UK Law and Order, The BNP and the Wall Street Journal

This website makes no apology for paying particular attention to the problems facing the British National Party in the UK. It is the only significant British political party that arouses the wrath of the Media Class and its Leftist allies and, like several nationalist parties in Western Europe it is the victim of state sponsored and media orchestrated persecution.

Anyone who wants to defend free speech, authentic democracy, the right of free association and the rights of the individual, has to rally around this legitimate party at this time. One need not agree with all, or even most BNP policies in order to realize that should the party be driven out of existence by the Media Class and its allies, the United Kingdom will have been finally conceded to forces that are totalitarian in intent.

Not surprisingly, the party has no defenders anywhere in the mainstream media. For example, recently, in the Wall Street Journal, Joyce Lee Malcolm wrote a chilling and accurate article describing how the legal system in the UK now favors the criminal underclass and penalizes and punishes law- abiding citizens. She also correctly stated that alleged racist and homophobic crimes now receive top priority treatment from the UK’s police services whilst other serious crimes affecting the majority of people get minimal attention. She claims in her article that the UK is now the world’s most violent developed country and few who live in its many cities would disagree with her.

The reason for this growth of lawlessness is that law and order has become highly, though quietly politicized in the same way as housing, planning, child protection, public health and much else that is controlled by the public sector bureaucracy. Leftist-inspired political correctness totally dominates public policy and will continue to do so. How this situation has come about is simple, though it has required the coming together of three forces.

First, training for most public services is under the control of academia under the guise of “professionalising” them for the public’s benefit. Thus the old methods of training by apprenticeship on the job (a very effective and cost-efficient way of producing effective workers) have been jettisoned. Instead, new workers are almost wholly recruited by academics and then subjected to all of the brainwashing of PC “modules” and ongoing assessment procedures. Independent-minded and conservative recruits who slip through the vetting process for entry are soon weeded out or submit to indoctrination. At the end of the “training” process, the newly qualified workers have internalized all of the Leftist shibboleths of multi-culturalism, anti white racism, environmentalism, sexual diversity, anti-capitalism, internationalism and so on. Ability to do the job will have been a low priority in this training process but having the correct belief system will have been crucial. Those who were on the job before “professionalisation” took hold, or who have become less politically reliable through work experience, are given refresher courses or driven out of the workforce.

Secondly, the public sector is almost completely unionized, and public sector unions are amongst the most leftwing. The consequence of these two related facts is that public sector union members are led and policed by intolerant Leftist union hierarchies.

Thirdly, public sector bureaucrats have long term employment if they want it (and most do) and they are able to outlast and outwit elected representatives (who are subject to re-election and are mostly part-time unless themselves in public service) who do not share their policy objectives.

Thus, in the UK, for the last thirty plus years, crime control policy has been shaped and implemented by Leftist bureaucrats themselves recruited and indoctrinated by Leftist academics. Social workers, probation officers, and now police officers too, are highly politicized. Their policies and actions reflect Leftist politically correct ideology, so we should not be surprised that common criminals are treated as victims, sexual deviates are afforded priority protection and nationalists and traditional Christians are persecuted. Just to round off the Leftist domination, magistrates are also now trained under Home Office bureaucrat supervision and all lawyers have been brainwashed with PC ideology in University law school.

Ms. Malcolm is right in so far as she goes on common crime, but surely someone who has taken such an interest in the UK’s current law and order scene could not have been unaware of the police and judicial persecution of the BNP. The arrest and detention of the Swansea Five and the trials of the Leeds Two surely have relevance to her topic, yet Ms. Malcolm has chosen to ignore them in her article. Nor has she mentioned the cases of alleged fraud by election officials that appear to have deprived the BNP of election victories. The Wall Street Journal is of course a part of the Media Class, despite its conservative editorials, so perhaps we should not be surprised that its reporting and commentaries avoid important issues. Outside of its op-ed pages, the Wall Street Journal’s reporters view law and order issues from the same perspective as the Leftist public sector workers in the UK.

One of many reasons why the BNP is vilified by the media and persecuted by the UK’s establishment, is that it would treat law and order in the rational way that Ms. Malcolm clearly favors.

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