Ukraine and the Dow

On this website we certainly never claim to be experts on the Nation’s (or the world’s) financial and economic matters.   We view the stock market in the same way that we view gambling on horse racing. It is the insiders who make the assured profits, for they have the accurate knowledge about the true state of affairs of a business. Many, many years ago I had a close friend who was a gambler and also worked in a betting shop and he put me wise to the way it all worked and why ‘bookies’ rarely went out of business. Of course, some outsiders (the mugs) got lucky from time to time but those who made money always knew the winning horse before the race started. 

    It is surely the same with the stock market. The difference today in the USA and elsewhere is that although knowing which companies are doing well (or badly) before results are officially declared eliminates risk, government’s policies and imminent actions play a bigger role. 

    Knowing which companies and industries Obama is going to select for favorable legislation and government contracts is the key to investing (betting) successfully and who doubts that those big corporate donators to the Democrat Party and Leftist causes (SSM) are regularly tipped off. For the little guy to join the big guys in successful investing (betting) it seems that the best guide at the present time is to watch the Federal printing presses that churn out dollars. Yes, I know that in the USA they don’t actually print the currency quite like the German government did in the early 1930’s hyper-inflation, but today the Fed simply allows the government to issue credit to banks and spend way above what it receives from taxation. It is pretty much the same thing as printing money however and only widespread unemployment prevents massive inflation and the speedy drop in the purchasing power of the dollar in your pocket. The extra credit passed to the banks is going into the stock market and not creating real demand and real jobs. This failure to create demand for goods is a mystery and must have something to do with confidence, or lack of it, in the economy. 

    This brings me to the events in the Ukraine. On the Monday that it became clear that Putin’s troops had occupied the Crimea and were in a position to occupy all of the Ukraine east of the Knieper river, the DJIA dropped some 150 points. Anyone who compares this situation to the Balkans in 1914 reveals an ignorance of history. Personally I see no big war between Russia and the US/West on the horizon, for neither Russia nor the US/West have sufficient armed forces and their populations have no war fever. But these international tensions always initially spook small investors. I would have predicted that the next day the market would slide a little further and so on until it became clearer that Putin’s interference in his neighbor’s affairs have little effect on the World’s economies. Instead, the DJIA bounced back and upward. Why? What happened to restore investors’ confidence so quickly? 

    Well, Obama and Kerry have huffed and puffed with tough but constrained talk so that the Mainstream Media (MSM) can present them as Action Men, cool heads and students of history (post history?) but the one significant event has been that Obama has promised the illegitimate Ukrainian government 1 billion dollars of US money. Since he and the USA do not have any spare money – only massive debt and unsustainable commitments – those printing presses are going to be ramped up a little more. The Fed will not be cutting credit any time soon and so big investors in the DJIA are reassured and all is well. Since many other Western Nations (all ruled by their respective Media Classes) are mostly recklessly printing money too, the dollar does not fare too badly in exchange rates, though it has lost significant ground. It seems to us that the stock market’s current confidence is based on the Fed’s policy of propping up Obama and his government. 

    The MSM in the USA and elsewhere is expert at compartmentalizing ‘news’ and information, as well as hiding, suppressing and doctoring it. For example, in the UK it ramps up concerns about water shortages without mentioning a connection with mass immigration and unsustainable population growth. In the USA the MSM constantly compartmentalizes news so that contradictory facts, or facts that would add enlightenment if put together, are manipulated. The MSM and its chosen ‘experts’ will print tables about national educational achievement (and comment on them) whilst concealing race – unless race can be introduced to further a Leftist agenda. Thus Obama’s promise of a 1 billion dollar gift to the Ukraine is divorced by the MSM from any comment about America’s spending problems and government debt. Those problems will appear on another page or at another time when it suits the Media Class to complain that not enough is being spent on Black schools or on America’s infrastructure. As we constantly warn on this website, having contact with the MSM is as risky to your health as having contact with someone with the bubonic plague. 

    Congratulations to the UK’s BNP! It is demanding that the mother of Lee Rigby be made a Baroness and awarded other symbols of national support. For the benefit of American website visitors, Lee Rigby is the poor unfortunate young soldier who was brazenly hacked to death in broad daylight in front of many passers-by. His butchers were two Muslim immigrants who blessed Allah as they carved him up and then waited for arrest. Both received long prison sentences at the Old Bailey last week, for the UK long ago abandoned the capital punishment that is appropriate for most killers and certainly for these two vile creatures. Swift capital punishment would be the best way of achieving some justice for Lee but Leftists and spineless Tories in the UK (avid supporters of abortion), view capital punishment as uncivilized – or so they claim! As always in Nations that are busy retreating from real civilization and embracing decadence, ‘life’ imprisonment never amounts to life, victims of murder are soon forgotten, and their killers get early release either from ‘humanitarian’ concerns, some unprincipled deal or to placate an activist group. We can be pretty certain that Lee’s killers will not serve life and meanwhile will enjoy all the special treatment that Muslim murderers in jail receive out of respect for their religion of peace. 

