UK Election provides only one glimmer of hope for the British People

The British people got better than they deserved last Thursday, for at least a hung Parliament will likely mean another election in the near future. If ever there was an appropriate situation for the old saying “A plague on all your houses” it was this election, for the main contenders (Labour, Conservative and LibDems) were and are a disgraceful and dishonest bunch of pigs fighting for the trough. The also-rans are no better for Plaid and the Scottish Nationalists are fake Nationalists, the Greens are fake environmentalists and the UKIP is not even sincere about the one issue it promotes. Only the marginalized BNP cannot be accused of sailing under false colors.

The UK political Parties can only be understood within the context of the rise to domination of the Media Class. The process of Media Class domination began in the 1970’s, when TV was swiftly and relentlessly purged of all programs and people who represented and entertained the ordinary working native people. From the end of this decade onwards you can chart the purge with the elimination of comedians like Benny Hill, Arthur Haynes, Dick Emery, Les Dawson and many more who elicited belly laughs from the masses with traditional humor. The popular Soaps at this time began to move away from faithfully reflecting segments of the Native people and began a process of ‘re-educating’ the Native people on the new social issues of multi-racialism, multi-culturalism and in due course sexual diversity. The BBC shifted itself from a semblance of political neutrality to an increasingly Leftist social agenda, and was the forerunner or trail blazer of today’s propaganda voice of the hard new Left and the homosexual ‘community’. TV, both BBC and commercial, began to set the pace with ‘edgy’ comedy, anti-family drama, slanted and dishonest news bulletins and open hostility towards the enemies of the emerging new Class. Citizens and politicians as diverse as Mary Whitehouse, Rev. Ian Paisley, Norman Tebbit, Enoch Powell and Margaret Thatcher were targeted for ridicule and destruction.

The Labour Party was soon refashioned so that it became the Party not of the socially conservative workers but the Party of teachers, College lecturers, Arts people and those on the public payroll. Trade Union bureaucracies, particularly those representing public service workers, were soon way ahead of their memberships in pushing the Rights of immigrants, Internationalism, the EU, the UN, Peace and homosexual Rights. The LibDems in various guises attempted to outflank the Labour Party on Europe and social/sexual policies. All this was a mostly unconscious response to Media pressure. Few politicians are indifferent to Media reactions, often mistaking them for public reactions. Politicians, especially those who are ambitious and seeking a place in the sun, are horrified when they see, read and hear critical and hostile Media reports the day after a speech but are gratified when Media Reports are positive. Readers of this website will be well aware of the techniques that the Media Class possesses to make or break public figures. These have been and are in constant use in pursuit of the Media Class agenda and have been taking their toll ever since the early 1980’s. What we have seen played out in the last year as the Media Class has set its sights on destroying Nick Griffin and the BNP, has only been the more naked use of a power that has been at work on all public figures and institutions for decades. The use of this power has ensured the rise to prominence of those who are instinctively ‘progressive’ or are opportunist.

