UK Local Elections This Week

The first Thursday in May always brings elections at the local level of town councils, district councils and county councils but only a portion are up for grabs in any one year. As these local elections are for relatively small residential areas, they offer an opportunity for the small political parties to compete.   People stand for election to a local council, usually in the neighborhood where they live and work and they don’t need the sort of funding that a Parliamentary election requires. Although the elections are much concerned with local issues like garbage collection and sidewalk maintenance, national issues are never far from the surface. Consequently, the local May elections are also seen as a reflection of the relative popularity of the main parties and the government of the day.

This year, as it happens, the number of elections is fairly small and many areas will not have a contest, but there are important elections in London. The capital has a different system, since not all council seats are allocated on a winner-take-all basis. Any party which gets over 5% of the total London vote will be allocated extra seats. The 5% threshold was designed to enable parties like the Green Party to get seats but exclude the British National Party. No-one in the Big Three parties expected the BNP to meet the 5%, and since they all agree that the BNP party and its supporters must be silenced and excluded in the new melting pot that is London, they felt complacent. Things have turned out differently! The BNP has grown steadily as the price of mass immigration has taken its toll of the native British people, and the militancy of UK-based Muslims and home-grown terrorism have resulted in increasing numbers of White working people and pensioners deserting the Old Gang.

The BNP are fielding more than 650 candidates in these elections nation-wide and may well pass the 5% threshold in London. This has the Establishment and the Media masters throwing up, for it could be that the BNP and its supporters will overcome all the obstacles that have been placed in their path and make a breakthrough. Consequently, Bishops have joined pop-stars, celebrities, Communist Front activists, Union Leaders and Newspaper editors in denouncing the BNP as a dangerous Fascist threat to the UK’s peaceful multi-cultural experiment. Just to make sure that the Party does not prosper, the police have carried out a nationwide policy of intimidation and postal voting has offered an opportunity for anti-BNP people to vote early and vote often.

Mr. Radical of this website has been out helping various BNP candidates for many weeks. He does not share the BNP’s views on race / blood, inter-racial marriage, autarchy and nationalization of industries, but on this website we do recognize that mass immigration has been the covert policy of all the main parties as part of a global near-conspiracy to swamp the British (and European) people and destroy nation states. The BNP is the only UK party that seeks to restore the British people’s sovereignty and it is the only UK party that is not manipulated by the ruling Media Class and its social agenda of revolutionary change. A BNP government would stop all immigration, restore capital punishment, restrict abortion, protect the integrity of the nation and its laws, leave the EU and the UN, protect traditional marriage and tackle the internal Islamic Imperialist threat. There would be no room for George Soros-funded Leftist Front groups in a BNP Britain and the Media Class would lose its control. These are more than enough reasons to work for and vote for the BNP.

Mr. Radical can confirm from personal experience that the BNP activists are quite normal, sensible and patriotic British people. They are not motivated by racial hatred and they are not violent or revolutionary. Indeed they hold the traditional values of the majority of people and are bravely defying the odds at great personal cost. It is the Media Class that has a revolutionary agenda that includes One-world government, forced racial integration, the Balkanization of European Nation States, moral relativism, same-sex marriage and the normalization of sodomy.

Mr. Radical has experienced at first hand the intimidation by police officers of BNP campaigners as they leaflet and he has been shocked by the absence of White people in many parts of London. Londoners have largely fled the capital and those remaining are an oppressed minority unless they join the Socialist cause and rainbow coalition of the seedy and opportunist Ken Livingstone. Mr. Radical has sadly concluded that London has been lost to the British people. Those White Londoners who are trapped in the capital are turning to the BNP in droves, but they will be outvoted in more ways than one in all future elections.

On this website, we hope that on Friday morning the real British people will discover that their votes have indeed been counted and that the BNP has made a nation-wide breakthrough that will mark the beginning of the end of the Old Gang parties.

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