    But back to Mrs. Rigby and the BNP – which incidentally campaigns for the return of capital punishment. Many years ago – 1993 – a 19 year old Black man died on a London street. His name was Stephen Lawrence. It was alleged that 5 white youths attacked Lawrence at a bus stop late at night and stabbed him once or twice before running away. 

    Almost immediately, activists adopted the case and the MSM and its Leftist allies were quick to incorporate his death into their wider causes of mass immigration, Black victimization and White guilt. American conservatives will know all about these tactics, though homosexuals have since trumped black youths as a selected victim class, notwithstanding Trayvon Martin. 

    The UK’s MSM and its Leftist allies began a witch-hunt for the white youths and charged the police with a lack of energy borne of ‘institutional’ racial prejudice. The London police force was purged and re-educated (brainwashed) with political correctness as a consequence of this campaign. Two white youths were subsequently tried but the case was dismissed for lack of evidence and lack of reliable witnesses, but Lawrence’s parents and others campaigned on. Eventually the two white youths were retried – the law of double jeopardy being rescinded for this purpose – by a Labour Government. 

    They were found guilty, allegedly as a result of new evidence, and sentenced to life in prison. The MSM presented Lawrence as a young man on the cusp of a professional career, though the BNP and others with local knowledge claim otherwise. In truth he may have been a typical teenager caught up in the urban jungle that mass immigration had already spawned. The white youths were undoubtedly young thugs but whether their retrial was based on real evidence or a witch-hunt fueled by race politics, is difficult to judge. Americans who have followed the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case will know that the MSM and a conniving police and judiciary are capable of inventing facts in pursuit of a larger agenda. 

    The MSM and its Leftist allies have, ever since, milked Lawrence’s unfortunate death for all it is worth. Americans would do well to study this British saga for their Ruling Media Class and Leftist allies intend to milk the Martin death in the same way. According to the BNP website (and we always recommend it as worth a daily visit) Lawrence’s mother, Doreen, was awarded the OBE in 2003, made a Life Peer in 2010 and became Baroness Lawrence of Clarendon in 2013. Any parent will understand Doreen’s grief but she has been used as a symbol and has done nothing to justify this ongoing attention. There is now an online petition to rename Heathrow Airport ‘The Stephen Lawrence Airport’. Meanwhile many young white males have died – some hideously – as victims of black racial attacks and are totally ignored by the MSM and Britain’s Ruling Class. 

    The BNP is calling for Lee Rigby’s mother to receive the same recognition as Mrs. Lawrence and they have hit upon a good tactic for political gain. The Party is fully aware that Mrs. Rigby will not get the Doreen Lawrence treatment. Indeed she and her late son – a soldier who served his country and was a wholly innocent victim of immigration from the Third World – will be deliberately erased from history by the MSM and its Leftist allies. A world ruled by the Media Class and its Leftist allies is one where every value is turned upside down. 

    The BNP claims on its March 5th website that Boris Johnson, the Conservative Party Mayor of London, has called for the removal of children from the care of their BNP parents. Johnson, a Jimmy Saville lookalike and publicity seeker, is a good example of why Americans should not confuse the modern Cameron-led Conservative Party with conservatism. Johnson, who is well-connected by birth, was a ‘right-winger’ when it suited his career and has since speedily evolved on issues like SSM in order to court the Ruling Media Class. The idea of removing children from their parents on political grounds is essentially totalitarian. The carefully tousle-haired Boris believes that the children of opponents of immigration (‘racists’) need to be rescued and placed where they can be taught tolerance. No doubt such a view lurks near the surface of every LGBT activist, Leftist and Big Government beneficiary. On this website we repeatedly assert that the EU is totalitarian in intent, that the UK is now a Police State and that Obama and his comrades intend to march America along the same road. 