The Conservative Party, under the leadership of Ted Heath, was moving in the right direction as far as the Media Class was concerned. The Nationalist Enoch Powell and his many followers in and out of the Tory Party had been placed beyond the pale by a determined Media. But then Margaret Thatcher and Sir Keith Joseph engineered a right-leaning take-over of the Party, ousting a Ted Heath who was unpopular with the Party rank-and-file – and the Media Class was appalled! In response to the Falklands invasion, and drawing support from the Reagan victory in the USA, Thatcher moved further to the Right, rode a Nationalist wave of popular sentiment and began to turn against the EU. Thatcher was never a true Nationalist, more properly a free marketer, but she and her closest allies were much too conservative for the Media Class and she endured a dozen years of Media hostility that engaged her in a constant and defensive propaganda war. In the end, the Media Class found and elevated enough malcontents amongst her colleagues to engineer her defeat. Her Tory successor, John Major and his Arts-loving wife, attempted to shift ground to a more socially liberal Tory Party but Tony Blair had become the Media’s darling and was anointed at the next election. The Tory Party, with some looking back to Thatcher (and not understanding that the Media Class was now too powerful to tolerate any more Thatcherism) and some looking for a new way of gaining Media approval stumbled around until Cameron came along. Cameron, understanding what it takes to gain Media neutrality, if not Media annunciation, embraced ‘diversity’ and made it his trade-mark. This earned him Media approval as an agent of ‘change’, of ‘inclusiveness’ and social progress, and he has been busy purging his Party of the remnants of economic Thatcherism, Christian morality and Nationalism. This has pleased the Media but it has also condemned him and his Party to competition in a very crowded field, for in keeping open the Nation’s doors to mass immigration, to slobbering over cultural and racial diversity, to panting for ever closer ties with Europe, to sucking up to the UN, to scrambling on board the Climate Change Express, and to bending over to the Media-powerful homosexual/lesbian/bi-sexual/transgender lobby, he has given his purged Party nothing different to offer voters than the Labour, LibDem, Green, Plaid, ScotsNats, Scots Socialists and (except on Europe) the UKIP. Like most of the others, Cameron has been more than happy to align his Party with the near-illegal persecution of the BNP and has actively supported the Leftist thugs who are funded to “smash the BNP”. What this has exposed, to those who do not get their opinions from the Mainstream Media (MSM), is that UK politics has come down to the BNP versus The Rest, Nationalism versus Internationalism, Christian morality versus Any Alternative, the Native British People versus the Third World.

Kicking a man and his Party when they are down is not our style, and whatever the shortcomings of Nick Griffin and the BNP, they cannot be accused of cowardice, of lacking guts, of selling out their own people, of not making sacrifices, of hungering for the trough or of opportunism. In this election, as in all predecessors, the BNP has been David taking on Goliath. However, on the eve of an election, the BNP once again shot itself in the foot with an outbreak of internal dissension. It seems that the Party has no room for internal disagreement over policies, for the rise to prominence of Griffin rivals or for the toleration of democracy. Democratic Centralism (the process whereby only a ‘battle-hardened and experienced leadership’ can be entrusted with Party control and therefore has to select and promote from the ranks) is really Leninist/Stalinist and Trotskyist. There is nothing democratic about it for it shores up those in the leadership, purges those who might challenge any aspect of the leadership and condemns to plotting those who disagree with the leadership. It also protects the leadership from the checks and balances that halt extremism and sheer foolishness. The latest devastating election-eve defection of the webmaster is likely another example of how the BNP, like all Parties organized on undemocratic principles, never progresses far beyond purges, sudden outbreaks of factionalism and key defections. The BNP could have embraced real democracy for itself and promoted as its center piece for the Nation a Constitution, similar to the American Constitution, one that protects free speech and free association, gun rights and private property. In so doing it would have offered the British people a genuine alternative to the steady descent into totalitarianism and National obliteration that the Media Class is promoting. Protecting property and individual rights and thereby limiting the power of the State would have required abandoning some of the Chestertonian economic Socialism that looks backward to corner grocer shops, allotments and holidays in Blackpool. It is time that the BNP offered the British people an economic and social future of greater liberty, less Government interference in the economy and freedom from political busybodies.

The three Media Class stooges of Brown, Cameron and Clegg are now haggling over who gets to drink from the poisoned chalice that is the UK today and for the immediate future. Each will claim to be only considering the National interest whilst lusting for high office and none can and would consider acting in the best interests of the native British people. All will serve the interests of the Media Class and the international elites. It is difficult to see any Con/LibDem/Lab coalitions surviving for long given the challenges of debt and immigration and so the BNP might have the chance to fight one more time. It will need to reform itself if it is to have any chance of breaking through the cynicism, demoralization and decline that afflicts the British people.

Here in California, the cold damp weather continues and English-style Spring weather has extended into May. This is surely a record cold period for it started last October. I suppose this comment will expose me to charges of climate McCarthyism!

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