of outrages. Here we see the logical evolution of the Leftist tactic of getting Colleges, businesses and other institutions to adopt a mission statement that includes revolutionary social/political issues and which can then be used to stifle dissent and purge intellectual and moral opposition. The trick is to have a moral/political mission statement adopted that appears to be harmless posturing. Once adopted, the statement can be gradually used to deny employment to Conservatives, traditional Christians and opponents of immigration, indeed almost anyone with whom the Left disagrees but cannot refute with argument and facts. Stopping college research that might refute Leftist goals is only one consequence of this strategy. 

    Ms. Korn will almost certainly rise in Leftist (Democrat Party) ranks as soon as she finishes her studies and activism and will be eased effortlessly into a position in the government bureaucracy or into big business where she can advance her hatred of all freedom of thought and expression. An example is the SSM issue. Once SSM is lawful it will inevitably follow that any criticism of it will be intolerable to Ms. Korn and her comrades and ‘bigots’, ‘sexists’ and ‘hate-mongers’ will be denied employment. We are very near to a one-party State. 

    We recommend a visit to the BNP website to learn about the arrest and detention of BNP councilor Dawn Charlton in Maryport. She was later released without charges. Yet another example of the police state that the UK has now quietly become. 

    Weather – Days of heavy rain in middle California has ended the drought. MSM pictures of brown hills have not been relevant for at least two weeks. Everywhere is luminous green though much more rain is needed to sustain California’s burgeoning population. In the UK, the storms have abated and cool cloudy weather has returned. Sea levels have yet to rise.

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