    A website visitor, in response to our recent article about ‘mission statements’, has described them as ‘tyranny creep’. This is exactly what they are! Mark Levin, the Talk Show conservative uses the term ‘soft tyranny’ to describe the society that is being created in Obama’s America. We think ‘subtle tyranny’ is an even better description. Boris Johnson would no doubt approve the deportation from America of the Romeikes family, who fled Germany in 2008 because they were not allowed to home school their 5 children. Germany (the heartland of the EU and no longer a Christian Nation) does not allow home schooling – for the usual reasons. The Romeikes did not like what the German schools teach. Presumably they wanted their children to be raised with Christian morals. They have sought refugee status in the US but this was recently denied after a long legal battle through the Court system. The lawless Holder Justice Department, which extends refugee status to almost any Third World applicant as well as to SS partners, successfully and energetically opposed the Romeikes application. (Our latest news is that the Romeikes have been granted permanent residence by another government department. If so, this is great news and a victory for the Home Schooling movement in the USA. Christians were preparing to mount demonstrations on their behalf and perhaps Obama wants to avoid this issue ahead of the November elections.) Supporting the right to home school and the right of free speech should be litmus tests for all conservatives running for office. 

    We recently wrote about the descent of American popular culture from good to decadent. A website visitor responded as follows; “Good article and it got me to thinking about the “new aristocracy” created by Hollywood moguls. If you recall the old newspapers prior to World War I, they were filled with front page stories of the doings of society and especially of aristocrats. Weddings, births, scandals…the upper classes and titled personages were what people wanted to read about. After WWI this changed. The PR machinery switched gears and suddenly all we saw were the “new class” of Hollywood celebrities. And what a change! The more decadent and the more perverted, the better. Instead of representing the best of our society, a new set of aristocrats appeared who represented the worst. Their behavior could never be bad enough. No matter how depraved, the media protected them. Sexual perverts and felons are now feted as celebrities and paid huge salaries. Every moral axiom has been turned on its head. All thanks to the power of modern media”. 

    The writer is correct to point out that after the First World War Hollywood celebrities replaced the old East Coast ‘aristocracy’ as the beautiful people the Media admired – and that they were a dissolute lot from the beginning. There were exceptions, actors with a background of hardship and genuine toughness and who carried themselves with dignity. Some were patriotic and joined the military when war commenced, but Hollywood had a rotten core from the beginning. The Media certainly colluded in sheltering the dissolute from the public’s awareness. After the Second World War some fine and decent actors came back from military service and Hollywood was not all decadence, but as the Cold War commenced the decadent were joined and ‘enriched’ by Communists. It was not just actors but especially script-writers and directors and support staff, who worked in the shadows to insert pro-Soviet propaganda into films. The ‘Film Noir’ movies of the 1940’s and early 1950’s were calculated to paint America as an unjust, cruel and hypocritical society and to foster discontent and American guilt. Many of the films were well-made and well-acted but their content had a traitorous subtext. 

    Congressional committees – in those far-off days most Congressmen were patriotic – unmasked many of the Communists and halted their propaganda but from that point on Hollywood was permeated with Leftists and libertines. The News media was always sympathetic to them and in the mid-1960’s, when we claim that 24/7 TV created the Media Class, Hollywood and News came seamlessly together. Fortunately for the developing new class, great wealth flowed to them as advertizing and fashion expanded with the core elements. 

    Anyone who remembers, or now watches on DVD, the old comedies of the 1940’s and 1950’s will witness the peak of American popular entertainment – Bilko, Car 54, (both the brainchild of the genius Nat Hiken) Mr. Ed, – well written, very funny, positive about America, clean, kindly and never shocking. In popular music these were the stellar years of Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Vic Damone, Dick Haymes, Robert Goulet, Mary Ford, Eddie Fisher, Perry Como, Peggy Lee, Julie London and so many others – adult performers performing for an adult audience and always conscious of maintaining dignity in their work. 

    In the UK there was an embarrassment of riches in comedy and the masses were tuned in to them during this same period. But in the late 1960’s all these funny entertainers were purged as the Feminists, Homosexuals, Libertines and Leftists began to exercise their new-found power as a Class. British films such as ‘The Ladykillers’ were masterpieces of acting and writing and even the worst films were good beyond anything now served up to an audience that has been bludgeoned into stupidity. Shock, – and in music, ugliness- has replaced talent and there is no end in sight. Today’s mass public – including conservatives – get what they deserve and we know how low things have sunk culturally when Rush Limbaugh hires Reggie Dwight for $2m to play at his wedding. 

    Here is something for conservatives and Christians to ponder! American Courts do not demand that Muslim butchers offer humanely slaughtered meat. Indeed homosexual activists do not visit Muslim bakers and demand SS wedding cakes. 

    Weather – As many parts of America experience a prolonged and severe winter, rain has come to the West. In the UK the rain has finally stopped. This seems like weather as usual.

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