UK Local Elections and the BNP

Apologies to readers for my absence on vacation in misty southern California, where temperatures on the coastal belt were below normal, thanks to global warming. If they had been hotter than normal, that too would have been thanks to global warming! The vacation gave me an opportunity to read the Orange County Register each day, a newspaper that serves ‘conservative’ Orange County. I suspect that Orange County is not nearly so conservative as it used to be, thanks to an enormous inflow of population and a horrendous growth of housing from LA. To San Diego, swamping the natives with newcomers. Where have we heard this story before?

The Orange County Register frequently carries conservative op-ed pieces, but the bulk of the pages of “news” contain depressingly biased stuff by Register reporters and of course, the Associated Press reports. No newspaper these days seems to be able to employ editors or reporters who are not signed up members of the Media Class and busy peddling its agenda without restraint. One antidote was that I was able to watch Fox News and Bill O’Reilly. He gets a bad press from conservative commentators, but I find him refreshingly down to earth. He is not, of course a conservative ideologue like the awesome Rush Limbaugh, but his commonsense approach to issues and his ability to nail down interviewees is a rare experience for those who watch the Leftist mainstream media. I know Rupert Murdoch is not to be trusted, but Fox News is what all news TV should be. It is openly conservative in some parts but fair and balanced in general and there is no evidence of a sneaky agenda or political correctness. On my return home I was able to resume looking at the results of the local elections in the UK and was delighted to see that the BNP had won about 10 more seats than was being reported on the day after the elections. It looks as though they might be cheated out of a couple of these by local government officials, and they have probably been cheated out of a few others too by voter fraud and official complicity. At one time in the not so distant past, before local government was unionized, this would have been unthinkable. In the 1950’s and early 1960’s, local government officers, especially in the upper ranks, were still steeped in integrity about such matters as election supervision. Today, they, like most senior police officers, are ready to serve political masters rather than the nation.

The election results seem remarkably inconclusive in so far as the voters pulse is concerned. Blair and Labour were losers and Cameron’s Tories regained some ground in some parts of the country, but in the North of England, the Tories are now almost invisible. The Lib Dems have lost all momentum, yet must have expected to make big gains from voter fatigue with Blair.

The BNP made progress, despite an intensive and openly biased Media campaign, police harassment and illegal intervention by Soros-type front organizations. Billionaire George Soros may not be financing groups in the UK, but the self-styled anti Fascist groups like Searchlight have their counterparts in the USA and Soros’ money funds them. Still, the BNP gains were patchy and they must have hoped for many more than they got. The results in Dagenham were outstanding, though. Is this because of the quality of their candidates there, better Party organization or demographic/sociological factors in the population? Dagenham has given the BNP good publicity and maybe salvaged leader Nick Griffin’s strategy of seeking power through the ballot box.

Radical and Right have often wondered why the BNP has put so much energy and resources into fighting Labour in strongholds like Sunderland and Newcastle when it is likely that the Tory strongholds might be much more vulnerable to a conservative and nationalist challenge. We think there are many more BNP votes in places like Weston Super Mare, Teignmouth, Dawlish, Taunton, Tunbridge, Eastbourne etc, where there are few ethnic voters and only police harassment to contend with. Had the BNP possessed the resources and inclination to put up candidates in small town England, Cameron’s Tories might have done as badly as Labour.

One point that will definitely be ignored by the Media, is that anti-war sentiment was not a factor in the results. It did nothing for either the Lib Dems or the BNP. Griffin should take note that fighting the terrorists on their own turf is not nearly as unpopular as the Media would have us believe.

The BNP did not have an overwhelming success in this election, but they did enough to invite much more persecution. They are unlikely to be proscribed yet, but they can expect many new forms of attack. It will only require one of their new councilors to err and the Media will swing into action. Politics in the UK will continue to be unpredictable but the erosion of free speech will continue apace.

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