UK General Election and Other Matters

Gordon Brown, Socialist Prime Minister of the UK has taken his country’s election process to the wire. When he officially announced the May election date last week, he was simply bowing to the inevitable, for by law his Government’s time will have run out early next month. General Elections in the UK must take place at least every five years and in May the five years will be up. Brown has gone to the wire because there has not been a time since he took over from Tony Blair when his Party has been in the lead in opinion polls. This is not surprising, for Blair passed him the poisoned chalice when walking away from the Premiership after a long period of Labour Party power. In most Western two-Party Democracies, uncommitted electors eventually tire of the Party in power and consider it time to give the rivals a turn at being in Government. On top of this the world-wide tsunami of financial collapse has washed over those holding the reins of Government. George Bush’s Government would have suffered the same fate but he passed the poisoned chalice to McCain and the Republicans in Congress. It also seems to be inevitable in these modern times that Parties in power soon become extremely financially corrupt and otherwise scandal-ridden.

Brown’s Labour Government has certainly become increasingly corrupt and scandal-ridden and never a week goes by without yet another Labour MP being caught out fiddling expense claims or a Cabinet Minister being criminally investigated for selling influence. What is new to Britain’s politics is that it is not only the Party in power that has become plagued with scandal. David Cameron’s Tories have been just as guilty of expense rigging and even the little LibDem’s have had their share of feeding at the expenses trough. Since this widespread corruption has tainted all three main Parties, it is not clear that Cameron’s Conservative Party (the main opposition) will greatly benefit in the election and the latest opinion polls – if they are to be believed – suggest a close contest between the Brown and Cameron Parties. I deliberately cast doubt on the opinion polls because most of them routinely avoid mentioning the British National Party, and few are willing to test and report on the electorate’s views on immigration, race, same-sex marriage, multi-culturalism and much more of the Media Class agenda. So many topics are ‘off-limits’ these days that no-one really knows what ordinary people really think. This is no doubt somewhat true of the USA too for opinion poll companies and the Media Class are virtually one and the same. Together they manipulate the people by doctoring the news. Many topics are simply not to be aired except in terms of condemnation.

Thus if we get our information about the approaching UK General Election from the Mainstream Media (MSM) of either country we will never know that race, immigration, immigrant crime, the suppression of free speech by legislation, over-crowding and Nationalism, may be igniting the population as much, if not more, than the economy, unemployment, taxation, the war in Afghanistan and MP’s falsified expense claims. This is not to say that these latter issues are not also important, only to say that there is a powerful subterranean channel of issues that are deliberately swept, not just under the carpet, but quietly down into the cellar. Sooner or later these suppressed issues may erupt from the cellar. The Hungarian election, just completed, reveals that the Jobbik Party, a Nationalist Party (and always described by the MSM as ‘far-right’) has almost polled as many votes as the departing Socialist Government Party. The Jobbik Party is castigated by the MSM as anti-Romany and anti-Semitic and for all I know that may be true. However it may also be true that it is against the country’s gypsies (and Third World immigrants) getting easy welfare and a pass on lawlessness, and the manipulation of financial matters by the Soros’ of this world. It might just be that these are issues that resonate with many voters. In Holland, another Nationalist Party with similar policies to Jobbik, has broken into the country’s political mainstream. In Switzerland, France, Italy and Belgium ‘Far Right’ Parties have also made substantial gains in recent elections. Thus it might be that in the UK the BNP is lurking amongst the voters.

Many UK newspapers have been busy manufacturing scandals about the BNP in the run-up to the General Election. The UK’s quasi-judicial system has also been hard at work trying to hog-tie and bankrupt the Party, yet at the latest count the BNP is poised to contest almost 400 of the 650 seats in Parliament. This suggests that the Party is now the fourth largest Party in the UK and growing into the mainstream. Since it is financially poor, harassed on every front by Leftist thugs and a politicized police force, and denied any objectively-fair publicity in the MSM, I am not going to suggest that the BNP will win seats, for the odds are too heavily stacked against it. I am saying however that it must be having an effect on the performances of the other Parties, and any commentary that ignores its presence is unlikely to be anything other than propaganda. The real demarcation line in UK politics – and possibly in all Western European politics – is between the Internationalists and the Nationalists. It is a paradox that the Internationalist Parties are all revolutionary, for they represent in varying degrees, the dominating Media Class and its moral/social and Leftist global agenda. The Nationalist Parties are the counter-revolutionaries, representing a return to traditional values and National identity.

In the UK, the new Tory leader, David Cameron, has been busy carrying out a purge of traditionalists from his Party. As always, race and sexuality are the litmus tests that the dominating and revolutionary Media Class always applies to political Parties. Race in this context means opening a Nation’s doors to mass immigration from the Third World in order to swamp the natives and destroy their culture. Only when the old culture (Christian based) has been destroyed can a new one be imposed. Sexuality in this context means introducing perverted sexual practices – homosexuality, transgender, sado-masochism and ultimately anything that is degrading – into the mainstream through legal changes, Media propaganda and education. Cameron has been busy courting popularity with immigrants, signaling that he wishes to continue the UK down the path of multi-racialism and multi-culturalism, and advancing the homosexual agenda. In an under-publicized interview with the homosexual magazine ‘Attitude’, Cameron recently pledged that under a Tory Government “Gays and lesbians in civil partnerships would receive extended paternity and maternity leave” from work so that ‘gay’ couples will be assisted to adopt and be artificially inseminated. Here is a clear commitment from Cameron that he will energetically advance the homosexual agenda. Those old Tories who object have no place in his Party and neither do those who hanker after the old Christian values and National identity. Cameron has brought the Tory Party in line with the Labour, LibDem, Green, Scottish and Welsh Nationalist (who are not ‘Nationalist’ at all) Parties and the UKIP. This leaves only the BNP on the other side of the Media Class agenda. Our website visitors should bear all this in mind when following the UK’s General Election.

On this website we are not convinced that Sarah Palin is equipped to be President, at least not yet. She is, of course hugely more qualified than the incumbent, but that is not saying much! Still, there are times when she is surely the most effective campaigner for the Right. When she began a speech by asking an audience “How is all that hopey, changey stuff working for you all?” she established a rapport with all conservatives that is rare amongst politicians. Recently, when addressing an audience, she challenged Obama’s new nuclear weapons policy of appeasement. Obama in his usual lofty manner and typically using a TV ‘interview’, was reported to have “shot” back “I really have no response. Because, last time I checked, Sarah Palin’s not much of an expert on nuclear issues”. Palin’s response is again worth quoting for the MSM will avoid it like the plague. Here it is! “Now, the President, with all the vast experience that he acquired as a community organizer, and as a part-time senator, and as a full-time candidate – all that experience – yet still no accomplishment to date with North Korea and Iran”. Couldn’t have put it better, myself!

It continues to be cold and wet here in California, despite being almost into mid-April. I am not complaining as Californian summers go on and on, once they start. I am sometimes tempted to doubt Al Gore’s global warming predictions, but then another major earthquake occurs somewhere in the world, and I am reminded that Al is as much a climate expert as Obama is an expert on nuclear weapons.

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